Metro Exodus: Blin Edition - with advanced physics and RTX

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Ožu 2019.
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Metro Exodus is the 2019 release of the Metro game series. Metro Last Light was released way back in 2013 and it has been a long time waiting. Of course there is also a quest for finding toiled destructibility, as a long running tradition in the series. I am playing with advanced physics and RTX enabled. We will see what the difference it makes.
Track in background:
uamee - THE RAF 2019
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  • *_"Pancake edition"_*

  • 2:10 -- am i the only one who noticed he has bittorrent webopen

  • Baha this part of pubg mobile now 🤣

  • Metro looks trash with RTX I tried it with DLSS as well and I liked the original lighting better

  • Мне кажется или в твоем голосе слышится русский акцент?

  • Musik

  • When I first played this the first combat section was filled by my spotify playing hardbass

  • Pavel from metro last light reminds me of boris so god damn much

  • Watching in 144p

  • Next time open package with axe


  • THANK U FOR PLAYING IT WAS MY FAVORIT GAME!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Slav god

  • I was born in 2009

  • Blin

  • Hiding your face is an option? I might get into HRdown after all.

  • Steam would be good with some competition, but not with the epic games store anti-consumer adventure.

  • I really didnt like this game. there i said it.

  • The nuclear winter actually looks like some of the poor Run down flat complexes I saw on Google Maps. Such as those in Irkutsk. (forget how to spell, not sure if right).

  • “Full Sweatsuit edition”

  • @lifeofboris can you please mail me your email notifications sound "ding dong Cyka mail has arrived"

  • Ah vadim?

  • 6:00

  • Him wasting bullets like that gave me a heart attack.

  • I want to play this

  • I still remember life before the war *"Eh Me too"*

  • "True Slav PC"

  • "Fuck edition"

  • Boris in a train: Have a good flight. *wat*

  • imagine 39k likes vs 497 / so... i feels nostalgia about spartan ages

  • Imagine not being able to play it anymore once you became obsessed with it so you have to wait 2-3 years to be able to get it :(

  • It's a simple cat's name, how hard can it be. *ded*

  • i

  • Takes me back to when I did tech support at the school. Floppy drive with coins, CD-ROM with gum, laptops with broken hinges and keys missing... the kids were not kind to those machines.

  • It feels like left 4 death all over again.

  • So we know Boris has a RTX GPU

  • destruction boris

  • Anatoli knows people

  • No artyom!

  • Finds 12.7mm DK Boris: Can I Take Home?

  • 9:53 The kid actor thinks all consonants are voiced in Russian. "...when you vind a glean blaze oudzide?"

  • 5:52 The la-la-ing sounds much funnier with the Russian velarized l.

  • I just realized that Boris named his kitten after the Metro main character.

  • Metro: Tessellation Boris: *_T O I L E T D E S T R U C T I B I L I T Y_*

  • Damn he’s tall for 14🤔

  • boris blyat i thought beeping was coming from watch blin

  • Am i the only on the metro series that nods when someone greets me or telling me a yes or no question

  • But... he left motion blur on

  • I mean if you didn't want to deal with the Epic store you could have always just gotten a console version. I would say that you don't want to support the capitalistic U. S. company Microsoft, but I've already seen you with an Xbox One controller.


  • Boris why english dubbing

  • Damn. I'm 2 months older than artyom on that year

  • boris: anatoli knos some people hmmmm.... doesnt sound very.... leeeeegal >.>

  • Despacito Blin Edition

  • Who’s scared of spiders be cause freaking HATE SPIDERS!

  • There is so much emotion in this game .....😭

  • Chernobel again

  • İ played 2033 last light but blyat i dont have a pc that enough for it

  • Vadim Blyat My birthday is on March 8th

  • Boris: Still ready for the guns, the Artyom Boris: *throws artyom* Artyom: *cat noises*

  • Its potato time

  • Im born in 2009 too.... MEAN I AM A KID!?!?!

  • Boris: *plays barely any of the game* Well thanks for watching! I got to make chicken kiev now! Man, that was some hard work on this video!

  • what did you do ? WHAT DID YOU DO!? Oh, beers

  • no little hamburger i won'7 et caught,

  • if naught us then ay du nahaui

  • 33%

  • i aint in charge of this shit thats why i through my pc down the steps

  • quake 4 better than doom 3

  • Blyat artyom was born a month after i was

  • I played it. It is cool

  • You know it’s Russia when your riding a train and they wish you a nice flight.

  • Authentic Russian accent at its finest.

  • What is his setup? How does it run Metro Exodus at 200 FPS!

    • No but I meant the specs like the graphics card and the processor

    • Vodka cooled tower.

  • The cat has became a Human Mutant

  • “DING DONG CYKA!MAIL HAS ARRIVED”😂 I almost died of laughter

  • This game literally left me speechless with both endings

  • 150-200 fps with max settings and rtx?? Damn that vodka cooling must be next level.

  • 11:24 blyatful

  • Почему ты не использовал русскую озвучку?

  • Lol that’s my birthday

  • I love artyom, is favorite part of channel

  • 1:51 For when pre-ordering fails you.

  • This was one of my best moments playing this but the ending is sad

  • What is this graphics settings, Boris western spy?

  • *Ding dong Cyka*

  • The Corona B A Y L E A F edition in 2020

  • exactly 1 year later im watching this again

  • we need boris to voice the next metro game

  • How can i get that as my message alert haha

  • Imagine not playing with Russian audio

  • Play Z.O.N.A shadow of lemanks

  • 2:17 Boris the type of guy to add intro at 2 minutes into the video lol

  • i still haven't finished this game since epic games decided to fuk up my game files and made it corrupted a few times, destroying my save files and make me restart the game at-least 5 times (3 of those is when the surrounding is already sunny. which made me rage quit a few times) then a few times where i had to wait 10 minutes in the opening cut scene since i had the bug where the game needs to load that long for the textures to load in properly. Right now, i have this love hate relationship with epic games where i love them for supplying me with free games once a week and how they gave me the game control for $4 and lots of discounts. And I hate them for the bugs their launcher does to their games.

  • "La-La-La-La-La"

  • Blin, oy Boris! Is masha and the bear a nice educative cartoon for childeren to become the great slav?

  • Не правильно в метро играешь(( Должно быть максимум темно и каждый патрон должен использоваться максимум рационально((((

  • Is realy more beautyfull of last light

  • Ahhhhhh I love you tovarisch boris😂😂😂😂😂🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 I’m frome Italia 🇮🇹 but your video is fantastic is is so’ great😍😍😍

  • Metro got me into metro, and now it’s one of my favorite game series of all time. Almost done with Exodus now.

  • RINGTONE!!! How do I get it