Massive Clothes, Bags and Shoes Haul for Spring | Tamara Kalinic

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Tra 2021.
In this video I am showing you my big haul all the way from beauty to fashion, also what items I brought with me from London to Paris. Hope you will enjoy it.
Valentino White Shoes
Valentino Black Flats
Valentino Tan Flats
Valentino Lime Flats
Valentino Pink Shirt
Valentino Playsuit
Valentino Pink Shorts
Valentino Black Shorts
Valentino Purple Dress
Ivory Top
Top 2
Orseund Iris Top 3
Bottega Veneta Belt
Bottega Veneta Bag
Bottega Veneta Green Bag
Maison Margiela Bag
Acne Studios Pants
Peter Do Pants
Stella McCartney Pants
Celine Jeans
Celine Hat
Celine Top
Prada Hat
Roxanne Assoulin Necklace
Elephant Necklace
Gucci Blue Cardigan
Gucci Pink Cardigan
TieDie Loungewear
Colourful Necklace
Olaplex Oil
Kosas Oil Foundation
Kosas Lip Balm
Kosas Bronzer
Gucci Bronzer
Hermes Rose Oasis Lip
Hermes Satin Coralle Lip
Hermes Satin Rouge
Dior Forever Natural Nude Foundation
Dior Perfect Fit Set Hydrate
Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette
Too Faced The Natural Nudes Palette
Hourglass Ambient Glass Palette
Charlotte Tilbury The Flawless Filter
Gucci Serum de Beaute
Buly 1803 Hand Cream
Buly Bougie Candle
Dior The Osmanthus Candle
Kerastase Nutritive 8 hour Magic Serum
Hourglass Makeup Brushes
Hermes Twilly Body Lotion
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
Bjork and Berries Oil
Olaplex No. 3
Olaplex No. 4
Hum Vitamins
Westmen Atelier Contour Stick
Oribe Power Drops
Aman Zuac
Le Labo Shower Oil
Olivia von Halle Pyjamas
AZ Factory Pyjama Top
AZ Factory Pyjama Trousers
Anissa Kermiche Vase
Wardrobe Spring Clean and What I Eat
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Tamara xo


  • Just tailor those Acne trousers! It's a easy fix! :)

  • Love from Greece.. ΚΑΛΗΣΠΈΡΑ με πολύ αγάπη Tam!!! You are my favorite

  • no to the bag. I prefer the original clutch

  • Love the Acne pants, but size down, ditch the yellow bag and blue Gucci sweater makes you look tan, pink makes you look more sallow.

  • With the color of your hair and skin tone I really like the blue Gucci cardigan 😍 the pink one would go better with a lighter skin tone 😊

  • Definitely the pink in Gucci cardi. Suits your skin tone totally😜

  • Blue😍😄

  • Don't keep the bottega bag🙏

  • Bravo Tamara! It’s nice that you mansion talented people from our country.

  • looooveeee the acne trousers 💙💙💙💙

  • Tamara sorry but that Bottega Veneta Bag is awful

  • Your Nautilus is TO DIE for

  • Reurn the bag!!It's suits you very bad!!

  • Where si the white top from? The Onésimo you style with the acne pants

  • I wouldn’t keep the Bottega bag... I don’t feel it either. Love your videos! ❤️❤️ from Spain 🇪🇸

  • A little bit of everything in your video, love it. Your green bag doesn't give you 100 % satisfaction, so don't keep it. It's not for you. You will find an other one in an other brand maybe with entire happiness. Love your videos, love your personality. Keep going girl, you're doing just fine.

  • Hell, your abs 🔥, you must share workouts you do, would be very thankful 🙏🏻

  • About the bottega bag!! you CAN take the strap off,just undo the knot.

  • You look wonderful in the pink Gucci cardigan. You look great in pink!

  • I really want a dedicated supplements video, because now after what you said about Biotin I'm wondering if I'm taking them all wrong :(

  • Cao Tamara, redovno pratim ins i youtube, cak sam ti i pisala na ins oko konslutacije za velicinu Bottega cizama i na moje iznenadjenje najljubaznije si mi odg, sto sam mislila da je nemoguce u moru poruka. Nemam zamerki, samo molbu da sto cesce spominjes koju velicinu odece i obuce si izabrala, tj da li su TTS ili je potrebno br manje ili vece. Ima nas zaljubljenika u modu i u Srbiji a da mozemo priustiti odredjene high end brendove, samo nemamo priliku da probamo pre kupovine. U slucaju da primetis ovu poruku, pozdrav 😘🤗

  • Blue is your colour (from a person who is obsessed with pink)

  • I followed you because your wardrobe looked so diverse, you were not afraid of colour,I’m not into everything neutral everyone is doing that, all beige,not much diversity.i love colour and neutrals,mix it up a bit. Always loved that you love colour.

  • Can you make a house tour video?😍 I love the design of your flat🤍

  • Long Live Colour!!!!

  • The blue cardi looks the best!

  • Without the strap, I know you can pull off that most amazing outfit. The shape is cool and different. You wear Bottega the best! That color of blue in the sweater looks great on you but no on the shape, just sayin since you asked. Now on the dl....are you glowing???

  • Blue lights you up, and that other sweater is winter. Love the blue pants that are way too large on you, wnat them too. Love the white jeans on you but I have to wait throuh high waist because they eitehr come to my bust ,or the crotch is to my knees. Send the purse back, that's my 2 cents. Thanks for sharing. March did go quickly!

  • Gucci blazer in blue!!

  • Love your hairstyle, do you do it with a curler or zig zag iron?

  • Well... Tamara you look absolutely beautiful in both colors no kidding!!!

  • I’m in love with the bag! I would definitely keep it

  • Totally agree!! The bag itself has a lovely shape, amazing color and that sharp shape in the middle as an angle, looks great!! 😍 But the strap..... Couldn't be worst, it's a let down 😒

  • Keep both of the Gucci knits! You need them :)

  • I bought a set of Von Hallie pajamas after I watched lockdown with Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor. However I’ve been searching for the mushroom set for months. Dreamy to sleep in. I like Bottega but that bag is too strange, I returned mine.

  • I love the blue Gucci sweater, but the pink one brightens your face better.

  • Return the B V bag. It’s not up to your standards.

  • Nema veze sa temom, ali koju vakcinu protiv korone bi primila?

  • The best bronzer is Guerlain Terracotta. The best!!


  • Pink gucci!!!

  • My boyfriend always tells me "if it's a meh ur not going to wear it, since u still haven't the occasion to wear the ones u like". He's right and change the way I buy things :-)

  • Will you make a video with your parfums ??? please....

  • Do you have a workout routine?

  • Bottega Veneta’ s bag is absolutely beautiful!

  • Yellow flats are amazing!

  • Hi ... where is your gold watch from?

  • the blue Gucci sweater is stunning with your coloring!!!!

  • My experience: don‘t keep things youre Not sure about. You‘ll regret keeping ist.

  • Hahah never related with someone so much (over big head comment) .... no hat ever fits 😅

  • Not feeling the Bottega bag. Love the color, but not the style! What I am feeling all the way to Norway is that Stella suit! OMG it looks soo good on you, that color! WOW

  • I want that prada hat and a holiday where I can make the most out of it hihi ❤️

  • Pink Gucci sweater for sure I noticed you like the fig scent in skincare/haircare and perfumes and candles. That’s my absolute favorite scent. Can you recommend some of the best fig candles and where to buy them online. I’m having a hard time to find good ones. Thank you

  • Your Bottega handbag is cool as a clutch, but weird as a cross body handbag and it is so much fun and enjoyable seeing you unbox the miscellaneous .

  • Im not a fan of the bag ... it’s not very unique looking . I also really like the hot pink Gucci sweater , you look beautiful in everything though ☺️

  • HEY COMMENT SECTION KNOWS IT ALL: What tools does Tamara use to style her hair like that? Not a curling iron right? Thank you.

    • @Hollie Masso Thank you!

    • She commented above that she uses a straightener. No idea how though 🤷‍♀️

  • Congrats on the picture that Valentino shared of you!!!

  • I love you Tamara❤️🦋 Greetings from Split!

  • I would return the Bottega bag and instead keep both the pink and the blue cardigans from Gucci 😊

    • Personally I don’t understand the hype around Bottega handbags and shoes. The only thing I like from the brand are their wallets and one backpack my boyfriend has. Nothing else.

  • Keep both Gucci knits haha

  • Love ❤️ love 💕 love 💗 the Roxanne Assoulin ‘Kinder’ Necklace: so colourful 🌈🌈🌈🌈 and so so 😎 cool 👍🏼! Thanks 🙏🏻 for sharing Dear Tamara 🥀🌺🌸🌼🌻🌈🌈🌈👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💋💋💋💗💗💗💗

  • Pink Gucci

  • I love too watch you Tamara because you live a life I will never have so I dream 😴 Dream 💭 through you I’ve learned so much from you as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love you in blue! Your skin is set off beautifully by blues. I think of the Mediterranean when I see you in blues and white, gorgeous.🌷


  • Thank you dear Tamara! As per usual you overdid it! ❤️

  • Really loved this vlog 🤩🤩🤩

  • The pink cardigan 💕

  • I have the yellow and I LOVE!!!

  • I don't like the bottega bag, it really looks cheap and not your style 😕🧐

  • I'm sure you could style it well, but that Bottega bag reminds me of a Teletubby handbag. I can't imagine reaching for it if I had your fabulous Hermes bags to choose from!

  • do you have a recommendation for a hair supplement brand? Didnt know it should be paired with pantothenic acid to not cause breakouts! Would love a video on the specific supplements you recommend!

  • Tamara the 3d hérmes lipstick shade that you tried on is beautiful.. What shade is it please the link has a different one

  • LOVE the Gorgeous love the bottega. OMG...loved everything!,,

  • I think you should keep both pink and blue cardigans - in fact, please keep both! I love both on you and would love to see how you style them differently bc they are different vibes!

  • Keep both both colors look amazing against your tan complexion! If had to pick 1 - pink wins 🏆

  • OMG, yes! I used to wear formal clothing and neutral colors, and now I want to wear jeans and colorful tops😜. It must be the quarantine life 🌈. We need colors in our lives🙌

  • No matter how much money or easy access you may have to things, if you don't love don't keep just turns to clutter.

  • Agree with the strap looking cheap. Don’t know why designers of this class do material straps. They also get dirty.

  • Video was perfect because such is life

  • def pink!!! Prada hat so cool xx:)

  • Return the bag x

  • Bottega looks like a cheap beach bag......return

  • I agree with you on the botega bag strap. Looks kind of cheap

  • Bag is awful. X

  • Hi Tamara-I’m ‘older’ and love your channel because I love fashion and beauty.! I enjoy the way you style your outfits and accessories. Thanks!

  • Can you do a tutorial on that hairstyle? :)

  • Team pink here🙋

  • Pink Gucci!

  • the blue gucci sweater for sure!!!!

  • awww my serbian girll,love from Niš💕💕💕

  • Hey Tamara, what size is yo boss and Russel t shirt? Small?

  • i started feeling the color as soon as i saw versace ss21 colorful bratz style shoes

  • 💓the PJs

    • Yes I can see the difference on your face

    • I once had (looong time ago😒) a #TomFord fragrance but the black bottle Mmmm smelt great. Ford has good products even their makes ups

    • I 💓 the #Prada hat... Yes it would be so boring if u all liked the same thing but I must say I ❣️ your style

    • Yes love it too... Share those designers that are not pushed by media

    • Yes I also know u as a colour girl FYI You were the 1st person that introduced my to #BottegaVeneta and this other brand I forgot it. A shoe brand with different heels. Cool

  • Sorry but this video was unnecessarily long... 😩

  • Loooove your style and love seeing what you use on a regular basis! Great video! P.s. I am currently looking for great hair vitamins, which ones would you recommend? Still the HUM's? xoxo

  • Hi Tam! My personal favourite from this haul are the Celine jeans, the fit is perfect omg! Would you mind sharing what size you chose? Oh and btw, your skin is glowing. It must be the Biologique and hydrafacial combined together. Sending love from Prague!

  • Lose the bag. Really not worth it and the colour will lose your interest next year, I think! The cardigan: blue! Looks só good on you! 😘

  • Pink gucci sweater

  • bottega bag to me its giving high end diaper bag vibes