Making Mead with Anatoli - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Tra 2019.
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Making Mead with Anatoli
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Wise Guys Try - Step Two!
3KG honey
20L water
1 packet of mead yeast (also can use wine yeast)
Wash your container.
Add water.
Add honey.
Mix yeast with warm water.
Add yeast-water mix to container.
Close container.
Wait 2 weeks.
Stay cheeki breeki.
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  • anatoli's so cuute ^^

  • not the first time ive seen someones water replaced with vodka it happend to me a month ago

  • sad when you can't own your countries symbol and has to put a stupid fake thing instead

  • Hey Boris can I use normal yeast?

  • Do a video that you only talk in rissian


  • Game theory: Anatoli is just a defective Boris clone from an old USSR super soldier program

  • where do you get your weapons from 4:22

  • 2:20 Boris : *Talking* Anatoli : *Grabs a spoon and takes off the lid* Boris : *Wondering* Anatoli : *About to taste it* Boris : *Turns around and see his cousin about to taste it* "WHAT THE BLIN"

  • Instructions unclear...accidentally detonated Tsar bomba

  • The music in this video is the best

  • I did not use airlock, now my room is an “exclusion zone”

  • i cant leave 1:15

  • 2:16 ORRA

  • I found the vodka bit ridiculously funny

  • Вотка сукаблять

  • LOL

  • My room: this is sanitary... enough 🤣

  • I love when he say BOOM!

  • 2:18

  • This guy is real slav he said : ,,URAA”

  • Is that a sniper rifle antoli is holding?

  • 4:10 where is slav squat ????????

  • I know this comment is super late - but does anybody know what kind of Barrel he's using here? I'd like a similar one if possible to stay close to the recipe.

  • Anatoli looks like Russian man faught in Vietnam and just came home and forgot his helmet on

  • 2:20 anatoli ? What are you doing comrade

  • 1:16 "But most important is warm temperature"

  • BORIS BLYAT! you Put the Lid the wrong way. I have the Same one for 8 years now

  • Finally someone who makes drinking water looks cool lmao

  • I feel like boris and Anatoli are the last two brain cells squatting in my brain

  • Anatoli smacking his helmet is my entire life

  • Greetings from Brazil! Boris and anatoli are cousins?

  • I feel honoured they are making my surname 😂

  • Do anyone have a link to the old phone accessory that boris use on his nokia that I can buy?

  • Anatoli with Polish helmet

  • Anatoli: **brings lit match close to jar** Boris: _hOAEUGH-_

  • чеекибрееки донка

  • 3 kg honey for 20 liter vodka lite?! I thought you slaves liked "strong" alcoholic beverages, Slave mead seems we're weak too me. Me poor viking, but I still know how to make strong good mead! So I only used 2 kg of honey for 8 liters of vodka lite. 🍯🐻👌

  • Boris good actor

  • Where can I get me a cheap setup like that that the government won't tax me an extra 50% of the price.

  • You need plus 30 slavness to summon a gopnik by the way

  • I like how inept anatoli is

  • 0:15 this is how we greet in russia

  • hardbass makes good mead da?

  • Is nobody going to mention how anatoli strolls in with the dragunov

  • Boris I like watching your cooking videos for the tasty food and good humor but this one I'd like to know, since I am a home brewer myself, what was your starting gravity? What kind of yeast did you use? Did you add any fermaid or other nutrients? It looks like you're making a 5 gallon batch, how often do you plan to degas it?

  • you corrected yourself, but a litre of water is also a kilogram, because metric.

  • Anatoli, this is vodka

  • How'd hospital go😔

  • "Oops" - says Anatoly under 20L of pure vodka.

  • Boris, you have said in your KVASS video, that fermented drinks and plastic bottles do not mix. So I have one question. WTF is that plastic barrel?

  • Cade os Br?

  • The gact that part ond has 1.9m views and part 2 1.6m, it means that 300.000 people drank mead halfway throufg the process

  • Has anyone noticed how big anatoli's shoes

  • cheeki breeki blyat


  • Boris: I don't make a lot of money. Also Boris: massive container of honey. Yes. I know he is in Europe.

  • True family reunion at it's finest

  • Howtobasic:loves to throw egg Life of boris: *mayonnaise*

  • Takes me back to secondary school Me 'n the boys making mead Illegal but... eh

  • Wait you have nokia PERKELE

  • “Make sure u use the right amount of honey” pours in all of honey.😂😂

  • If Jesus was a Slav he would turn water into vodka and his disciples would be like you just shook a glass of water then he would say no now try and it tastes and fells like vodka

  • 4:33 antoli is western spy... look at his feet oh blin that it no good

  • 2:14 Russian Soldier in 1944 capture of berlin (colourised)

  • How did you say Anatoli? You're not Russian, terrible pronouncication!

  • Is Anatoli's gun an actual gun.

  • Skip to this timeline and you will not regret. 2:16 URAAAA!

  • I'm pretty sure Anatoli is a pro at this kinda stuff, except he's constantly being a cyka in the videos, messing around and all that blin.

  • Who maked russian subtitles? The boris?

  • U should sell those phones 📞 if u can get them for yer site

  • why not honey with votka?

  • 20 kg honig...das ist ein teurer Drink🤯

  • I love how anatoli just casually walks in with a dragunov and a military helmet looking like he just strolled out of a warzone

  • Бля .На русском говори

  • Wonder what that jug thing is, I wouldn't mind picking one up to store rice

  • Back at home 🇰🇪 we call this MЦЯАTINA

  • 2:21 Me: Um. Boris. The vid: “OH BLIN” Also me: *Facepalm go brrrr*

  • Poderia ter legenda em português

  • Is Boris!!!!!

  • Another great video my Slav brother Boris Hello Cheeki Breeki Gopnik Go!!!!!!!!!!! Pass the vodka

  • Анатолий Хранитель меда

  • 3:53 i really want Chernobyl 2 in my room

  • You sure this isnt romanian palinka

  • I always watch this channel whenever I want to Russo my life up

  • Voda = water vodka...

  • I can't understand you because you speak in russian :)

  • I am watching this on my gopnik summoning device.

  • Water? More like Vodka.

  • Making mead is one of my quarantine projects

  • Is it me or does bald and bankrupt use the same tune ?

  • Since you are tecnically showing us this it isn’t SECRET Slav mix

  • Antonio in the corner of the screen with fire: Boris : OI

  • is the dragonov real or fake? I KNOW YOU CAN SEE THIS BORIS BLYAT

  • Boris:Uraaaa! My german friends grandpa:"shouts"

  • I had no idea that mead existed outside Scandinavia

  • I want to be a slav now.

  • Hahaha. Почему

  • привт делр

  • Throws vodka Me:catches vodka thanks