My Minecraft Server is INSANE

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Sij 2021.
This was NUTS! Thanks to IanBealio & all those who submitted builds!
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Tour guide!
Resource Pack: My own Textures + DokuCraft sky (read instructions below)
Make sure to have Optifine installed or the sky won't work. Download a DokuCraft pack from their official website
Open the zip folder and delete everything except the "sky" folder inside of the "optifine" folder
Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!

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  • Just a heads up guys this was a “twitch subs” server and as of this comment being posted there isn’t a season 2 server yet :) Hope you all enjoy the video and the amazing builds from the community!

    • @Coca_0 yeah but he should not favor one over another

    • @Debra Reed it's because Techno is his bestfriend while they are just his friends

    • That moment when u can’t sub: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • @ItzSparkingly how did you edit and not write it right lol

    • You wach bleach

  • The more I watch Ph1LzA, the more I want to watch Ph1LzA.

  • Imagine 2b2t players joining this server....

  • He is married and like porridge is all I know.

  • you need to make new one again

  • 17:09 and hermitcraft

  • That little house I made exact same from a tutorial.


  • 25:30 Ph1lza gets dunked on


  • Phil fans you’re amazing omg

  • of course its build by hand how other way is it gonna be built also its in creative not survival

  • Whats jalls fauvarate buil

  • one thing that frustrates me about the Doom Clock is that the clock hands are not centered.

  • 2:11 Stacks of armour... Wait, that's illegal!

  • I look at chat in the first 5 seconds and all I see is “Hello....Father.” Who tf decided they were gonna be formal on a TWITCH STREAM. XD

  • is this server public

  • You need to delete the stupid flags in the nether

  • I just came from watching videos on 2b2t...... i forgot that some people just want to make things look nice

  • my russian cousin is famous they appeared in this vid

  • The world isn't downloadable right

  • is this what inspires you old man philza like floating islands , underground islands ?

  • Philza💃minecraft😳is👨‍🦲so🤸🏻brave😍he's 😃the😎bravest😏man🥺I👁️ever😂met😩

  • how much does it cost to keep this server running???

  • When. Mr. Phill created his YT account,I was only 2 months old LMFAO Edit: I was 3 months and 14 days old

  • Bummed this is gone. Crazy amount of work and creativity to just sit on a shelf and turn to dust. Can’t imagine the things you missed.

  • 1.69m subs nice

  • i got banned here for x-ray, i was really dumb back then

  • ian sounds like bateson87

  • I like how most yters would be amazed at the zoos but phillza Minecraft was just "that's cool", that's the result of a 5 year hardcore world

  • 21:27 Is tommys old outro btw


  • looks like you guys mined a lot for netherite!

  • The glitched arrow is also in hermitcraft

  • what are the shaders at 30:40?

    • @Name123 thank you

    • Bsl shader

  • 500 GIGABYTE WORLD FILE EXCUSE ME WTF? yeah, just... wtf........ seriously.

  • Remember the zombie on ur 5 years of hardcore survival

  • The mooshroom in the end shilling for technoblade

  • 32:44 Fog more like POG

  • Philza did you Know Rianiayan He is youtuber minecraft from Indonesian and he is your Bigs Fans And i hope you can subscribe him

  • How did this die

  • You monster how could you kill such a beautiful server, people spent countless hours on this


  • 13:40 Philza did say that Friend has infinite amount of lives in canon Dream SMP, but who would have known that Friend was actually capable of traveling in between time and space?

  • Philza: is this nah or yes? Chat: NAH Also chat: JAPAN WOULD BE NICE

  • how can i join the server?

    • You need to be subbed on Twitch to phil to be able to join so you sub to phil then connect ur discord to ur twitch via the discord connections thing and then you will be able to join the privare discord then u can see the server ip and join

  • i liked for museum of stolen shit

  • a LOT of withers must have died to create this server...

  • honestly the goat of minecraft

  • Was this server creativrv or Survival? I'm sorry I just don't know /:

    • Its survival and they flattened the land near spawn im pretty sure

  • 30:38 i need that shaders rn does anyone know it?

  • It makes me feel so safe to know that Phil supports LGBT people. I love it sm

  • best part was the mushroom cow called "subscribe to technoblade" lol

  • Australians play fortnite and Britain’s play Minecraft

  • is it java only ?

    • yes, but the server is gone now

  • world size almost the same as cod

  • Its canadian flag its canada

  • phill our sub and server sovuets

  • 21:41 when mum finds the poop sock meme

  • The impact of the builds made me want to learn how to build and keep a server for longer than 2 months

  • i saw someone say in the chat: "KILL FRIEND"

  • madcow0219 you've been noticed by Ph1lza because you thought it was Japan 👍👍

  • whats the ip

    • The server is cpmming back but u need to be subbed to phil to join

    • server is gone now

  • 8:49 i live for those LGBT flags.

  • YESS PRIDE FLAGS I'm lesbian all lesbians stand up

  • okay so you have the pretty and all nice servers of phils and everyone is happy doing there own thing and having their own type of creative and hard thought build but then you have (2b2t) the worlds oldest anarchy server and there is just so much going on in that server that is so bad lol

  • I had to take a double take because of the bath tuba

  • 24:35

  • 25:30 and 41:10 made me laugh so hard😂

  • HRdownr of best ever minecraft



  • Can we have a download for the world

  • I thought the islands of possibilities would be called Razor’s edge


    • if you can’t handle his swearing, his videos just aren’t for you. he isn’t going to stop.

  • The Dadza community are very talented builders

  • 22 7

  • Hey Philza I dare you Who is your childrens :p

  • 11:05. the xbox 360 memorys

  • What is the ip

    • U need to be subbed to phil to join and the server is comming back

    • server is gone now

  • I can't believe Philza did this all himself with no help whatsoever, congrats!!

  • 1:28 I don’t think fundy will appreciate being held captive phil

  • D O M E

  • I like ph1lza Minecraft raising

  • Ian and Philza look like brothers in minecraft so that’s Wilbur and technoblades uncle

  • After I saw you went 30 million blocks out I teleported 66,666,666 blocks out in my world.. No. Just no.

  • Epic as always

  • Imagine going to the border, couldn't be me

  • I know how hard it is to edit a video, I’m over here fronting minimal effort. But you need to post more please Phil 🙌 your hardcore series is so good and informative even after my 11 years of playing this game I still learn shit from your vids!

  • Philza is the dad of all dads

  • it looks so cool (≧◡≦)

  • Lmanberg has gonna new president no matter what no matter we take lmanberg 2 is coming no wars peace normal smp and new building lmanberg 2 now coming if you add me in your smp 😢😢

  • Im a canadian

  • Realizing that this server is gone now, made me take 10d12 sad damage :'(

  • this world is absolutely sick, how can i join?

    • the server is gone now. if you want to join season 2 when it opens, you will need to sub to him on twitch and link it to your discord account.

  • Im surprised his computer can hold 995 GB just for A minecraft server

  • 50:32 Basically what happens when you are using bluetooth headphones and turn on the microwave

  • Phil : "you know what flag this is." That one dude : "ENGLAND"

  • i really wish i was a sub because i would've been on the server so often, and it looks sick

  • I want to see him play minecrfat vr hardcore mode