🔴LIVE - Warzone Sniper Challenge

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Sij 2021.
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  • Best man 😊 grettings from Germany

  • 43:46 Ummm what ? Haha 😆

  • Dont forget to adjust your AIMBOT

  • @DrDisRespect Try Dolby Atmos on the windows 10 store there is a free trial. IT IS PHENOMENAL FOR WARZONE SOUND!!!! other games too but warzone the most.

  • The chunky postage chiefly explain because night nally polish from a efficacious home. sloppy, stale brain

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  • So your main viewers are little kids and your main sponsor is a gambling site... doesn't seem morally wrong at all.

  • EFT's audio is not perfect, it's 2D audio for instance, so you don't hear if something is above or below you. But that's a game in beta and they're working on it, so it's more forgiveable. There's a lot of things in that game that's plain unfinished, but at least they're honest about it, and don't get too mad when you point it out.

  • I'm trying to guess what he was eating looking at the reflection those Ricky Bobby disco glasses he's wearing. It kind of look like beef stew

  • @ 16:39 Enemy UAV overhead,Enemy UAV overhead,Enemy UAV overhead

  • Thumps up if you want to see doc do a PISTOL CHALLENGE.

  • When doc acts like the settings magically changed after he gets killed 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • he says no skill. its more like sbmm lol

  • he keeps talking bout settings lol


  • What's up Doc

  • One and only! You are the best !

  • doc you ened to upgrade to 1440p youll get better fps in warzone with that 3090

  • Why doc playing with known cheaters?

  • He throws a fit and gets famous, I throw a fit and my girlfriend leaves the house.....

  • I’ve been paused on this Arby’s ad for ten minutes before I realized it wasn’t go play.

  • Z is the real mvp

  • One of my biggest complaints is audio and how far/ detection. 👍

  • The only way anybody has a chance against Z is if he has zero plates.

  • What's the song at 31 min mark

  • Ask Vonderhaar if the sound for the new warzone map will be adressed 😂

  • Zlaner is a hacker

  • Imagine doc with sum pit vipers

  • Why do you play with a cheater? Radar hack off 2nd pc and cronus zen?

  • how come you give them a half hour keynote but not mehhhh

  • Anyone have a time stamp of him saying “how come you coach him and not me” I can’t find it

  • 1:13:38 Absolutley true, Warzones audio is either too overbearing or not enough audio!

  • 1v1 ferg

  • Hear me out.... Doc, ZLaner and Ayden..... c’mon now!

  • doc, you sound like a grandpa when you rant like this... stop whining, start playing - will ya?

  • Hey guess what? ......"Enemy UAV Overhead"

  • why put the live button on every f@#$ing video ?

  • Minute 17:00 begins zlaner ist on 😂 i was wondering how he have so many kills more than doc i like you to watch your Game Play doc you dont Need cheaatterrrr like zlaner Champ

  • 💪🏻

  • Song at 31:00 and I will be forever in your debt lol

  • Miss "Z" unfortionate ..

  • Boom

  • nice reverse boosting bronze 5 india lobby

  • Doc complains about the game a lot but he still gives the idiots money for skins... STOP FUNDING BROKEN GAMES!!!! THEY DON'T DESERVE YOUR MONEY!

  • 44:13 I like the classic doc / FPS Russia vibe in the cutscene music so fitting

  • WHERE IS THE TRIPLE DUB???1!111!!!!!

  • yayayayaya

  • Doc is the best ,lets show them how doc clutch kills

  • This guy plays with his settings more than the game

  • Why they won't play Rebirth Island doc and z?? there's always so much action. Also play different modes and stop whining "I'm bored, I'm losing brain cells" gosh

  • Love u

  • Give 'em the LOOOVEE.

  • where is the first half of the stream?

  • David Adair died 2 weeks ago....

  • Dominate today? YUP!!

  • Looks like Val done took all your views and viewers Doc...


  • Hey doc, do you only have youtube channel?

  • Can you please play fortnite again?

  • New map in warzone wont change anything imo. Even gameplay changes wont do much. Devs should update their mindset first. No actual anti cheat exists in game (some hacking hardware is even ALLOWED to use) , SMBB utilesed to make content and world records (Two big youtubers already got caught reverse boosting, they even admitted it).. meanwhile Activision showering with money and celebrating "great success" How can someone take this laughable game seriously? 🙄🤣

  • Three streams in 1 day - the new triple threat challenge

  • What happened to the first part of the stream it's not saved dang, I missed his stream yesterday so I wanted to watch it now, but 2hrs is better than not having a stream up at all

  • Ever since u not on twitch i keep missing your streams, feelsbbadman

  • hey DrDisRespect , sorry for saying that but i see you an arrogant , boring toxic guy

  • Honestly everytime Doc goes quiet and looks down on stream now I'm thinking we're going to lose him for another 6 months

  • 1:37:34 I know, me too. but then the girlfriend fells neglected. 😛

  • Where's all the other great clips from last streams

  • lets go doc

  • Like a settings change is going to get 30 kills lol

  • Nice job Doc, only streamer who is a normal and interesting person! Warzone is heading up, hackers, glitches, cheaters...and lots of them who are on tHe another level today (best players than the march on release date). So keep up Doc!

  • Looks so much better

  • ZLaner complaining about a hacker... Irony.

  • Where is the rest of this stream? Did Doc not archive the rest?

  • Always gets carried by z laner haha

  • WARZONE needs a ranked mode. Fixes everything think back to other ranked shooters no problemo. Yarn over yayayay

  • How does one get a birthday shoutout for someone from the Doc?

    • Donate superchat yayaya and pray he reads it get in line brothhher

  • Bloood blood

  • 1v1 iferg

  • "Gimmie my loadout!" Lol

  • Doc needs tp build a theater/cinema in the arena and we can watch shows together CC

  • 43:47 hahahahhahahaha

  • Yo doc nice one that was fire

  • y ps5 is able to stream in nativ 4k but the doc is treamin in 1080p?

    • He plays at 1080p with low settings despite having a threadripper/3090. It makes absolutely no sense, but that's the way he does it.

  • love ya doc, never change !!

  • When Doc’s playing solos I just wish he’d slow down 10% and get a self revive, play the zone, use smart tactics and give himself a better chance in the final moments. He’s too concentrated on kills, give me a win with 10 kills over a top ten finish with 20 kills.

  • 43:48 Best dono comment I’ve heard in a long time. rofl

  • Love from the 🇬🇧 doc

    • How is your ping in the UK ?

  • 1v1 ferg

  • 2:00:00 had me dying😂😂

  • Nobody disrespects our doctor

  • Yo doc whats your thoughts on the pubg 2.0 comming??


  • Yayayayhyayayayayyay

  • Doc streamers that wear astro a40 headset never complain about not hearing steps

  • Practical quality high but texture filtering low? Dafuk

    • Not to mention playing at 1080p despite the highest end hardware possible.

  • z is much better than you doc

    • And doc is so much better then you Kenneth Kim Mabandos

    • wow,,, but fr,, but doc is much greater at Entertaining,, they are the perfect team...fefr

    • Better at what? Cheating? Using a modded controller?

    • But he definitely isn't better looking and that's all that really matters. Think about it.

  • It really is pathetic. Streamer of the Year is going out to these low T chubby cheek mobile gamers. Doc and Z are bringing quality content and entertainment.

    • Doc, not Z. Z just another dude. Doc is an entertainer.

  • I absolutely loved when Z was setting the record straight about the whole cheating by manipulating lobbies. You could tell he was sick and tired of it. I don’t think he’s a cheater I just think he’s a gifted and phenomenal player. The fact is Z and Doc are just better.

  • Next season: Capitol Siege...what? Too soon?

  • @drdisrespect when super store money glitch=bot lobby= stim glitch. PS they just select you as a banned player so you show up when your are playing and it makes it easier to track you down. Alex, do your research. We have ASUS routers being able to put you on bot lobbies, SBM, Glitches and we have heard nothing about it in the COMMUNITY. Doc, Advise.Thanks Chad

  • 🤫SAS