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malphite goes bowling
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Bowling - Standard Game - Wii Sports Music Extended
Berserk OST - 04 Guts
K.K. Disco (Aircheck) - Animal Crossing New Leaf Music
Wii sports resort music Main theme
Animal Crossing New Horizons Soundtrack - Welcome Horizons (Full Version)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Awaken(Pillar Men Theme)
ES_April Fools' Day - Vendla
Bubblegum K.K. (Aircheck) - Animal Crossing New Leaf Music
[MapleStory BGM] Ereve Raindrop Flower
Kirby dream land theme song
DanMachi - Heroic Desire Eiyuu Ganbou (Argonaut) [Familia Myth]


  • Nooo, don't let Larissa bully you

  • has anyone noticed that the sylas from the other game is his jungler the next game lmao

  • at 3:48 look at friends and look at Larissa what is that XD even tho great vid love u pianta


  • Okay. Does anybody know what the song at 2:15 is called? I recognize it.

  • i just discovered that brian is a jojo fan

  • Song name 3:20?

  • adc in 2020 :

  • "I don't like when people play AP Malphite" Me with Mastery 7 playing AP Malphite: ... *Time to switch mains*

  • anyone notice the sylas and khazix is the same person

  • hum that guts theme this shit hit you really hard

  • 7:05 everyone disappeared 😂😂

  • bdo best combat ? lol

  • please make longer vids

  • HAI GUISE THIS BIDEO IS SPENSERD BY " reads script " k here we go

  • So when was pianta an artist

  • Bru, that "queen" in friend list section...

  • 2:26 so shameless xd

  • I do not wish to ne horny anymore... i just want to be happy

  • The use of Gatsu in this video is genius

  • The poort Jhin

  • You bowled me Subway add :(

  • wow pianta’s so good at escaping that when he was escaping the enemy at blue it looked like he cut the clip to another one, when actually he killed everyone in 1 second and recalled epic

  • I bet no ones asking but the music in the first 30 sec while hes talking about black dessert is "get excited" an soundtrack used in the anime dr Stone.

  • can anyone tell me the name of the outro song?

  • That sylas is the same guy as the kha zix

  • I love those thumbnails

  • am i the only one that heard that berserk song :B

  • Your thumbnail is to good

  • I see you are an anime connosieur, pianta, Bell's theme is epic

  • 2:27 what a transition

  • 6:45 to 7:10 LOL I wheeze laughed lile that meme.. omg

  • i smell rasism in the thumbnail

  • What if they combine warmogs and Infinity edge into a single item? every adc in season 10: I'll take your entire stock

  • 3:39 uhhh read the friend's list........................

  • Gotta love that beserk guts

  • berserk song , nice

  • i know pianta was lying about playing BDO once he tried to recommend it anyone with over 20 hours in BDO hates it and would never wish that curse upon their friends

  • You should go elec on Malph faster 1 shot

  • 7:30 i havent had a good laugh like that in a while

  • fun fact: u can kill adcs with tanky malphite

  • what song is the outro

  • He hit a screw ball and Soraka was the ball ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  • did i hear maplestory music?!?!?!?!

    • at 6:00?

  • Pianta... thats a goomba

  • Next go for one for all river shen!

  • I just watched your 2017 video, and there was a link to discord in the description, but it's no longer valid. Do you still have a discord channel?

  • Looking through since him quitting Garen going wait where’s the Garen then realizing oh wait even if it might have only be in terms of HRdown this guy was serious about that

  • I literally JUST got the notif for this video wtf even though i watched when it came out


  • When you notice the Khazix and the Sylas were the same person

  • remember when he was a katarina main?

  • Pianta i bet u watch david dobrik

  • Every league player is the fastest Tyler on planet earth

  • How to send clips because I have a clip of a crazy pentakill

  • i love your videos !!

  • Remember when Pianta lost against yummi? #yummipandemic

  • Do you have a discord server

  • The first part is that everybody is toxic to you and you carry xd

  • Shut up brian

  • can someone please tell me what the sad pianta music is

  • what is sad pianta music called

  • Shut up friend ow

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a Yuumi?

  • What editing software do you use?

  • is this man ever gonna use ajr is a background song again

  • 7:03 the craziest escape

  • Do you guys remember when pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • imagine pressing the abilities that will bonk the enemy laner, but your pc fps drops and you didnt record anything

  • does he have a discord server

  • Hage d *Nice*

  • The Berzerk theme song

  • Brian I just wanna let you know that I played League because of you, so if I go and become toxic, it's all on you.

  • anyone else notice the sylas was also the khazix who sat mid to kill ryze?


  • I dont even know who can play this game in 2020. I quited LOL for like 2 years, than 3 days ago i played 4 games. Game number one, 3m points MF with 16 farm in 25 minutes. Game number two, trolling yasuo, who was 5/21. And last game, 2 afk guys. But its okay to Riot, when that retards spending money on game. My advice, dont play it,

  • 3:20 This looks like jotaro, joseph and jonathan all came together to kick teemo's ass and its epic.

  • the Sylas that destroyed him in lane is also the Khazix that was in sync

  • I want to see brian and larissa playing league for dor 24 hours

  • Nice guts theme, i give you mi like and aprobation

  • Wii Sports Resort :,)

  • God, berserk music makes me so sad for some reason.

  • Dunkey clone

  • Satisfying af

  • I was just watching the video, normal youtube content you know? Then the pillar men theme song came on and this video started POGGING

  • Thunderlords works better than comet actualy

  • Are you Vietnamese??

  • PP?

  • Remember that time tenmo lost to yuumi?

  • congrats for the new video i liked it very much. (i just didnt like the sad music no offense)

  • River Shen

  • Khazix was in sync with you because he destroyed you in lane as Sylas earlier

  • The living embodiment of "It's not just a boulder, it's a rock"

  • 4:21 Larissa is just flat out savage here. hahahaha

  • You watch too many jojo ep for this game


  • the part when 3 chunky bois went up to top lane to kill that little shit made my day

  • Black Desert Online should be renamed Advertisment Online. That game jus annoys you relentlessly with adds on ur screen

  • That Yo is why I don’t play the game anymore

  • 0:40 so proud, using music from berserk