Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w48a Dripstone, Stalagmites & Renewable Lava!

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► hrdown.info/port/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.7 snapshot 20w48a adds Dripstone & pointed dripstone along with renewable lava and many more changes!
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w46a Powder Snow, Freezing Damage & Bundle Preview
Minecraft News : Universal Bans - Creating A Safer Space
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00:00 Bundle Changes
02:16 Candle Changes
03:08 Snowier Snow Changes
04:45 Texture Changes
05:50 Dripstone Block & Pointed Dripstone
09:30 Dripstone Damage
13:10 Changes I Missed In 20w26a
14:16 Bugfixes
#minecraft #caveupdate #cliffsandcaves


  • Minecraft News : Universal Bans - Creating A Safer Space hrdown.info/block/video/l2mfp8Ghgc9nptk

    • welp rip my account😭

    • Thanks bee man

    • This gives me hope.. one day.. a dynamic portable light spurce i can carry in my non-dominant hand

    • Can you place dripstone in hoppers?

    • *mad shadradbad noises*

  • M to the b m to the b mmm minecraft bee

  • how to dowload this?

  • I like the older clocks.

  • Moderate = Censor

  • I don't know if it's just me, but I thought the candle in the thumbnail was just a super stretchy gapple.

  • One thing I am actually looking forward to is spectator mode for bedrock. I don't know if bedrock has the spectator mode for the PCs and stuff, but I would be excited it if Mojang added it to pocket edition, since it is pretty bland right now. If there was a way to have snapshots, that would be amazing, since this year's April's Fools snapshot was only for Java and whatever other devices can have them, and PE never gets anything cool added from the next update before it actually comes out, because I actually don't ever see any new stuff added whenever I create a world with experimental set to true. The only things I have seen was the holiday creator features and the custom biome game rules in the experimental mode section. I wish that they also had it so that when you get an achievement, it wouldn't just be so that when you have it, you can't get it anymore. It would be nice if it was like the Java way, that when you do something that would give you an achievement, it would show up in the chat, like 'Xisuma got an achievement. [How Did We Get Here?]', and a small achievement notification, where you could also see all of achievements you have on the world when tapped on. Also, in the game menu when tapped on, (the pause menu) instead of having to go all the way to quit the world and to the skin menu, you could just click a button, maybe above Feedback, and it would take you there. TL:DR - Mojang needs to add lots of Java features to Bedrock, like Spectator mode, snapshots, achievement stuff, and possibly other Java exclusive features. I understand that Bedrock and Java were not coded with the same coding language, but it is frustrating whenever Java has a lot of unique things, but when you look for stuff on Bedrock, it simply just isn't there, and when you want to buy Minecraft for Java, just for the features, you can't. They also need to make it simpler to join servers, instead of having to enter in the link AND a port ID of a server.

  • The drip stones don’t grow because it’s a rock

    • @Petnpat and also me saying wet sock means NO ONE WANTS YOU

    • @Petnpat let me put this your language rock no grow food yes rock no get it?

    • how would describe stalactites or stalagmites growing? i wasn't aware that the term "grow" was exclusive to living beings.

  • They should add a snow that has the same physics as liquids but doesn’t flow endlessly but disperses - allowing for potential avalanche physics

  • Fucking hell, Minecraft gets fucking moderated, this is just beyond bullshit.

    • @Petnpat maybe i am.

    • @jobelplayed minecraft no sir, i aint that sensitive. you are the one cursing constantly and talking about swasticas as if you are personally offended.

    • @Petnpat so i ruined someone's perspective on a game in a single pissy comment?

    • @jobelplayed minecraft Please go have fun in your game, and let others have their fun.

    • @Petnpat then whats the problem? i dont see any point in telling me all of this this whole talk was pointless

  • You can make Hogwarts like area with the candles

  • wait so how do you get the snap shot?

    • @Petnpat Thanks!

    • on the mc launcher click the tab on the bottom left that says the game version and select newest snapshot.

  • I thought he said blobs not blocks lol

  • What happen to teliscop I hated the design

  • I really looked at the thumbnail and thought the candle was a long golden apple💀💀

  • No christmas tree with candles 😥. Oh wait he said its finicy. I hope mojang doesnt change candles again

  • I thought you knew how red stone worked? It’s update one up and one down because you have it set up poorly...

  • i hate hypixel

  • On the thumbnail I thought the candle was a long, stretched out golden apple XD

  • Why did they make the new compass so thick?

  • i thought the candle was a squashed golden apple

  • The candle in the Thumbnail looks like an Golden appld Ingot

  • Haha i thought the candle is a cursed golden apple

  • Falling dripstone = wither boss farms

  • It has to be a lava source


  • 3:21 leather armor finally isn't useless anymore!

  • I love minecraft

  • They should make it so blocks can be waterlogged with lava.

  • I think you should be able to choose the item you want to get out of a bundle, make them dyable and also a feature where all the picked up items straight up go to your bundle

  • Universal bans are a horrible idea.

  • I saw the thumbnail and i was like : WHAT GOLDEN TAMPON?

  • Patrolling Minecraft makes you wish for a refund

  • I'm concerned with the bundles on console. It's the most useful thing in the update but I think it's gonna be too hard to use for it to be used that often. You can't right-click on console.

  • I wish the compass texture was in between the old and the new one. I think the new one obscures the compass a bit too much.

  • I find your accent adorable :)


  • If you hold the bundle in your off hand, it should put the items in there

  • Nice!

  • I really hope we get a new "Freeze damage" enchantment now!

  • I may be the only one who thinks this, just because I haven't heard anyone else mention it, but I think they should add the freezing damage to water in frozen biomes. I really like how it adds a little more realism to the differences in the biomes, you shouldn't really be able to run through a snowy tundra with no sort of insulation or anything to keep you warm. I would really like if this lead to other temperature specific things, like maybe a potion to keep you from over heating in the desert and the nether, or again freezing damage in cold water. It would make the game more difficult though so I understand if they didn't do this but I think it would be cool.

  • Real stalagtites and stalagmites: takes few thousands years ti grow Minecraft: few minutes, take it or leave it

  • 4:12 upsite down T

  • The impact on water elevator drops in mob spawners is pretty big considering the despawn or inactive mode mobs enter when out of range. Nice to make farms a little faster to setup maybe.

  • I just figured out you can put out candles by using right click

  • he said 1.7 20w48a, why didn't you fix that, now everyone things our an go youtuber

  • I don't think they should add a banning system, it might cause a lot of people to loose interest in the game if their being banned for even simple things and they might be kids 😛


  • Minecraft for ps4 Gets the update in late summer 2021

  • lol when ur in spectator i saw the crystal cave thign

  • would love it if they made vision in lava more clearer with fire resistance

  • Hello when they add a (Chminey) to furnace and smoker..?

  • When is the snapshot and update coming to iOS?

    • snapshots are only for java, but the update should come out summer 2021

  • **cries** why did i quit minecraft

  • Aren't the images reversed at 5:26

  • advancement: that’s cold! get a bucket of powdered snow

  • I can’t wait for 50a

  • As of now the comments are at 3333 not including me.

  • Mobile minecraft is not playable.

  • "Very rare event" or it just isn't implemented yet?

  • You could make a trap in a snowy biome with powdered snow and drip stone

  • this trash skin as always

  • you can make a mob farm and when they drop down they fall onto the dripstone and die and the hoppers with collect the items or you can kill them urself if its for the xp

  • Can the shield protect you from falling stalactites?

  • I also don't like the budding amethyst texture and I agree with you for everything else

  • Did anyone else think that the yellow candle in the thumbnail was a long golden apple

  • StalaGmites G=Ground StalaCtites C=Ceiling.

  • Spyglass: **EXISTS** Optifine: USELESS!

  • Do you get the joke HA 6:35 poking, lol dripstone, pointy

  • f3 and hAcH

  • The candle looks like a long golden apple

  • Still not sure about the dripstone. It looks terrible and doesn't feel minecrafty yet.

  • Minecraft is getting less blocky by the minute

  • 6:41 got scammed by nvidia Imao

  • 4:12 *HEHE PP*

  • *moYANG*


  • respect the dripstone karen

  • Texture changes part has the snapshots switched haha

  • the frame of the spyglass goes if you press f1!

  • if your playing the game does that mean that the new updates released?

  • I gotta say it looks like they downgraded the compass and clock textures...

  • Wait they already added these or-?

  • Holy shit i just figured out how they name snapshots

  • what was that stuff that the bottom right an how do you activate it

  • Im on my nintendo switch rn

  • minecraft doesnt even look like minecraft anymore. Its just a mod made by Microsoft.

  • As long as the Universal Bans don't come to Java edition, no one will care lmao

  • I have use dripstone for my mob farm, and its 100% better then use old mob farm, because if mob die at dripstone it will give us some xp and that's the way to make afk mob and xp farm, without some mending sword.

  • I see duping potential for bundles.

    • What about duping candles? I've discovered that bug by accident

  • This update features SO MANY NEW TRAPSS

  • You should be able to make an infinite lava source like water, but only in the nether

  • When ender men hit it do they teleport awway?

  • i think that the leather armor should change s othat the amount of armor you have on will change how fast you will start to freeze. I also want a botw type temprature system.

  • You can't xray lava? *Mumbo doesn't like that*

  • dripstone spikes should grow on dripstone, and then should really fall when it gets to (x) amount (but only when grown on dripstone) a) to create danger in caves and b) to allow farming

  • Am I the only one that sees the candles as long streched out golden apples lol

  • The clock and the compass are gross now

    • It looks fine, but I feel like clock has too much going on.

  • They should make dispensers empty out items from bundles like when the player right licks! THEN that would bee amazing!

  • Thanks you for the updates! ✨♥️