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Nightblue3 Unranked to challenger mid series #9 ( stealing their lp )
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  • one thing i noticed nb3 farms lane minions as jungler better than as mid

  • 3:45 song pls

  • 2:41 song name pls :,(

  • What's the music at 8:58 ?

  • Favorite video so far. God edits, funny memes, nice game play. 10/10 👌

  • What is the Japanese music in the background?

  • Song at 2:05 called? please? :D

  • Lost it at the Elite grunt

  • sylas op

  • sylas mmm my first main

  • Hail of blades sylas?

  • When demon slayer song came....

  • Mby try ekko

  • 3:15 song?

  • singed next video XP

  • I actually can’t deal with fart noises lmfao

  • 3:07 someone clip that!

  • 2:08 Name's Song?

  • Whats the song at 2:10?

  • All started with "The yoinker" and now its Nerf sylas pls pepelaugh

  • Actually need the song at 3:34 editor if If you see that...

  • where can i find the song in your video that sounds like a stmpwfs remix

  • Ngl I forgot Singed existed

  • Imagine losing a top lane game when your name is shrek is mid. That's why he lost. He wasn't shrek is top

  • The dog saying "yeah" got me dude 💀 🤣

  • Cleanest singed in NA

  • Oh Man this editor is a master troll i love this vídeos NB3

  • wtf is this sick anime mix 2:10

  • Lol you don’t need to nerf sylas that ryze is obviously so bad if it would have been a good one he wouldn’t have died level 3

  • DEMON SLAYERRRRRR nighcore with intial D background XD

  • to be fair last hitting as sylas early game is a pain in the ass hahaha

  • First game: Enemy midlaner Second game: My top laner

  • League after the PBE patch: wait, it's all jungle? Nb3: Always has been.

  • Does anyone know the name of the track at 9:49?

  • channel ad at 9:45 kinda glitched in editing

  • Sir go back in jungle.

  • what song was used in 6:26?

  • NB3 found a new meta - start good, buy mejais as first item and then start inting like there's no tomorrow. thats some Esports strategy.

  • what's the outro music again?

  • What's the outro music again guys? thanks

  • music at 0:00 ?

  • Nightblue kill lead 0 deaths: I'm a god later that game: dies couple of times

  • 2:06 song?

  • Doesn't matter. Saw Singed.

  • His W is literally "call an ambulance but not for me"

  • When the demon slayer OP starts playing and Nightblue doesn't int: Something's wrong, I can feel it

  • No intro?

  • What's the song at 2.45?

  • 2:36 song name?

    • @Andrei Moga ty

    • Gurenge eurobeat remix ^^


  • Unsubscribed

  • Two epic songs in the Sylas game. .. OK where's the int Lock Singed ... That's my boi

  • Song at 2:30?

  • 2:12 What's the name of this song?

    • @Andrei Moga thank you

    • Hi its Gurenge Eurobeat remix. Took me a while to find it but i finally did and imma share it with yall

  • how?

  • nb3 had to much fun in the last game hahahah

  • Wasnt this video called sylas-the yoinker?

  • so a EUNE SERVER unranked to plat and u will never do it trust me polish people troll u on purpose u will see NA is easy ti grind on

  • Prompt the name of the music with 2:06 before 2:59

    • @Andrei Moga thx bro


  • what is the name of the song that started at the drake fight?

  • inting 9:42 xd

  • famous last word: 9:46

  • Bro, this is nearly bannable for trolling...

  • Me:If Nightblue can play Sylas then why can't I ? Also me : 0/13/5

  • 6:17 LMAO that Trick's voice kills me

  • NB3 buys mejai's 1st item on singed then asks how they lost🤣🤣🤣 Nice stacks bro🤣🤣🤣

  • I love u just for the eva opning joking best jungler ever and best montage éditeur

  • i need the music from 9:22

  • just wanted to say to editor anime openings in edit was lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • What songs are they using in this video? Been trying to find those anime or jpop ones

  • What’s the song at 3:40???

  • yo nightblue, try going q max first I swear it will make your sylas games more fun by one shotting people with orb.

  • Can you link the songs you use in videos?

  • The second game was a meme HAHAHAHA

  • Sound name in 3:20 plz

  • Aspect of the Game Game 1; Carrying Game 2; Trolling

  • Unpopular opinion, but 4:00 - 4:13 was just a masterpiece

  • why the fk he have makeup ...

  • Whats the song at 2:49?

  • I always said that this champion is not ok, and this video makes me so mad because i can see i'm not wrong at all. Like, c'mon dude, half health against full heal and still wins? Yeah, that's not bullshit at all

  • 3:30 this killed me 🤣

  • NB3:buys mejias first item Also NB3: hOw DiD wE lOoSe????

  • Damn that is how you play singed tho, just running around and laughing as the whole team tries to kill you over and over. Peak performance lmao

  • 4:28 song?

  • Im a sylas main and people constantly dont understand how good he is an underestimate his power

  • NEEERF !!! lol

  • NA

  • Nightblue was definitely high during that singed game

  • Can we see some full AP Kog Maw midlane plz? So op atm, it will get you to challenger in no time ;)

  • Please end video song name. Someone please

  • 0:24 upload the 0/17 game please

  • YO BOYS, STOP IT. In 10 days he hits challenger, if he doesnt come back and read this comment again..

  • nb3: how much anmie music did you put in my vids? editor : YES

  • What's the name of the song at 2:05?

    • @Andrei Moga Ohh, thanks man ❤️

    • Gurenge eurobeat remix ^^

  • Music 6:20?

  • report nb3

  • I see you’ve learned the skill of tactical inting, young nb3-sama

  • Mejais first item ETUUU

  • Voli ulting and hearing tricks voice tho

  • why title got changed? yoinker was better