let's talk about demonetisation

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  • vodka sponsorship when

    • BADJUR

    • Genius idea

    • How the fuck is badger not verified

    • Holy shite, badger is here

    • Download ✅ raid:shadow legends! Link in description (blah blah blah, losing subs cause keep doing this ad) Buy it I need money. Me and my friends swear to much

  • Where could Boris be from? The extensive research to find the truth... There are 13 Slavic nations: - Russia. - Ukraine - Poland - Czech Republic - Belarus - Serbia - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia - Slovenia - Montenegro Of these we can eliminate all that do not use the euro, as it appears in many of his videos. This leaves: - Estonia - Lithuania - Slovakia - Slovenia We can safely assume he would not do a “country review” of his own nation. This leaves ONLY SLOVENIA. Unless he has bamboozled us by doing a country review of his home nation, or using euros in his videos for no reason, after exchanging currency, Boris must be SLOVENIAN !! I hope we have found it comrades.

  • So, they have you by the bollocks. Welcome to bullshitworld, kolego.

  • Ah boris i hope you read this, when it comes to adds its not a problem place millions If they use addblock its all good complaining it isnt blocking adds USE EDGE! mobile devices eh ye that sucks. But sponsors contend is not ok an add is ok including millions

  • Boris reminds me of sr pelo but Russian

  • I don’t care if you have sponsors I love your channel and I think you are great


  • We can’t lose this special comrade he must be saved buy his merch if you can subscribe to our favourite Boris The Boris of Mother Russia 🇷🇺

  • What ever gets you money it is 100% fine your content is great.

  • Bruh literally whatever keeps this account running and you afloat then im fine with that. Sponserships whatever bruh.

  • Are you pro choice or pro life?

  • Boris your views on abortion?

  • The first youtuber ever who admits (aka Boris the True Slav Superstar): "i'm in deep suka! I have to do something you might not like, but at least I am honest to you all" Literrally everyone: "We understand, it's fine, glory to our true slav superstar"

  • Go for it

  • Jokes on you, youtube will just run ads and not pay you anyway

  • Well, you have 3 guns in your intro alone

  • We will support you brat. As long as you warned us, that your sponsorship are clear, we will be behind you, always.

  • We libe in a capitalism era, not much we can do about it, at the moment, so feel free man. You deserve to be rich with the type of content you make. Your content makes me smile and i dont care if there is an add in video that helps you. Stay cheeki breeki

  • Get a vodka or kvass ad

  • 0:13 demonetization. AAH! IT IS EVERY WHERE! *NOO-*

  • Boris! We totally understand your motives when it comes to making content on HRdown. If you need to add sponsorships to your videos in order to secure a more stable source of income, that’s fine! We know that you’re not doing it to become filthy rich, just to stay employed. So don’t feel ashamed! This is a tough time for us all, and with platforms constantly changing their rules and algorithms, it can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. We support you, with or without sponsorship. (:

  • Boris, I think it is AI making decision to demonetize videos. They just cannot watch every video uploaded here. It is just a machine. Be strong, because you're Boris!

  • anyone trying to make an HONEST living is welcome to do so :) good job Boris, keep at it :)

  • Sponsored by drunk squatting gonpink

  • Turkey turkey

  • we will support our comrade ,da

  • HRdown IS TOO MEAN- do what you need borris, I will continue to enjoy the wonderful Conant advice

  • Just for this I will sign on patreon for slav greatness

  • Boris deserves mayonnaise sponsorship man

  • that clock in the background is not working tho.

  • Man... Are you apologizing or asking our permission to add sponsors? Just do it you moron! Real slav takes money where it is!

  • Being demonitezed is *INCREDEBLE*

  • I think if you can do what you enjoy, and people like that, you are full well entitled to a steady income. Is like fulltime job eh?

  • Man needs to eat

  • "money should not be such a difficult topic to talk about..." People have a hard time talking about money with their banker.

  • HRdown has a black-box non-system established such that you either do something that breaks the ephemeral "community guidelines" and is demonitized for /offensive/ content, or you do nothing to "break the rules" at which point your video is labeled "For kids" which, surprise surprise, also demonitizes you. HRdown sincerely expects content creators to keep giving them ad space, AND the quality of production to keep eyes on screens stemming from pure guerilla creativity and autonomy, while not so much as paying a dime for it. Time for a new video host, people. And one with a minimal, but sufficient, monthly fee, so it STARTS without adds, and it CONTINUES without adds, thus never succumbing to the pressure of pencil pushing market advisors to alter algorithms and pretend late night talk shows and cable news BS coverage is somehow more popular than literally ANYTHING ELSE HERE.

  • make a second gaming channel and come live there on youtube its much better... and you can get donations easily on live gaming.. think about it.

  • that mouth!

  • who in the right mind would unsubscribe

  • "Feel free to unsubscribe" Haah blyat, not in this life. 😁

  • No I’m staying Boris don’t worry 🥺

  • You do what you gotta do comrade.

  • HRdown: *Our Revenue*

  • Go hard on sponsorships or what ever else that may help you to contiue on. You make great content and it would pain me if you had to stop

  • Lol now your end of the month video can come in handy

  • Do what you need, man.

  • Be like Internet Historian...make your ads incredibly entertaining and hilarious and I'm sure nobody will mind. Hell, IH has me sitting through his Raid Shadow Legends ads because they are funny as hell, and they last for ever...

  • i honestly feel like you could make the sponsorships funny

  • I can’t unsubscribe u bc I love your voice :))))) (sorry just my own feelings)

  • So your talking about me?

  • Dude do whatever you want. As long as i get my required dose of boris and gopnik madness

  • gue orang indonesia mampir sini orang rusia njing

  • friend Boris the HRdownrs need a union not to be so hostage to YT

  • You will make the sponsorships interesting

  • Looks like Boris is bringing down the hammer & sickle

  • Has demonitazation problems: proceeds to put on intro with knives and guns Slav 100

  • I would watch a 100 sponsored ads for u, Your Slavness

  • Go for sponsorship and it will also work as revenge on the stupid money grabbing greedy HRdown as they are the ones that miss out on the ad revenue (that you only get a tiny tiny part of anyway)...

  • This is capitalism's fault

  • I understand your position about this situation about HRdown and its crappy monetization system. I recommend you to use other platforms as backups like subscribestar or bitchute to upload your videos.

  • 4:13 These lines will haunt me forever

  • did you know that boris is deadpool ?

  • Just sue HRdown, every HRdowner is in a partnership with HRdown and them just demonitize your vid for no reason can be held against them in court

  • Fun fact susan wabbajack is slavic.......

  • I would not mind if you had ad sponsor on all your videos.

  • Go on, its better to get money from ads so you are motivated to make more content that we want to watch

  • Three quarters of latino American youtuber still having the problem

  • If you whant to put sponsors on your videos i will support you 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. Your content its very entertaining, i really enjoy it. Go on Boris! Greetings from Uruguay.

  • I literally do not even get it anymore. When commentary channels get demonetized, ok, sure. Topics can be controversial sometimes and it can make borderline sense. When gaming channels get demonetized, ok, sure. Some video games contain mature content and certain advertisers wouldn’t like that. But Boris is LITERALLY JUST A CHANNEL BASED AROUND A COOL DUDE WHO MAKES FOOD AND DOES RANDOM STUFF. I don’t even understand what the criteria for their system is anymore.

  • Do what you have to do to survive. I'll support you regardless.

  • Make video with super sus

  • HRdown is really just running a racket. I wish there was another platform

  • Vadim is setting off reactor 4 siren now It has escalated

  • I'm in the same boat as you man. I tried to have a heart to heart with my friends live but they took it down because it violated something or other. I'm not monetized, but youtube is annoying

  • Not to tell you what to do, but why not add slavic snacks like baranka to weslav? People get tasty snacks and you get a more sustainable source of income. Even the most diehard gopnik only needs so many tracksuits after all. Also, more expensive items like samovars generally have higher profit margins.

  • this man saves lives across the globe and this is how youtube treats boris?

  • as long as you make adidas and kalashnikov sponsorships, it's all good komrade. The motherland will not hold it against you.

  • man u r doing really good job :D

  • dude you've already sponsored Adidas for free, now you're just going to charge them for it

  • Ngl took me a hot sec to get that gopnik standup comedy joke buts it’s 11/10

  • what you fail to see is you fall into there trap so they have to annoy others to eventualyl just get ad free but thats where we say NO, in comes ad block and always will use. yes you can bring stuff about patreon going out of buissness but thats not going to happen for a long time since patreons most users are from youtube, hard earnest workers for content. who knows, youtube could go tits up as well.

  • hey man I think you should venture in to more of different topics than just cooking mostly... even though, I truly enjoy them, I dont have suggestions, but maybe variety is needed

  • Mayonez sponsorship :D

  • Stay strong, Boris. 😊

  • I totally understand. If you want to do so, go for it. Everyone needs money tk survive and want to get paid for their job

  • A Boris gotta eat somehow. I don't blame you, and I still respect you Boris, and I'll still watch your videos, stay Cheeki Breeki!

  • He is so unhappy about having to say such things in this video you can tell he hates not being able to just do this for everyone without having to stress over money. Boris is a good man

  • i'd much rather you put sponsorships in your videos than you have to find work elsewhere. Your videos are a delight, so do what you need to to keep the lights on.

  • Demonetization is like getting demoted from commissar to gopnik , feelings wise ??

  • Talking about Demonetization in HRdown is the equivalent of talking about sex Ed with your parents irl

  • Omg sponsorship is ok. I mean you do content. Why we have to pay for music(usually) but not for videos? Ovo

  • free boris

  • It should be easy to get Hellman's mayonnaise to sponsor you. You got through jars of mayo in almost every video.

  • I really couldn't care less if you have a sponsor as long as you keep being yourself and you could actually live of it, in fact I hope you do, it will make your income far more stable and since you are a big enough of a channel than you have options and you don't have to answer to any demand a random sponsor makes.

  • good guy boris


  • why are sponsored videos perceived to be bad? just skip 60 secs and BOOM. u watch free content, creator gets money. win win.

  • Do what you've gotta do, King :-)

  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡ please make more educational videos, I think youre a really good teacher!

  • I didn’t mind your sponsored videos I found them quite funny good content deserves to be paid for