My New Favorite Hobby

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
it's not just a hobby it's a lifestyle!!!!
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  • Why did you have to show this to me cody

  • 100% seriously, I used to do this.

  • Cody killed me with laughter when he was talking about the kid he was going to bet on who fell a few seconds into the start of the race 😅

  • Cody killed me with laughter when he was talking about the kid he was going to bet on who fell a few seconds into the start of the race 😅

  • 😂🤣🤣Horse girl much

  • sometimes bullying is 100% necessary

  • "no you WHOULD NOT"

  • that's my local news channel lmaoooo go off ketk

  • Why does all the weird thing always happen in Denmark😭

  • wtf (welcome to Finland) Cody

  • Scandinavians must be so sucking bored

  • This reminds me of Bob’s Burgers

  • This is probably one of the funniest videos that Cody has created

  • The segment at the 5 minute mark felt very hitler youth

  • Next step: horse play

  • really pissed me off that he didn´t relate this video to the pony play video he did with noel lol

  • hope Cody knows he'll burn in hell for this video 😔

  • is it just me or is this just pony play in a different font

  • not finland bro.... we do not claim them

  • Imagine being on tv but the reporter is laughing the whole time

  • just white people being white

  • Cody's chinese zodiac is the year of the horse. twins. horsse twins?...?

  • Cody please I need to know if your hobby horse has a name

  • I love the news people 😂😂😂 And the way this one girl falls 😂

  • You know how y'all said you'd pay money to have Cody laugh at you? I think hobby horse was made as a gift for Cody.

  • I just went horseback riding for the first time yesterday! I was terrified and the horse kicked the person leading me haha and the horse bit my purse 😂 yay we did it Cody

  • It's all fun and games, until the mafia cuts your hobby horse's head off, and puts it in your bed while you're sleeping

  • Alternative video title: Pony Play Kidzbop Edition

  • Did anyone notice how short this dude is

  • How much acid did I take this morning? The fuck!!

  • i can’t even hate because they’re having more fun and doing more exercise than i ever will

  • These kids have a bright future in being cringed at with pony play!

  • did this man just edit a fortnite sound into a clip of a kid falling

    • if so well done

  • Cody rocking that Hawaiian tee 😎

  • Alright I was a fan of the long hair but 9:01 killed me, I think it's time to chop off that mane

  • this is the kind of sport moist critikal would be into tbh lol

  • “It’s called Hobby Horse. I’m serious.”

  • thank u cody for unlocking a forgotten phase i had..i used to have one of those toys

  • instead of tiger facts , he should start doing horse facts lol


  • I mean I couldnt fucking jump that high 🤠

  • i see matthew mccoughnagheys recent book inspired the phenomenal commercial narration

  • No ❤️

  • This man got Quentin Tarantino to direct his hobby horse sponsor me edit but somehow has three overlapping rugs in his living room.

  • New drinking game: take a shot every time Cody says canter

  • 10s of people :))

  • Pony play v2

  • Canter is the new frictionless

  • The javel fucking killed me

  • Smh people in the comments being like "sOme oF tHosE peOpLe HaVe sEriOuS tRaCk PotEntiAl" Like hello??? They don't need track potential they are already serious hobby horse athletes you ignorant close minded cheese block. They HAVE their sport

  • This is what parents put their kid into instead of playing for horse lessons

  • Those girls can jump HIGH

  • call him bojack because cody's a horseman now

  • If cody does see this, I'd suggest going to a riding facility instead of renting a horse from people. That riding instructor was hurting those horses, and clearly had 0 experience with them.

  • "extreme canter" you mean gallop?

  • Back in the day, I was a horse-crazy 12 year old and even *I* thought the whole hobby horse thing was over the top!

  • this was very eye opening to me. thank you cody.

  • this would've made for a great that's cringe

  • I straight up somehow Knew this came from Sweden and was legit thinking this is no doubt taken seriously in sweden. Fast forward a min and cody mentions sweden holding competitions for this

  • Is this... white culture???

  • I actually wanna know what that song is

  • Dude that’s a trot

  • ”competition in Sweden” *shows video from finland* Keep Sweden out of this.

  • I never knew this was a thing and I love it

  • Cody babe I’m worried

  • Not kidding FOR 6 MINS I didn't understand what this video was about. I thought it was supposed to rhyme at some point idk I just don't know what hobby horse means

  • Honestly I like this better than actual horse riding

  • The news segment sounds more like a discord call than an actual news segment lmfaooo

  • Listen, Cody is out here living his hobby horse dream, I fucking respect that. Please treat your horse well Cody

  • wtf did I just watch

  • he made a valid point with harry potter thing lmao

  • Cody learned the word canter and ran with it

  • Love how Americans have the audacity to make fun of Denmark, When ‘horseplay’ is a thing

  • 5:50 sad office music plays

  • When I clench my purse around yt pepo don’t act brand new

  • The fact that he didn't get Noel on this video and called it "Pony Play - Pt.2" is criminal

  • Cody’s unkempt mane finally has a use

  • tina belcher did it first

  • to be fair why should an actual horse be doing all the work? this is much better

  • I feel like the Prancercize lady has something to do with this....🤔

  • if he doesn't make hobby horsers of america society merch there will be riots

  • Proud to have Finland represented in this way. I wasn't aware the talent my country has.

    • As a danish person i am proud of my country😌

  • Teacher: so what carriers are you looking to do after high school? Them:’s a bit complicated

  • As a kid I actually had a hobby horse haha

  • Here to remind everyone that this is a Duke alumni

  • cody reminds me of my crazy uncle.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up to your outro music

  • I think I'm on the wrong planet

  • did i really just watch a 30 year old play with a "dead" horse

  • 8:45 *whould* not

  • Cody learned the word cantor and ran with it

  • Honestly, I haven’t laughed this hard in MONTHS.

  • Try a buffalo

  • How did you watch that video with a straight face

  • gonna have to pick up hobby horsing

  • These are just horse girls that can't afford a real horse

  • People have too much time on their hands

  • Honestly the best video Cody has done in a whileee🤣🤣🤣

  • Cody trying not to laugh while he’s listening to the laughing anchors made my week

  • 3:40 He's starting to SOUND like a horse now