Datum objavljivanja: 24. Srp 2020.
the third river shen movie, another masterpiece. 100,000 likes or else we don't have enough budget for a 4th movie
VOCALS - Ozzaworld
MIXING - Shwabadi
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  • :)))) and yesterday SofM brings River Shen in World lol

  • And now , sofm bring it in XD

    • it was played in LCS summer playoffs TSM vs TL in game 4 and 5, then LEC finals G2 vs Fnatic Game 1 and then Worlds, most noticeably, SofM Suning vs TES and if I recall correctly, Rivershen have a 100% winrate atm with Summer playoffs to worlds

  • Now 25/10/2020 river shen with 4 water dragons in world championship :))

  • Nice content,.... What a masterpiece

  • river shen

  • All for one river shen vs river shen. And ocean drake soul.

  • Nice song

  • make idina menzel sing this lol

  • Can you make a Spotify song of this?

  • I once dove a full hp Normie shen as River shen I won B)

  • 3:41 he came back...

  • Is this game winnable part 2

  • Pianta... It's finally time... The story must go on.

  • New ringtone


  • Team Liquid lost to this KEKW

  • TSM won with this lol




  • Now that they picked that in the LEC it's actually meta... and it will be in every soloQ game...

  • Liquid just lost to river Shen in the LCS xD

  • This is the trilogy i needed

  • Did you do it? Yes. What did it cost you? My tonality.

  • Completely out of tune but brilliant! Hahah

  • When the music started i thought that tge lyrics would only be River sheeeeeen

  • River Shen


  • You should’ve done the moana song where the water is calling her

  • Is it still in meta?

  • you are the most underrated league of legends HRdownr in the world hahaha

  • Give please russian subtitles

  • It is all nice and lovely until one someone thinks it is funny do this in a ranked. So, for that sir, have my dislike :D

  • Like if big pp

  • Third River shen mobile. Epic

  • i littaly went river shen in ranked 10 times and i won all 10 xd

  • Amazing

  • What are you doing?Why are you reading comments? GO LIKE THE SONG up to 100k likes. We need movie 4.

  • COOL xD

  • We’re going to need a River Shen skin.

  • Why tf is this banned in my country?

  • We should Do a big a** event that all of us do river shen

  • i'm literally crying

  • bet song ever

  • a masterpeice

  • So good xD

  • F

  • Imagine rito comes out with a river Shen skin I don't play Shen but I'd buy that everybody would buy that

  • the river never bothered me anyway

  • The constant key changes hurt so bad, but I still love this so much. Played River Shen again after so many months since last time I played him, premade team that still doubted me until I was 2 levels ahead of the enemy jungler at level 8 (to be fair that asshat wasn't really farming my jungle). We still lost cause my premades threw hard, but my overall River Shen winrate is still high!

  • bro is 2020 dont

  • Noiceee

  • Pls tell me the full runes I fell the river shen flowing in me

  • Zed be like bruh ?

  • Iam not crying its just fucking onions

  • The new Instalok seems kinda cool

  • I love your voice!

  • how frozen song got stuck in my head again...

  • Why is dis bomb do

  • stop making it about shen when do these

  • LMAO

  • *OMG I'm crying, this so **-idiot-** GOOD*

  • The music is sic tho

  • River Shen

  • Best song I ever heard!

  • River Shen

  • River Shen

  • Hello, I'm planning to make a River Shen video is it ok to use this song as a background or would it be copyright?

  • this river shen guy is multi talented was the producer, director, screenwriter, etc

  • Pianta lores can only be compared to the world of cultured anime

  • Remember that time you lose to a river shen, oh wait, that meta sheep is dead

  • i build ad teemo and i have 65 win rate is that gud

  • Thats the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen

  • I need more of this

  • Bruh I was literally listening to let it go yesterday and I found this

  • This should be like a parody but his voice is angelic

  • "this guy just say river shen.. life is difficult" 😂😂

  • t3nm0 plyr

  • Pianta seems liek hes constantly on an acid trip while taking lsd.

  • dat dude's voice is SO FRKN GUD

  • lmao nice one duwd

  • bro, i from to brasil and i like very much your videos, you have many braziliam fans, nós te amamos :)

  • Try River Shen on Nexus Blitz

  • People who dislike this must be frozen fans

  • Soo good

  • Cringe asf

  • Woaw this song is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Youre off pitch

  • i got noti 5 days later lmao


  • The polytonality is killing me (hehe music theory nerds), BUT THIS IS AWESOME!

  • If you are og you know this is a repost and you liked the video twice

  • Why did I enjoy this ?

  • did phineas from phines and ferb sing this

  • I think you're off key man

  • U are so awesome

  • Love it! I just hope that this doesn’t inspire people to actually start going river Shen again...

    • @catlol56 same ....its higher ranked than my main...

    • i have a river shen only account lmao

  • I'm a simple man I see river Shen I click

  • i am crying. tears are rolling down my face. why have you done this to me.

  • pls more music from you