Minecraft, But Your XP = Your Enchants...

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
Minecraft, But Your XP = Your Enchants...
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In todays Minecraft Challenge... Every level of XP we get, gives every item in our inventory a random enchant. Not only that, the level of XP we have is also the level of all our enchants in our inventory. Meaning if our XP level is 9,000, then all our enchants will be at level 9,000! Can we enchant our way to victory? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!
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  • we managed to make a feather the strongest item in the game LMAO

    • how to insrall it?

    • Hi

    • Hi

    • Hi

    • I’m commenting to be the 500 comment

  • Bionic: let me just tickle u/ zombie: uhhhhh oh no ahhhhhh


  • Omg

  • It’s funny when he said I have a one shot stake

  • I am a big fan!

  • What happens when the enchantment table is enchanted?

  • The dirt in his inventory: yay I speical

  • Repsawn the dragon you never destroyed the crystals

  • why does the chess plate has sharpness

  • I love how he said 69

  • Wow 2505 XP lol

  • This is fun

  • Boinic that portal ting is if u get a inder portal and go to it

  • Bionic: omg my coal has sharpness five! Squid: Suicides

  • subs to make boinic bald

  • Wow you are my favorite HRdownr

  • This video was recomend by GamersReact

  • the thorns kill was the most hecking anticlimactic ending i could possibly imagine

  • BRUH bionic u miss a chest in the jungle temple

  • You could just use the god coal to get it and smelt it

  • The coal is like IM THE GOD COAL

  • P

  • Lol

  • U misses some mine shafts back there

  • He falls in lava the video cuts 😟 why would he need to cut it

  • Don’t use a sword use an axe for fighting

  • I have a really confuzing parkour course in my server you can do it then invite quiff and all you're friends then they will be confuzed but do course off camera then tell the viewers that i dont know how to send it cause me do be vibing tho actualy im 8 years old you can try to hack into it

  • Who else got so TRIGGERED when bionic missed the treausure chest inside the jungle temple

  • What is the mod??????????

  • 1:22 LOL he said “there’s not much of a need but imma craft a axe. It cuts and you can see on the hot bar the axe was used but the pickaxe and the shovel wasn’t

  • Plzzz upgrade ur wedcam

  • If I Had that and got those diamondz I would: Make Diamond Pick And Armor once I get enough and Kill mobs get coal and level up to get rlly good

  • Fun Fact: In Mesa biomes abandoned mine shafts spawn alot more

  • Gold is really really common there so you can smoke it and get a lot of XP if you didn't know that you probably didn't cuz you just said that was bad because you can get golden apples you can make another ride and when you smelt it you get it XP and there's a lot of it

  • **yes**

  • *yes*

  • Bionic: are you ready to die ender dragon *whips out feather* ender dragon: ???? Bionic: kills ender dragon with a feather

  • Your so big brain

  • skeleton how does the coal taste?pls comment skeleton

  • what is the mod

  • Wut 8:20

  • Place the enchanted cobble you did not almost you die yes

  • Goku power level is actually over 5000

  • Notice the cut at 6:48? Hmmmm.

  • Dude CHECK UR SHIED. GOES Ballistic jkncfhcjzsdyx dfz

  • “And if I just smack him with my meat! Baa!” -Bionic

  • 8:20 see any hearts

  • Bionic you have to give your character and your picture hair again just a reminder

  • me: STOP someone: why me: IN THE NAME OF THE FEATHER

  • I like how we missed the actual loot

  • BRUH you cant be more then 2349 xp I dont know somthing like 2000 NOTHING CANT BE 10000000

  • How to understand that someone is noob in Minecraft it says Mesa biome socks for XP DUDE MESA IS FULL IN SPIDER SPAWN'S AND GOLD

  • Imagine him with all this all this power he can fight technoblade

  • Who else misses Baldonic

  • 13:52 Bionic Im afraid you have some explaining to do...

  • It mod dionlod

  • Boi.on.nic

  • i love that the intro music is from mario galaxy 2

  • Hypixel Skyblock be like 4:17

  • This biom is the best the most mobs Spawn there sooooo

  • it all started with me being annoyed by you, now it's an addiction

  • There’s a code on jungle thing

  • He had frost walker on a chest plate hmmmmm seems good

  • There was speedrun music

  • The badlands which you spawned in is kinda rare

  • watch 6:48 to 6:51 in slow version very interesting

  • Bionic:. I'm going to beat you with my meat game: switches meat to pickaxe. Bionic:noooooo

  • 0:00 you are in Africa,Egypt ( Africa not counts. )

  • 13:53 bonc are you trying to get a case? That enderman was 10 FBI OPEN UP Edit: i realize that bonc wanna beat the ender dragon with his meat Ender dragon is 12 FBI OPEN UP

  • 13:53 ayo that's kinda soos

  • hrdown.info/block/video/r56astCclNx9qcU

  • is there a mod download? or is it not allowed?

  • Make a grindstone and get infinite exp

  • Omg i was so shocked when he said he never spawned in a mesa biom then i forgot i am rewatching this phew

  • Æ

  • infinity xp from grindstone

  • What happen if you got a enchantment on you're food

  • what is I Iike your cut g

  • 4200 comments pog

  • Hidden plot twist the enderdragon went to end city Dark ending: you got trapped in the end no way out no way in you are stuck in an endless timeline attempting to escape knowing you can't

  • If your diamond is 24 you can just do full set armour

  • He should of used his coal for fighting instead of his pickaxe because coal has no durability

  • Gold and mine shafts have a higher chance to spawn in Mesa biome

  • Sir. You are under arrest because you have too much enchantments.

  • The happy sidecar concurringly bubble because comparison preoperatively frighten next a racial apology. maniacal, dynamic pelican

  • Clapped the dragons cheeks

  • That pickaxe is same with techoblades tooth pick i think

  • lol

  • that sounded sus 1:35

  • So much power

  • Bonc wont reply to this

  • The link for the XP pls

  • When 1000000 xp = bionic's computer crash

  • Bionic-Crafting Bottle o enchanting Me-wait thats illegal

  • 999k

  • WHO else heard the dream speedrun music In the background

  • Nobody gonna talk about the 9 damage stone axe

  • 8:16 that’s why yo mama ded..

  • Did I you seriously just try to make eyes of ender with blaze rods an peral