Life of Artyom

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Stu 2018.
Life of Artyom
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This is adventures of Artyom the cat. He is a grey cat. That is pretty much all I know about him. He likes to eat pickles, kotlet and carrot. True slav cat. Before he was named Artyom I called him Komrade Kat.
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  • The dislike is fucking rat united from roblox i support cat i mad at that group then i report it

  • Russia wants to ban HRdown because of this? wow russia

  • In malaysia the old folks say that cats can see ghosts and demon

  • Eat snac

  • I have a cat born on august 30 weird

  • He like to hunt for flower and sleep and more flower and more sleep

  • hello comrade cat. we welcome you to the slav universe

  • I miss my cat now its dead

  • If he chose mayonnaise as his name I could imagine "life of mayonnaise"

  • who tf disliked this

  • 열심히 지내

  • My cat died on 2018 i was so sad i started crying in class and my classmates started laughing

  • I can't believe it's been 2 years :')

  • Am I the only one who find's Boris's voice... cute?

  • Artyom was born Day after my birthday

  • Your cat is swag

  • Hello boris today with my dog i tested if he was a true slav so i held the US flag behend my back and the flag of the USSR and played both anthems while holding it in front of him he cried and covered his ears when he heard the american song then i played the USSR anthem he houled snd barked to the song

  • Hello smol chile!!!

  • I want a happy kat

  • Artyom

  • I don't really understand why people feel the need to manhandle their pets. Getting them used to touch for grooming purposes etc. Is okay, but why treat cat like a doll

  • Blin, help me. He is so cute.

  • Artyom dancing is now my favorite thing in this world

  • I’m only making a comment to make Konrad kat happy

  • Art yin should get his own series of his adventures

  • Hello Boris, I want to inform that Onion is poison to cats. Komrade cat surely has better genetics than normal cat

  • First time I heard of artyom was here I was like wtf when I saw Dmitri Glushklyowski’s books

  • He looks like my cat

  • You can use English captions but it already has captions

  • Artyom is so cute and he is a good comrade kat

  • Was just playing Unturned in the Russia map and saw a note : I read it, "Artyom's Notes" either this is a coincidence or Nelson (the Unturned creator) watches your videos.

  • Cute cat! Btw, my brothers b-day is ur HRdown "b-day!"

  • Comrade Boris what breed is komrade kat most invest ruble into kat Also WHO WOULD DISLIKE THIS

  • All hail comrade cat.

  • Slavic boi

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

  • Is like my spanish, raw cold fish liker cat name Wapi or Guapi that means Guapo that means handsome in spanish ok?

  • Hahahhahhah Anti-Mr . Slav

  • handsome boy Artyom!!!

  • Hello artyom the adorable

  • So this is what i was comming for?

  • His blyatday is the same as my blyatday

  • Wait I hate Slav cat!!!

  • Your cat is so cute

  • boris make him a tracksuit


  • .

  • more happy kat

  • Oh my god, i just realized this cat and i share the same birthday.

  • Aww Artyom is sooo cuteeeee!!! Also lucky you, I dont have a cat TwT

  • he look so cute good cat

  • Interesting dreams you have there, Konrade Kat

  • 0:26 I- This man is so slav, he can crop a cat to look like an ushanka

  • But where do you live Boris?

  • Артём is so cute!

  • deos artyom have a papa kat?

  • Борис! Я Артём тут! Слав бл! Я русский тут, где русские!?

  • He protec He attac But most importantly, He Komrade Kat I copied ik

  • Im a western spy

  • Rassia

  • So sweet and cute cat

  • Чо ты у меня в рекомендациях ?

  • Aren't onions toxic to cats? And to dogs and birds and probably fish?

  • Love that you can just type Artyom into youtube and these videos come up first. Artyom is a one-name superstar, like Madonna

  • You should buy another cat named Anna And give them gas masks

  • Which one

  • Artyom the slav kat

  • Hello Komrade Kat


  • comrade kat - good kat

  • metro 2033: cat edition “i was just a kit when the bombs dropped and the kittens of the metro survive only on gas mask filters and kitty litter.

  • Hello komarade kat

  • Love you in metro last light.

  • hello Artyom

  • After you have chop up cat, serve with Mayonez and dill for best taste.

  • привет

  • If Boris is a communist Russian why does he have western mayonnaise in the first place

  • Привет komrade kat

  • Is that a Russian Blue?

  • Blyat

  • Artyom is so cute!

  • 3:45 i thought this was donald trump

  • I think he is cute

  • Now we need comrade dog blyat

  • You From Russia?

  • hallo commrade artyom

  • Zeus Master of Olimp 💪💪💪

  • My cat Remi seeing Artyom Remi who attacks everyone’s feet: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

  • Comment for one happy cat

  • I love artyom

  • Roses are Red Violets are blue, I watched this late But its still cute.

  • one day that cat will be betrayed by boris' cousin, Pavel

  • 2:49 No that's not a fruit that's shit

  • I wish vodka comes out from tap =D

  • Artyom will rebuild the Soviet Union and spread cominisim all around the world

  • Be strong Komrade Kat! ;3

  • I thought you've named him after Artyom Dzyuba 😆

  • I salut u komrade kat

  • Hello tiny Artyom.

  • omg he was born the day before my birthday