Datum objavljivanja: 6. Tra 2021.
The weirdest update ever? Today, Fortnite added a new gun whilst crashing the servers... fitting start for a gun that deals with trash! We hope you enjoy!
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  • How did you get that pump? I din’t see

  • I can still get on

  • What do you mean epic crash the servers

  • The recycler is not that really good tbh

  • jesse just playin minecraft secretly

  • x2 me and my brother look at you

  • I wish all who sees this best of luck

  • Jordan, Jesse, there is a strat for the recycler u can break items with a lot of hp and get it down to a little and then suck the material so u can get ammo and matts at the same time and also u cant get ammo from normal builds (just if u didn't know this strat and tip)

  • Jesse was quite the whole video



  • fix that aim Jordan

  • you should do a recycling verse trash where the trash uses grey and recycling uses recyclers

  • can you gift me the emote that fresh uses for outro?

  • The wandering hardware experimentally consist because israel fourthly pour within a crazy van. present, physical break

  • i love your vids x2 twins your the only chanelle im subbed to

  • Me and my friend I know irl found a legend and was first In match to find a blue

  • yut7t7t7t7t7t7t7t7t7t77t7t7t7t7tt7t7t7tt7t7tt7t7t7t7ttt7t

  • I got to play

  • I launched f nite

  • POV ur a creative warrior and Didn’t know till this video

  • Did you know that they buffed the recycler

  • Is it just me that thinks they try to copy fresh but change tiny things

  • Poise and confidence at a super wagon it can only come in

  • Its in boney burbs

  • Goo

  • 3:16 Jordan:let me take u out me: kinda sus Jordan

  • Doing

  • What was Jesse d

  • Why Jesse can't play

  • The same happened to me I couldn't launch fortnite

  • Is it 1v1?

  • It is a 1v1

  • Never got it

  • This is my favorite gun

  • I play yesterday of yesterday whit the recycle gun

  • You guys should do 100% accuracy challenge

  • Fortnite: no one will know🙂 creative destruction: how the tables have turned🥱

  • this is what annoys me cause i always get sweated on by people editing like this cause there try hards and dont even know what color the grass is

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • hi

  • u said a suckey boy😐

  • bro jesse fucken annoyed

  • why wasnt jessy playing?

  • Dude i saw the cheats folder lol bc in a stream or video you were at home screen and there was a folder that said cheats got caught twins

  • Fortnite

  • Tommorow will you add c63saf and vs him in a tournament

  • Some secret update It took me 4 hours to download 😔

  • Jordan:Take My Trash Bruh 😂

  • I can’t even plys

  • Jesse looks pissed in the begining

  • what did jesse play

  • I think he forgot to use his aimbot at the soccer field in pleasant

  • Do a kill race whit a the new weapon and if you get a kill you get 5 points

  • Use code x2twins

  • What was jessie doing he was not talking in the vidio

  • Pls make another apex legends video

  • They dezerve more subs don’t you think

  • Hi

  • rip jeese

  • 🏍

  • Everyone these things suck Me: has 3

  • Half of the Fortnite community were snapped away by epic games

  • All right look I hate fortnight and it’s practically a rip off brand of the DIE shockwave call duty Cold War zombies

  • What was Jesse doing the whole time 😂

  • "Fortnite"

  • Actually subbing and liking

  • ues code x2twin in the item shop

  • That’s wierd

  • Whenever they add a fun in an update it's either the most rarest thing in the world or it's just annoying to use or get

  • y is jessie sitting is sitting down w/ u and he can't play fortnite

  • Yyayayyayayayyay ye boy

  • My user is masonozzy6

  • Can u gifted ne a skin please I liked subscribed and turned on notes

  • 2 mil is so close !! Come on you guys can do it !!

  • guys my freind rowan from school found a recycler once

  • 1am damn you a no life joradan more like no life twins

  • i found out u can double pump with the recicler

  • I saw This in The Live Stream some funny things happen too LOL JORDAN SUS

  • Why only Jordan ?

  • I couldent play

  • Please have a skin my name is Kingmanthebeast no capitals and no spaces please I am broke and I am a noob in I just want to skin please Jordan or whoever please

  • do u think u could gift me komlex or hopper username ;ur dog wwaterツ

  • people who watched them yesterday: "yeah we know we know" EDIT: i edited and made this comment on april 7th ;-;

  • Jordan: would you let me politely take you out Every girl in the world: I have a boyfriend 3:19

  • Btw why jesse no play

  • I just love how jesse is pretending he does not exist

  • so is nobody going to talk about how this game has turned into creative destruction

  • I found it yesterday but it barley has bullets and suck

  • Do you play warzone

  • What Jesse doing🧐

  • I just go around liking random videos before I see anything and if it’s bad I unlike it

  • why do jesse look depressed

  • I am, Germany

  • 1:36 that’s me on a good day😑😔😂😂

  • The recycler is the picaxe in creative destruction

  • Random squad kill race pls

  • X2twins can you Play on Nintendo s swich plzzzzz

  • why is jesses face so red

  • The update is so annoying