Medovik cake (Медовик) - Advanced cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Tra 2019.
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Medovik cake (Медовик)
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Advanced cooking with Boris. Takes up to 4 hours to make. And then 4 hours to wait in fridge.
Boris makes cake over many years. Main ingredient is attention and patience.
3 egg
150g sugar
1tsp baking soda
400g flour
4 tbsp honey
100g butter
500g sour cream
100g or more of condensed milk
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  • me: eating chips Boris: LeTs FiX ThIs BaLLs!!!!!!

  • may 4 is my birthday

  • 9:38 The axe Looks like a bird shat on it after He cut the cake

  • Boris, you should know it’s bad luck to celebrate a birthday early

  • Ah, comedy

  • im going to make this for culinary class

  • Flour? No, Cocaina

  • beautiful

  • I love his one liner "oy cyka"

  • The cum cake

  • When you and your comrades watch a Boris cooking video so you can legit cook: *what* *has* *happened* *to* *US* *?*

  • to anyone who is thinking of making this. IT IS DELICIOUS!

  • My babushka's medovik is my favorite cake

  • My birthday is also May 4th lol

  • I tried it, and it worked.

  • I have watched this probably 20 times, and i gag every time a hear the sluping effect in the begining

  • Ahh, just like how babushka made it.

  • Noice

  • Blya I love Medovik

  • .....difficulty 17.....17 our of what....2000? Seems easy enough it's just honey and cake

  • "Decoration of cake is one of those things that is optional, but completely mandatory." Yeah, I thought the same thing making my mom's birthday pie...

  • 4:32 That rhymed-

  • So is everyone gonna ignore the fact that Boris used a metal spoon with honey

  • I made this and blin it was good no seriously it was amazing the best honey cake i have made tx Boris for the great recipe its hard work to make russian honey cake

  • For anyone that is about to burn down kitchen, 473 kelvin is 200 celcius and not 180. If you want to go from celcius to kelvin, just add 273

  • Mom: your birthday is coming up....what kind of cake would you like? Me:

  • West: knife and fork East: sledgehammer and axe

  • Can you share a traditional BABUSHKA BULACHKI 🥖 receipt, please? 😁

  • Mmmm I sorta prefer Boris's Gopnik version over Foodwishes. But I still darken and brown my honey before the egg and butter part

  • That's a great recipe. I've never seen that part with cooking your eggs and wet ingredients, but I guess it's a regional thing. Anyways, it worked out really well and I'll be making it again for sure. Thank you.

  • You're shit inspires me to learn my original language russian born by the nah amor river

  • Where tf has this been all my life?

  • Is this recipe working

  • *the cake is a lie*

  • Muero por conseguir el "babushka's arsenal" OwO

  • Russian com cake 😳😂😂

  • 17 OUT OF WHAT

  • The dough was messed up, and I couldn't roll the dough thin enough, and somehow, I managed to make blins in the oven, and the leftover dough was too thick to crush, so I just ended up with 2 stacked mini pancakes with sour cream on top, and blin, it is good

  • My dumb ass thought sour cream actually means sour cream and not heavy cream

  • Me in DayZ: 3:44

  • Boris: difficulty level 17 Me thinking he said difficulty level semecki *laughs*

  • Looks like cardboard with tons of glue (meme) . Just kidding . It's good actually

  • Vadim

  • my favorite cooking channel

  • What's the maximum difficulty level Boris?

  • The bit by bit part killed me

  • boris: we will make a medovik cake Me: don’t u mean *a stack of blins covered in a mystery sauce*

  • Normal ppl: **uses butter knife like a normal person** slav ppl: **uses heavy axe cuz they is a friccin....blin? idk xD**

  • So Svetlana is the russian version of Lucille?

  • I tried this and it was just 👌 will definetly make it again. 😊

  • Y

  • ..................i have been cooking with a butcher knife for literally almost everything in the kitchen. mama said i was doin it wrong. but papa boris says iz right...........................................................................SLAV-

  • I actually made this and the cream came out too liquid (because I chose the wrong western condensed milk instead of the russian one). It went all over my kitchen. Needless to say, the taste is amazing!

  • Oy boris is it goof for children

  • condensed milk? thats like 15k at therapist

  • I’ve been watching almost all your food cooking videos and it makes me want to make it but I can’t

  • Gordan Ramsey cannot make this.

  • Margarine is actually very bad for you because your stomach doesn't recognize it as food and it can't be digested that well. There's no reason to use margarine over butter.

  • Cola cola in 1960: 2:36

  • I'm doing this recipe the second time now and it's awesome!! 10/10

  • 5:10 Artyom in the house!

  • We made the Georgian version and it's like 10 layers

  • As a russian i have no idea what u sayin but i love it!!!

  • This really does have Russian vibes

  • my baboshka makes it every birthday to each of my family members.. its REALLY sweet and tasty already been eating this cake for 16 years..

  • using a double boiler would make the egg bit easier... its kinda custard esqe

  • Aga Türkiye'den selam seviyorum seni🇹🇷

  • I made it it was great!

  • what happens if boris lets artyom stay with vadim?

  • Boris, you must make an entire episode in rhyme.

  • blyatiful

  • Boris try to forge an sword or an axe

  • This seems like a cheesecake but the crust is layered in between the cheese

  • You'll cook with a chain saw but you won't eat something with raw eggs?

  • качает, белять

  • Made it and was good👍

  • My babushka rarely makes these, but damn are they good when she does!

  • I will now play metro in full Russian no subtitles epos

    • I am learning how to speak Russian

  • Please dont cut your fingers

  • We have the same birthday, Boris. 😁

  • He sounds more Russian then Russians

  • Learning Russian to watch Boris with subtitles in class is coming along nicely

  • BUT BORIS. Does it go well.....WITH MAYONNAISE?

  • PUSH IT DOWN LIKE ECONOMY I fucking laughed. I'm a monster.

  • *if it is not us, but who* *"Vadim"*

  • *Push it down like Economy*

  • I made this for wife's birthday. She loved it. Thanks Boris!

  • Это просто blyatiful.

  • I am american but I love the slav culture and lifestyle

  • Making this for a family gathering tomorrow... let's see how it turns out!

    • It was a big hit! Complex, but everyone liked it! THX BORIS -Signed, American Western Spy

  • Да

  • He’s the guy in your school with strange accent

  • In the UK we call the first bit hokey pokey

  • *Gordon Ramsey approves*

  • Жалко переводчика, не заслужил пацан :с

  • he's real name is Borislavonia

  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 6:04

  • I like how I learned more from this channel than my cooking classes

  • Ну субтитры как отдельный вид искусства :)

  • Fun fact: If you "westernly" search for Medovik cake or just Medovik, you can find Boris's video. But if you're slav, bad news, because if you search "Медовик" no boris videos. *BORIS IS WESTERN SPY!*