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niceee vayne good job vayne
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  • 0:39 this is why you use target champion only

  • Larisa=tsundere

  • Anyone know the song at 4:45 ?

  • Hahaha, he said, "Easiest game of my life." So funny. Not toxic. Hardstuck D4.

  • River morgana

  • why are you copieng videogamedunkey so much so often

  • Brian, not sure if you're still about on the same level as Vayne, but I can tell you that at least one of your issues is rolling as soon as you ult. You ult a bit early as well, sometimes, but rolling instantly is a dead giveaway of a less experienced Vayne. When you ult, you get faster, so unless you immediately need to ult specifically to get invisible, your smartest play is to jockey around the enemy, take shots like before but with your increased speed and damage, and roll as usual--when you want the damage proc, need to reposition, or best of all, to dodge. If you roll instantly, the enemy can afford to be aggressive, and they usually are, but if you can still roll at any time they have to balance their gameplay and risk overcommitting to you or waiting out your roll while you kill them.


  • I would like to play Summoners war again but I got banned by using autofarm and now they release autofarm myu account still banned so ... Let's get high elo on League of Legends.

  • 5:32 anyone knows that music?

  • "He's inside me." -Pianta, 2020

  • the only thing i learned from this video is that katarina players have no idea how to deal with vayne

  • 2:35 melee's fox be like:

  • *breathes in* *sighs* Brian.........

  • Bonk

  • 4:06 me when i visit my uncles house

  • Lmao after his duo said I can’t support you anymore we only got clips of top lane vayne

  • Pianta always makes a day better💜


  • League of Crowd Control

  • Is the background music free what is the song

  • 4:08 perfectly cut fuuuuu

  • not gonna lie 9:17 flash was sick

  • He never uses his E it triggers me so muchh

  • Btw summoners war is sick as fuck, played it for 6 years now

  • Me: gargoyle Piñata:gegoli


  • 2:35 didnt know u were chinese.. thats it im unsubscribing

  • I've been playing summoners war for like 5 years, would recommend 😁🤔🙃😯😏👌

  • bro thats me :D

  • did any1 else see the vayne jg?

  • The plays don’t make me mad, the fact that you didn’t max W first a single damn time pisses me off

  • Me: gets inspired to learn vayne Also me: 0:39

  • 1:30 they're gonna cum together

  • what was that sponge bob song

  • 0:10 YOU CAN SEE miss fortune in the middle haha

  • That is more like a vayne triple kill montage

  • song at 2:48?

  • anyone knows what the last sound track is? Ty

  • 2:00 doesnt use q such dogshit e girls

  • hahahahahh ur worser than me at vayn hahahahahhahaha

  • This cool to watch... But i'm triggered LOL

  • River Shen

  • I swear pinta is faker he just feeds every game just to make a comeback at the end

  • G

  • for those who need the wiggling soundtrack to continue pretending to be happy, it's: Twelfth Street Rag.

  • I love that The Battle of Concepts

  • Whats the name of the background music at 0:32?

  • If you'd titled it "inting on vayne for fun", I wouldn't have seen the difference x)

  • I hate that when I watch this video all I can think is “That champ is so disgusting, why is she still in the game?” Rather than enjoying the video.

  • 3:56 when the rapist start hunting u

  • PLEASE TELL me that someone noticed that jhin named doug judy

  • jojo music I LOVE IT

  • 9:47 I cried lmfao

  • This is my wanting to play vayne in a rank game and loosing to a lulu top. Xd

  • A bit late for april fools lmao

  • Vayne is broken and the fact that Brian got a kill which is very rare proves my point

  • Holy shit didnt you know you were one of the players that sponsered by Summoners war xD you should make videos about the game :)

  • to some extent this was painful to watch, but entertaining none the less xd

  • @D81c Driving HERE FORZA STREET

  • how can someone int with that champion so much wtf its so easy

  • i would just int if u were my adc

  • Pianta stop running away from ur fears and play tenmo

  • Like for the jojo song

  • The last one is sad

  • 0:47 that song are From hero academia

  • Name of the last song???

  • poor larissa

  • Larissa is dealing with the epitome how supports deal with their ADCs right here. Much love, keep up the awesome content, you two!

  • just make it a Vaynespotting montage with score tracker and everything! Also, you featured Larissa, so there's that. xD

  • he's maxing Q... gross.

  • You are worst

  • sending this to my adc who believes she can't play vayne

  • Cringe plays never play this champion again

  • maxing q

  • 0:32 ad skip.

  • I wonder if having an egirl makes you cooler

  • More like a meme vayne playa

  • #9:00 ah i see your a man of styling as well

  • Vi esto y dije, me estás retando?

  • How can it take you so long to make a video its trash no edits no story its just screaming

  • Meanwhile, Imogen has left the chat

  • Dude I just noticed pianta mumbles so much and slurs his words wtf

  • he do be watching tik toks tho

  • Hey Brian, my professor made me think I just flunked out of my major(even tho I wasn’t even close to failing had a c+). Degraded me calling me a retard that should have had an A (for amount of effort I put in) in one of the hardest classes in my college. I was really down, super fucked up, getting ready to take another exam in just a few hours but couldn’t focus. Which is how I found your channel, and I’ve gotta say. I feel better already. I’m gonna go hit the books for my blaw exam, but I appreciate you homie, really helped me calm down and stop breaking down!

    • @Andrew congratulation 🎂

    • LightSeviper for b law? I end with an A

    • So.... how did you do?


  • HI KIDS! Do u like scary movies?

  • is it just me or is this the haikyuu soundtrack 4:09

  • You should've asked yoona boona to coach you like when you coached him

  • Holy HELL anime music is SO over used, also, BNHA isn't even very good.

  • 7:49 that's actually her fault for ulting directly on you and not on janna you did great

  • You sound Taiwanese lmao

  • Dark mane wanna be

  • fck yu pianta this vid is the worst play irelia

  • Q max first makes my soul bleed

  • Haikyuu music is 👌

  • Discord pls

  • Is He Enardo? Cuz He Sounds Like Him And They Also Have The Same Content

  • Oh yeah, paparapapa paparapapa baby Baby JAJAJAJAJA

  • Dude, is your Qlub still up?