Datum objavljivanja: 22. Lis 2020.
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Someone randomly dropped off this 100 year old safe in our parking lot at 3AM... I wonder what's inside. We're going to challenge the team to open it in 12 hours! If they can't, I'm going to use my plasma lightsaber!
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0:00 Safe in the Parking Lot
0:39 Security Camera Footage
0:55 Setting up a Competition
2:28 Team Smash!
4:13 Lords Mobile Giveaway
5:31 Lightsaber vs Safe
8:00 What's in the box?
8:23 Who's the Imposter?
9:03 The Culprit Unmasked
9:51 Ten Million Subscribers!
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  • Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

    • I love how one of them bashes the safe with mjoulnir the proceeds to make it swing at it

    • In the past

    • Already have

    • Congratulations

    • Did I win? 🎉🥳🎊🎁🍾

  • Could’ve just called the lockpicking lawyer

  • Imagine a robber breaking into your house and you grab your lightsaber and use it against him

  • This sabers functions for a fight?

  • 5:32 is what you came for no likes needed 👍

  • Keren pisan euy

  • Congrats you made the world’s weakest most useless ummm thing

  • what about Zarya's laser canon thing

  • The real question is, can it stop a bullet?

  • Really hammers axes bats hacksaw come on get real

  • Hey make Heathers two sided axe from dragons race to the edge.

  • Imagine him bringing all his inventions just for the teacher to see it

  • Bank robbers “👁👄👁”

  • No more "surprise puppies" drops for the Hacksmiths.

  • every part of the video is breaking a safe and then there's the whos the imposter part

  • Can you cut limps with the lightsaber just like in Star Wars

  • Son los mejores 👆💪😎😱🥰🤗👌

  • I love this jajajajajaja

  • Thiefs:Evolution people.

  • He says we can use anything other than the lightsaber that's in this warehouse. Question: Can I use the warehouse?

  • the safe is not so secure when you have a lightsaber

  • Make mandolorians armour

  • I challenge the hacksmith to make the wall reinforcements from rainbow 6 siege Like so he can see this pls

  • That's amazing bro.

  • Can you do the iron man mark 38 pls

  • Hey guys I am a really big fan can you make an electromagnetic watch that can block bullets like in love and let die pls

  • if i was a part of his crew, I would have used some acid, probably aquaregia...

  • Please make Lt.Lickme the watchers mask 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • So this is great....been dreaming of this since I was a kid....buttt....are you not afraid that someone military wise will re-create your progress an use it for bad purposes. P.S. revolutionary at best!!😍🤩🤩😎🤘

  • That is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, Hacksmith, I was in a really bad mood the whole day, but binge-watching your lightsaber videos made me smile and the bad mood is long gone :) wish you and your team great success and hope to see more crazy inventions! You do inspire even non-tech folks like me, and I'm totally in love will all your projects.

  • The wheelchair cracked me up 😂

  • 🤣🤣

  • Make yondus arrow

  • Why you still didnt verified but you have 10M Subscribers

  • Man remember when Obi-wan had to cut through that door, and then busted out his sledge hammer to finish the job? That was awesome.

  • You are wrong that not lightsaber that a flame thrower

  • 4:00 very funny

  • You should make iron mans boots

  • It’s a Pepsi fridgaraider it’s not a safe

  • Thermite on the hinges followed by liquid nitrogen.

  • LIGHTSABER Fallout

  • oh damn you already did that

  • i ask you for one thing only PLEASE DONT CUT THE PLACK IN HALF!!!!!

  • Faz o hack da dokkaebi

  • This guys making future thief tech

  • imagine he bruned the play button

  • Rust raids be like

  • Dude he's the maverick lmao

  • That guy with the bat his hands are hurtin 😂

  • Kd os br aki

  • Imposter scene ruined it

  • All good fun tho ....😜

  • Random person but who has keys to the gate into the compound!!lol

  • The “light saber” is actually a proto saber the Jedi used them before the lightsabers were really created. And no I don’t get out often especially with COVID.

    • @Oroh I know I just wanted to talk about it have a great day.

    • I mean that’s not that super hidden knowledge

  • If he had the lightsaber during the unbreakable briefcase episode that briefcase would have been broken very fast

  • Go rob a bank

  • He goes in every room to tell his employes what to do HE'S NOT A '' BOSS '' But a '' LEADER ''

  • chillhop

  • They only have 5 million subscribers. I don’t get why they’re celebrating 10 🤨

  • 30 bag give away how is this guy making money?!?!?

  • You guys are Scientist

  • Make Thor’s hammer that shots out lightning

  • At 5:34 is why you came here.

  • Spider man real web shooter make please

    • Franky mugivara is it you ?)

  • 5:33 for actual lightsaber v safe

    • try lightsaber vs bullet

  • 😄

  • Me

  • Ttt

  • 3

  • E

  • L

  • L

  • L


  • He should make Omni directional mobility gear from attack on titan.

  • “They’re still getting through!” “Where r those Droidekas??”

    • I mean, you deserve 20 million subscribers after making that lightsaber

  • Continuity error between 8:13 and 8:18 THE INTERNET SEES ALL

  • Can u do the spider man electric gadget web

  • try lightsaber vs bullet

  • Franky mugivara is it you ?)

  • Mas falso que lo falso

  • Askiitians?bre

  • Can you plis make blades of chaos

  • imagine if there was a dead person in the safe


  • Nice

  • I love the among is part

  • Actual content starts at 05:43

  • we love it

  • sir can you please promote my channel in your video (techno creator)

  • Everyone spells impostor wrong it is impostor not imposter

    • this lightsaber is NOT safe

  • Make the up and atomizer from gta5

  • I mean, you deserve 20 million subscribers after making that lightsaber

  • Did he just cuss

  • This is the LockpickingLawyer & here is a 100 year old safe opened in under 15 seconds with a simple lightsaber.

  • I want that lightsaber 😂😂😂😂

  • Hey Hacksmith, why not next year u make ur lightsaber not retractable, but also more efficient so it can be epic. But this is only a suggestion. But here’s my suggestions for future video’s next year: -the armor of Mando(dinjarin) from The Mandalorian -a Double Blade Retractable Saber(an alternative if u don’t want the one on top) -the sword and the shield from Pokémon Sword and Shield -a hovering hoverboard(u can do the one in Back To The Future if u like to) -an updated version of Iron Man’s jet boots and gloves were they shoot laser beams(gloves) and fly without fire, just hover(boots) -a glider from Fornite -a First Order Stormtrooper blaster -Rey’s staff -Ghostbusters pack(the one where if the cross streams, it boosts their power) -a spy boat(what ever size u want) -a spy plane(what ever size u want)

  • Build tay gun plsssssssss

  • Bogdan?! It the my name))

  • My 8yo son says: "Hi hacksmith I am a very good fan of you I really really want to meet you but the problem is that I live in England so could you please come over and give me some advice because when I grow up I will be a Superhero and I think I want to be Iron man because you inspired me oh and I forgot I want to be just like you 👋🏻😊 Thanks from Alexis" Alexis's Dad says: "Thanks Hacksmith! You have been an amazing source if inspiration!"