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tenmo's greatest enemy becomes his greatest ally
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  • kill it its dead now we shilling >.

  • ur a teemo main ? instant unsub and report

  • 1:45 is that danganronpa opening?

  • and his club name is bdsm thats just perfect

  • I dont guve a f fu for playing teemo just that i just played a matck against teemo and now i wont to hit my mum

  • ban netflix and zil


  • worse video of teemo and you

  • 666k views Is this a sign?

  • TENMO TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They dont have one

  • I would have turbo inted that game as revenge.

  • bruv ur actually bad


  • 4:00 this teemo face the best like "i hate live" XD

  • 0:37 I just noticed that it was the Elise that camped him yet again.

  • No offense but playing teemo top is basically doing the devils work And this comes from a riven main, who had to endure much pain bcs of these teemo mains

  • Wait is platinum queue really that long? 10 bloody minutes? No way 15 minute dodge timer that's nearly the average length of an episode!

  • Song name 5:00

  • He is playing LITTLE DEVIL TEEMO AND ENDED 6/6/6 OMG

  • 2: 35 Play it at 0.25x speed "막 더럽거나 회개망측한" 으응 국뽕

  • 6/6/6

  • I’m an annoying dick Becuz i main teemo

  • Punishment time and his club tag is bdsm that is a monkaw moment

  • +20 lp on diamond? wtf why all others diamond players get +13 or +11 or +7

  • How the hell did you remember that guy ? It's been ages

  • 5:19 6/6/6 :O wtfwtf tenmo

  • Proof that teemo is a satan himself (not counting skin): Your score was 6/6/6 When i played teemo i gained 666 exp

  • 5:11 i like youre score there 😈

  • tenmo

  • It's more funny if tenmo player uno reverse card Netflix and played the Muted game on him. *oh wait he is a top-mo player...*

  • whats the song at 5:00?

  • bitch I watched netflix and zil video today. Im on a marathon

  • Netflix and Zil account is now Challenger lmao

  • 4:41 rule34

  • Looking forward to league arc

  • life of a teemo main: 1. wake up 2. get on the pc 3. play a game on league 4. hit lvl 6 5. spam r as hard as you can 6. laugh any time you kill the feeding adc with your mushrooms while you are in top = success

  • bruh wtf happened to your merch

  • mute all;punishment time

  • How do you remember a guy's name from a game a year ago???

  • Just ask people if you can top if you dont get it

  • I used to be teemo main but now im yasuo main but i really want to main is riven

  • What is the name of the song that plays at the end of the vid?

  • That Zilean is a grandmaster now o-o

  • 5:20 perfect score for teemo

  • I want that clan tag

  • 6 kills 6 Deaths 6 assists. councident, i think not

  • Muted all punishment time Lmaooo

  • 5:07 teemo satan skin and ur score

  • Honestly imagine inting him with the same bs as he did but on his main. Sad that you can’t upload that to HRdown if you did.

  • 4:08 you dum its on cool down 6 second *unsub*

  • Asteroid means malphite

  • #RomualdFons im here form him, yo dude your videos are soo coool! ty so much

  • you flashing in at 4:05 made me sub lmfao

  • I'm quite happy that I just noticed you are the one who draws the thumbnails Am I correct

  • Is nobody gonna mention that tenmo's score is 666?

  • Whats the Ost at 5:00 ???

  • How the fk can mr punishment time reach grandmaster

  • Lol that nubrac reference lool

  • U only helped zil grow stronger you fool

  • what is his league profile pic i need it

  • 1:39 Its punishment time oh shoot its monoku..

  • Teemo main? *TENMO MAINNNNNN*

  • Pobre cosita fea

  • Misleading title.

  • River Tenmo

  • This is my fav. yt channel now.hahahah

  • big play, okay big play, *immediately died*

  • crazy how this series insipred me to main teemo in bronze

  • 11 mins to find game wtf is wrong w ur internet

  • woah, tenmo player

  • I laughed so hard through this xd

  • Punishment time 😂😂who do he thinks he is LMAO he's acting like the horror movie SAW😂

  • wait netflix and zil is actually challenger

  • I'm new in Lol and i am a Tenmo main. huch

  • Big plays guys *FLASH*

  • That's why I stopped playing rankeds, fucking 15 min queues

  • 3:49 did u-turn into a baby fro a second?

  • I thought i could try tenmo so i did it and went 9/0/2

  • 6/6/6 i knew it lol

  • You got a great memory

  • 50 Friend Request?

  • hi

  • why is the music from naruto so good

  • How have i gone so long without knowing of your existence. top tier youtuber with vids on par with Darkk Mane and the "a-list" LoL content

  • I really hope netflix & zil sees these videos 🤣

  • That vel koz wasnt the real netflix and zil u can go search muted all block2 and u ll see a plat acc

  • Pls don't nerf eve

  • Next IGN Tenminute player

  • you bitch spoilerd me naruto

  • only 1 game, omg! dude come on. i need more

  • So you waited 2 hours to play for 30 mins. Did it worth the waiting? .___.

  • im the real Netflix and Zill ! with 2 L this one just stole my name >_>

  • Teemo is usless champ sorry someone must say to u

  • How can you remember his name lol

  • What is song at 4:48? tell me guys

  • Why u dont play tenmo on mid

  • why you work together with him, i wouldve griefed this game

    • Watch here if you want to see the real teemo main:

  • How do you even remember these people, i don't remember what i ate this morning

  • Well just found your channel today and just watched all of your tenmo vids! Keep it up lol