Most searched Boris facts

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Lis 2018.
Most searched Boris facts
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I try Googling myself to find out what people search for the most. I check different results from different countries. And also I have a face cam with green screen so you can really see my reactions.
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  • there is quite a lot of other proof of boris living in estonia but in this video, on the socialblade he opened you can see it says "EE" (country code of Estonia) under "country" soooo ;D

  • Apartje overdosed?

  • 6:05 hi laugh tho😳

  • who elsed laughed with him at 6:17?

  • Them he is Russian me: he has a Facebook them: VPN me: o-o anyways ur good :D like content

  • 9:03 Lmao That Was Denis's Bendy And The Ink Machine Video Because In Bendy In The Ink Machine There's A Character Called "Boris" Lol

  • Conspiracy theory: His real name is Boris, he's just trying to confuse us. And he's American but plays the Russian stereotype because that's golden comedy in the US. And why was this recommended to me now? So many questions, but so few answers

  • 8:16 pause there. The nationality selected already is russian. Exposed or a red herring?

  • are you slovakian?

  • The Accent at 12:07 sounds like a big souns as if a german tried to speak English with a russian accent

  • Who committed the murder "that guy with the face"

  • btw i love your vids i wish i was in russia

  • im in romania salut bai

  • Boris we seriously wanna see your face!

  • Oyu was form ukraine

  • Big mistake Boris... Oyu are was ukrainainan

  • Boris is from nowhere in the world cyka, he comes from the stars for he is a god

  • Is he russian

  • Dudes... Isn't it the most obvious thing that Boris is Russian? OF COURSE HE IS!

  • Im Australian but I really like the RUSSIAN! SLAV! CULTURE!

  • Boris is Boris

  • 2:03 I'm sorry Boris but rule 34 also applies in Russia and all slavic countries.

  • he should do the same just with nsfw content

  • Ты так смеёшься мило, я не могу)

  • When he changed the country of origin it was on Russia

  • 4:53 He’s not a Slav 😳😳😳😨😱

  • Boris, you have the same birthday as me

  • "is not as funny as the previous one" also boris: *_w h e e z e_* boris laughing gives me so much internal joy

  • I just love how he constantly sounds surprised about everything.

  • 1:58 ummm?

  • 8:45 School in a nutshell:

  • We all know he is from India

  • 6:03 ✨😂😂😂

  • 1:59 Any Russians know what the closest thing to Alabama you have is?

  • Borris knew about Covid 19 long before it happened

  • I feel blyated

  • BlYaT this is good

  • Im pretty sure he is Slovakian, he said it in one of his videos.

  • He comes from slovakia bylat

  • Boris should react to the one vid I think it's called boris and anatoli car party

  • Mom: just go to the f***ing store with me Me: 4:39

  • 1:58 lol

  • 5:32 *Boris actually laugh at his grave*

  • Hello Boris, when you reach 5mil you should do a face reveal

  • 2:00 just...why?

  • 1:59 Aghhhhh shit blyat🤢🤮🤣

  • 8:15 confirmed to live in Russia

  • Boris : search boris fact Fanart : boris ♡ vadim Boris : BLYYYYYYYATTTTTTTTTTT

  • "He is Indian" Ah! I knew it!

  • "Slav"akia hehehehe

  • Xrbyxégb

  • Boris, much love from Roumania! I find it good that people are trying to copy you. all should be like you! Smart, respected, funny, you love animals.

  • He also played the russian anthem in a video once.

  • you should try to drink some raki im Albanian and i have tried votka

  • so you are not from slovakia kuurva

  • Indian SLAV hahahahahahahah

  • I’m a Slav at my school ngl.

  • he's wearing a mask and glasses and i still could see the disappointment on his face

  • Im born 5th May! With love, your taurus Gopnik friend

  • 2:45 look at the ad in right ;-; Borrisssss

  • who is apartje?

  • Love you boris

  • You are swagersoul western spy

  • Hes from european country beacouse hes car number is blue with white

  • 2:00 anbody who makes things like this shoud go to gulag

  • I made your compot and it was delicious. a tad bit sweet for me but still pretty good.

  • He is from the crime region of Moscow

  • where are you from?

  • Bobo how did you know killed me to

  • 1:59 is that why many people saying 'boris why you gay?'

  • boris i am true slave like u "love" oof

    • @Cakez yes

    • Slave?Do you mean "slav"?

  • 5:48 gets me every time idk why

  • Boris smart slav, cutting onions in incognito.

  • This comment is done! :)

  • 4:37 Did his accent just slip when he said "courage"

  • Boris is a Slavic name

  • Boris is this True? How to dance hardbass listen to hardbass and let the music take the wheel

  • Eastren Europe

  • 1:59 I dd not now that

  • 1:51

  • Au staviste uzicko kolo u video eee pa ti si srbin

  • Life of Vladimir is from your neighbor

  • OH BLYAT, I just realised boris and i have the same birthday!!!


  • I am watching this at 3 am

  • that mayonez is not russian @10:45. was Boris a western spy with hellman mayonez???? HEINZ mayonez @12:18 OMG!! they try hard blin

  • Did that say الله اكبر ! 6:20

  • 1:59 Boris I’m sorry you had to see that-

  • Me:an albanian and watches his videos Sorry my country does not like your country

  • I will always stand by you Boris comerad

  • He is lithuanian bc he uses Lithuania flour in video making chebureks,and commenting on lithuanian video who dont have subtitles

  • if boris johnson is second most popular boris in the world then there isonly one popular boris

  • hey boris come to Brazil in your next trip

  • I think my research has been done ur from Poland 😂😂😂😂 im not really sure but by my research from the tatratea video u seem like u live somewhere between poland and slovakia but since ur not from Slovakia its Poland idk who knows

  • My slav friend tell me name of this font

  • I like how one of the fakes was actually his channel

  • I slav sqaut while taking a large 💩💩💩😌

  • 1:23 The ORF is the Österreich Fernsehen, which is the Austrian television translated.

  • He's from Lithuania. Saw in the developers of the game

  • Schodingers Blyat, he is everybody and nobody