making imaginary cake - the Slav Souffle

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Stu 2020.
follow your dreams. especially if they are cake related.
100g halva (sunflower seed preferred)
50g melted butter
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
160g soviet tea cookies (vanilla flavoured)
250g quark/cottage cheese
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
4tbsp sweetened condensed milk
some peel of lemon
half lemon's juice
some milk chocolate
mix together halva with sour cream. mix until blended.
add crushed cookies and melted butter. mix.
put into a cake tin and refrigerate.
mix tvorog, sour cream and condensed milk.
add shavings of lemon and lemon juice.
spread topping on the base evenly.
add shavings of milk chocolate on top.
let cool down in refrigerator.
eat. enjoy. stay cheeki breeki.

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  • I don't have cottage cheese bit I have thickened cream, sour cream and condensed milk... Which is essentially cream. Will This Work

    • Update: I used the first crumb base and it was soft as blin👍

  • 5:12 its already hard to watch this is torture

  • I love your vids

  • The best calling for this cake is "Sukake"

  • Original title 'making imaginery cake'

  • Sometimes I wonder if Gordon were to watch his videos and react to them Hmm

  • No bake jello cheesecake...

  • creamy breeki

  • HE use adidas underware as a pillow?

  • It's raw flour.......

  • “Imaginary cake” Africa kids be like

  • 0:00 I *shit* a dream

  • That's the thing that my dad left me for.

  • how about "Taste of dreams" ?

  • When, oh when is the Cooking With Boris cookbook coming out blin?

  • Oh please make video of my summer car

  • Mayonnaise cake with sausage

  • How about we call it a “pie”

  • Cookie crushing part is confirmation of him being estonian! those cookies look exactly the same as in my country (estonia)

  • Boris: "I had a dream" JoJo fans:R U S S I A N S L A V I C G I O R N O

  • Satisfying banget

  • Follow your dream is just a western propaganda, we make our dreams come true here. Only good ones. We don't make nightmares come true.

  • funny thing is that those are pies.

  • I don't know what the blin but everytime I watch Boris I feel happy I don't know why.

  • No sé por qué, pero el segundo pastel me recordó al pastel que hizo Alexelcapo cuando hacía los alexelchef

  • I, Boris... Have a dream... About cake!

  • Boris lives in estonia now completely approved: He used Kalev cookies (Estonian cookies)

  • It should be Named Russian Dream Cake *Approved and IS the Slavic Superstar's Favorite*

  • The Boris Slav Suprem

  • isn't that a cheese cake?

  • B cake

  • The Slavic Dream-Cake!

  • Cooking with Boris featuring guest star Vadim?

  • Name for the cake: Halva Cream Fingers

  • AK-47 Kalashnicake

  • Komerade Kat must be like: What the fuck in cheeki breeki you doing.

  • I have 1 better boris super slav dream cuisine

  • I really think you should BAKE it first.

  • Should call it the "Slav Cream Pie"

  • I thought you ate bird's milk cake in your dream, but it wasn't a simple recipe 😅

  • That one moment when u realize cream covering was basically just custard

  • Jokes aside I'm actually incredibly impressed that he managed to make a cake from his dreams. He's a pastry pioneer!

  • Cake "Sweet dreams are made of this"

  • Sooooo...Soviet jail cake?

  • O HeT

  • Crouching Boris hidden cake

  • Am I late to suggest Soviet souffle?

  • Nobody: **nothing** Boris: *_*Eats a chunk of butter*_* Me: hMM a yes, buterbrod without the brod, perfect.

  • *_Borislavic Dream Cake_* , oy blin it is a good name, maybe he will put that or i dunno.

  • A drunk russian man make a cake from his drunken dreams

  • 2:37 casually hating on the manul whisking with his left hand

  • Name it the slavic dream

  • Jedno piwo kurwa mać

  • Hallucination cake?

  • The halve dream cake

  • Call cake "Babushka cake"

  • the condensed milk you used is the exact one from escape from tarkov game

    • I think it is because in the Яussia literally ALL canned condensed milk has this design since Soviet Union.

  • Video - boris eating a cake with fingers What comes to mind - slav fingers a cake

  • im pretty sure you dreamt a japanese fluffy cheesecake or some shit like that

  • The fact that you dreamt a seemingly meringue-like topping that doesn't have egg in it and use it on a cake you don't have to cook is amazing and the reason why the Soviet Union had to fail, in order for the series of events to happen that produced you.

  • I had a dream, I was eating -comrade boris, 1950

  • 50 years a go then your 50 lol

  • you forget dreams? HAH I TASTE MY DREAMS

  • Boris, you absolut slav! You did it.

  • I don't think it matters for me what you call it, I'm always going to remember this recipe as the "imaginary cake" recipe, and that's what I will always refer to it as if... well, I ever end up referring to it.

  • Name for a cake "Сновидение" For western spies "Snovideniye"

  • Boris: I did it Viewers: He did it (happy) Americans who hate russians: He did it (Depressed Capitalist Noises)

  • Boris: "eating cake" Vadim: "drill noises" Boris: "VADIM BLYAT!!!!!!!"

  • In English that is a pie, not cake. But it still looks delicious! Maybe try "Lemon Halva Pie"

    • In russian we have one word for this. It is "торт" (tort) what translates as a "cake". It covers about all of dessert things made with bisquit. A pie in our language is a opened or closed bready thing with filling. Like apple pie or meat pie. And we used to call this "пирог".

  • We call this in the fat lands of america... *A Pie* ...

    • In russian we have one word for this. It is "торт" (tort) what translates as a "cake". It covers about all of dessert things made with bisquit. A pie in our language is a opened or closed bready thing with filling. Like apple pie or meat pie. And we used to call this "пирог" (peerogue) .

  • I cant set a reminder because apparently his content his made for kids hwat!?😂😂

  • I'm probably just going to call it Boris cake or workers cake or something. Maybe Imaginary cake?

  • I agree "die happy" is weird expression.

  • Angel cake is light and fluffy and fragile.

  • Call it the Boris dream cacke

  • Halvampie :D like creampie, but with halva u know.

  • How to basic but russian

  • 6:25 my mom knows how to make this =]]

  • Boris, si veľmi vtipný. veľmi zábavné. Prihlasujem sa na odber. milujte svoje videá. Som z USA. Dúfam, že preklad je správny.

  • Is it not...basically a no bake cheesecake? Boris?

  • You have become my favorite chef 👩‍🍳

  • the Burva Cake

  • ýöù §ò çòöł blyat

  • "Mould" instead of "mold"... classic mistake.

  • Blyat it bring tear to eye

  • *noises

  • Name it Slav cake

  • Only Boris could be hungry for something that doesn't exist

  • Where is that 3.14M subscriber pie that was promised? Friggin gopniks forgot to steal enough apples for winter time cooking...

  • making this next week will report in after i try it.. ;p

  • 5:33 I think I know what that mystery liquid is 😏

  • call it dream cake

  • i think the name imaginary cake is a good enough name tbh

  • Call it Semechki Dream Cake!

  • 6:36 boris has a Slavic meltdown

  • I thought he was about to make a JoJo reference at the beginning

  • I dreams about food all the time and they dont exist...

  • I’d call it пирогснов

  • That one weird guy watching this on two devices at the same time