Lil Tjay - Move On (Official Video)

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Stu 2020.
Official video for "Move On" by Lil Tjay.

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Directed & Edited by David Karp and Courtney Loo
Producer - McCray Sutherlin
Production Companies - Thrice Cooked x Muddy Water
Cast - Daniella Perkins & Noah Gerry
Director of Photography - Franklin Ricart
Production Designer & VFX - Noah Dains
Costume - Kelly Broderick
PM - Parker Vaughn
PC - Antoinette Dormer
Color - Gabe Sanchez
1st AD - Cort Carpenter
2nd AD - John K Gittens
1st AC - Aaron Cheung
2nd AC - Mitchell Boyce
Steadicam - Toby Harbo
Gaffer - Jorge Hernandez
BBE - Mike Long
Key Grip - Camilo Godoy
BBG - Carlos Ortez
Swings - Jack Alexander & Colvin Ang
Prop Master - Jack Massura
Set Decorator - Piper Tompkins
Art Assistant - Wesley Goodrich
Costume Assistant - Hunter Freedman
HMU - Brittany Thomas
SPFX Makeup - Wen Zhang
PAs - Jeremy Chambers, Damien Pettway, April Edquaban, Nanichi Oliva
Management - Deon Douglas, Clayton Barmore, Rich Kemp, Ty Warren
Video Commissioner - Jill Kaplan
Video Coordinator - Alexa Zeliger
Marketing: Victoria White-Mason

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  • "who here before tjay uploaded calling my phone"

  • yo my mans lil tjay neva miss this song is so fire

  • Why does he sound so different

  • My favorite rapper

  • Why do I relate so much? Quarantine has put me in deep thoughts all the way since it started and yet I have never been in an actual relationship? Anyone else relate? P.S I am 18

  • these young rappers need to start coming out with better rap names instead of alway's putting LIL in front of there shit lol lame

  • Felt this lately💔💔

  • we have all bin hurt the same 😔

  • Pls let us protect Lil tjay🙏

  • He is the one

  • He gotta drop calling my phone tho

  • To good

  • Fire song I think im kinda late tho

  • #forever ❤️ .


  • new song on my page

  • This stuff hits diff 💔

  • who heard he got out of jail the same night he went in? cause i did

  • I cant believe how u played me😭🌹

  • Back when i met u I thought u were special

  • Felt that

  • Aye when you releasing calling my phone or whatever your gonna call it was due our days ago

  • fsgdteruj


  • This type of music is the best from tjay. Singing more than street

  • If you listen to the instrumental it sounds super similar to the instrumental for havin' my way by lil skies. So now the question is can you hear it?

  • Feel sry for you cuh she broke your heart 💙💙

  • Wow tjay is hella fake for dat Dtb (dont trust bitcces)


  • Rip smelly ✌️

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lil tjay a goat


  • Tell me when the move comes out😜

  • I'm here for Dani😍

  • Lyrics so good 🤤

  • Lowkey thought I heard bslime

  • This song hit different now that she has left me😔💔

  • I love this song lil tjay keep up the good work you doing good

  • Me when I see his outfit: ooooooohhhhhhhhh shinyyy

  • (Oh i gotta go 2021 you should see im changing shГ )

  • Go mess wit my HRdown

  • Hey guys iam going through some very emotional ally intense situations in my relationship with this one girl please help me cope through this stuff ❤️

  • How is this guy not famous only 9mil 😒

  • i know you will move on the legend ❤

  • The tone💫

  • You cute I like you 😘😉😍

  • Too🥶🥶

  • wtf i love ths shit,i really feel the song

  • few years from now you will be a goat

  • just when i though this nikka fell off this shit hard

  • The dislikes are from the ones who can't move on

  • This song was so fire my house set on fire

  • I feel the vibes I lowkey feel like I can relate to the shit bout movin on

  • Smelly

  • does anyone know where to buy that red jacket? Pls

  • Amazing Song


  • คือดีอะ

  • Let’s get this to 10M

  • One of his best songs yet

  • Anybody thinking of that girl that made you smile

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • The best song that describes everything

  • K

  • It was wrong yeah yeah u were in WRONG

  • Bruh u were in the song with lil mosey and the kid laroi when u broke into the principal office and played the song

    • he was famous way before the kid laroi

  • I see how he got Rubi

  • Back when

  • Ion know if I’m high asf Buh this shit sound like a Disney channel song Buh this shit heat💯🔥

  • Fire❤️

  • Never related to a song so much

  • Can you please drop calling my phone

  • Who's here

  • the only reason i aint listen to you bc yo voice sound weird

  • Fuck the ops this song is lit..................................................

  • Bruh this song....💔

  • i was listening to this song cause my girl broke up with me and i made the worst mistake and she was my only one i really care about 😞

    • Sorry to hear that try to move on

  • no one can beat your vids

  • Keep it going 😇😄

  • U inspire me

  • 1:32 "smellly up guarding me" this hit hard to me because my best friend just died of covid RIP BRO and if anyone says im lying or im saying this to get likes u guys r rlly rlly just wrong he was my best friend 😢🕊

    • Sorry to hear bro, stay strong and make a way u got this!

    • everybody will leave this world once bruv 🙏🏽 stay strong

  • u the best bro keep it up no one gonna tell u different

  • This hurts when your thinking about an imaginary girl😂

  • Steady calling my phone I told u before that it’s over leave me alone

  • Stop moaning 😂😂 but 🔥

  • Ain’t go lie I slept on this song for a month🤦‍♂️ one of my biggest mistakes

  • Yo tjay is the goat and I'm not gon lie at one point I didn't like him but this song changed that. This man will be as big as juice or bigger


  • Man back in 2017, Lil Tjay began releasing music on SoundCloud and after a year or two he got with polo g and made a banger its shocking where hes at now and hes wacthing YNWbslime while melly in the cell #freemelly and its crazy how he blew up and its crazy how Tjay blew up Within the first ten months of his music career he had released five tracks that recorded over one million plays on SoundCloud. Brother , "Resume , Goat, and Leaked each accumulated ten million streams and we still here looking at this young artist staying away from all the bad things and blowing up.We still here tjay we neva gon change on you lil bro keep yo music up


  • Heat. Free tj. Long live pop

  • so where just going to skip that this song 'move one' from lil tjay has been dropped the same day when 'hold on' from iann dior came out?

  • This song can show you that lil tjay been through real pain

  • Does anyone know where he got the black jacket and pants with the sparkles?

  • Damn. U came along waybsince ruthless. Wish the music was still as good

    • Don’t worry he’s testing out new sounds the album will have some old Tjay 🙏 don’t give up just yet

  • It's funny my gf just left me for someone new and this was the first song I found on yt? 💯💯💔💔💔

    • @Justice masters I know bro just think of your new dream girl and don’t simp just think and maybe just see if she likes you be around her

    • @Int3l Skyz it's hard

    • Sorry to hear that bro my girl left me to but just let’s move on

  • Ur old song go harder then ur new song goat is fire

    • Wait for the album his songs will go crazy trust me 🙏 don’t give up

  • Fuck , I love this song France, we have rap to but us rap is better(sorry if that means anything🥺)

  • I felt like 🥃