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hey guys, today i will be playing teemo jungle in the jungle
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Through The Badlands Mirage Saloon Sonic Mania Remix
Animal Crossing MUSIC COVER Go K.K. Rider
By Lil Boulder -


  • Welcome back to the documentary that shows ezreal mains ARE SONS OF BITC-

  • i like just the blueprint tho :))) it looks "kewl" and "wretro"

  • Btw teemo od champion that u font need to do anything like garen

  • There are like 40 clips in this video that belong in r/Perfectlycutscreams

  • Man i love how you use “Perfect time” (the epic song at the end) it’s from my favourite anime. The seven deadly sins.

  • Ur reaction to almost dying: "life could not be better" lmao

  • Song at 06:29?

    • It’s from a show i would recommend called the seven deadly sins it’s on Netflix

    • Perfect time


  • 0:56 what happened to ezreal

  • Runes?

  • Whhast wrong with your voice 😂😂😂

  • 1:52

  • 2:15 - oof

  • What’s the music at 6:29? I swear it’s from Iron Blooded Orphans

  • Nice merch, send 1 or 2 to my house so i can see if i want to buy

  • The epic sds music in the background makes his playes even better

  • 2:15

  • Where to get merch ? ??? Ples i need a lik tenmo in my life

  • What’s the song that played at about 6:30?

  • I literally started watching the seven deadly sins and now i head the Intro music in this vid xD

  • anyone know the song at 6:29 when he smited the baron?


  • 6:29 music name please


  • outro song pls

  • "Wassup BITCHES"

  • okey so that means stop dodging jungle ok give me back my lp now

  • Is it just me or brian sounds like gay

  • You sound like charles the french

  • How are you level 30 with 0 mastery score

  • Laughed so hard with username xD

  • oszukales jestes noob beka z cb chodz 1 vs 1 na lee to cie poskaldam ps jebac kogmaw tv show

  • *i just F.U.C.K with this yasuo* BRIAN 2020

  • honestly this channel is just absolute perfection. the perfect balance of humour, skills and plot. after watching your channel there is just no other. pls upload more bcuz i literally cant find anything like this.

  • That veigar lol

  • Yo askin where u buy them accounts? I'm leveling up 2 besides main and it's really annoying and too time consuming... Thx

  • I literally went from bronze placements this season to gold in honor of tenmo

  • merch merch merch(but im poor)

  • r/perfectlycutscreams 1:59

  • Just remember that this video isn't canon as tenko dog was sacrificed to create tenmo dogfather

  • How does he have so much be?

  • 💚TEEMO IS GOD IN JUNGLE! like a real boyscout!

  • Didnt Tenko Dog get sacrificed to make Tenko Godfather?

  • Bring back the og shirts!!

  • Saludos desde México wey! QUE BUEN TEEMO LA RPM!

  • idk why that my hero academia reference made me laugh so much

  • name of the song when you stole baron?

  • So where is the tenmo player road to master series ?

  • 2:00 perfectly cut scream

  • I feel like it'd actually be scary to see Brian mad, or I've just had so much verbal trauma that I get scared when someone yells.

  • I was just bumbing to the 7 deadly sins song

  • So one time I was playing Teemo and then the enemy team started roleplaying so I joined and then they called me papi and called my mushies (mushrooms) sexy

  • 6:29 does anyone know what music that is? I love it

    • @Naruto Uzumaki Sounds like that's the one! thank you so much! :D

    • Some Dood one of the fight themes to 7 deadly sins, I think Meliodas’ theme

  • I found you i liked i subscribed and i Love teeeeeeeeetooooooo

  • Tuumo cat?

  • Just put a bunch of shroom behind the first tower in bot lane and then recall and get rabadons

  • 6:11 ult probably too slow to catch them anyway

  • Nice 7DS soundtrack XD

  • Cant wait to buy that case

  • under all that pressure and you still still the baron, nice

  • Do a 10min-video with larissa

  • Ur such a funny guy xD😂

  • do you stream?

  • XD love this guy XD

  • Are podcasts coming back anytime soon, i love them and have nothing to listen to on bike rides. Also hi Brian!

  • scp -2021 tenko dog object class Euclid scp 2021 is a dog that has some how transformed into a character from the popular game leauge of legends. He is simply a player so it is difficult to contain scp 2021 so the facility asked the compony [redacted] to turn all player opposing and allied with tenko dog into mongulaed goose monkey in order to hide the scp. addendum the following is a conversation in game. Staff: Uhhh tenko dog may I ask you some questions Tenko dog: yea sure just ff Staff: *ffs* Tenko dog: *sends a video of a crab dancing while text in the screen reads "better top wins" then proceeds to leave the game*

  • Honestly thanks to you my gameplay has improved and im not even joking

  • Do a Shyvana video :T

  • Is the music from seven deadly sins?

  • Понимаю только 10% информации, but this pretty good.

  • I love u pianta:>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Its been a long time since i have a good laugh thanks brian😊

  • Hey ya gonna do another video of yoona?

  • what is the song at 6:29

  • Can't wait for the merch


  • worst feeling in the game: your teammates killing you by walking into shrooms like bongos

  • Perché scrivi in italiano (per esempio i titoli dei video) e parli solo in inglese?

  • heal yeah! time for the merch bro!

  • Your typical jungle champ

  • THE FISH PLAYSS -poor fizz

  • cy@? someone here is nightblue3 fan @Pianta

  • This guys is so cringe unsubscribed


  • Im so hype about the new merch

  • holy dude revived de cy@ man that hit right in the feels

  • Guess another teemo fingers in the thumbnail: 2/10

  • 2:00 CUT! CUT! CU-

  • I just want to thank you, thanks for this vid I had a teemo jg in my rank games and I feed of him and managed to carry the game as Kled, the superior yordel Thanks bro


  • You already know that riot watches pianta When they buff the most retarded champ(no offense)

  • river shen

  • River Shen



  • River shen?

  • Why do you swear so much now you used to be one of my fave league youtubers shame man

  • 3:14

  • nice music sync with the baron pianta, btw put the music you used in the description please u fucker big hug from brazil

  • I love your content. Keep it coming.