NO PC, NO PROBLEM - C# and Unity with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Ruj 2020.
Boris teaches C# and Unity. On a ComputeStick! Good for staying private when away from home. Stay private like Boris, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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Why I make these videos? So that people, or maybe even just one person in the world, gets interested in programming and gets inspired to start learning programming and to one day even become a professional programmer. I believe that programming is the ultimate digital expression. The process of making something from nothing, feels amazing. No woodwork and cutting trees, no metal casting and exhaust fumes. Just pure virtuality wherever in the world you are. Try it yourself. Do not be afraid to fail. Coding is all about making mistakes. The best way to get started, is to begin.
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  • *masterful video editing skillz* cut 10 minutes of loading time each step.(visual studio is heavy software)

  • I never thought dirt was this nice.

  • 0.01% - Russian comments 99% - English 0.9 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • твой русский акцент просто убивает уши в хлам

  • Блять борис

  • Такие интонации и нотки, словно это Женя Баженов ... подозрительно

  • 3:39 "VADIM" I DIED :))))))

  • Great tutorial! Thanks

  • next time anyone asks me wherer to learn unity i will post this video XD

  • oh hey the type i use but my enter button isnt that wide

  • i wanna see boris look at yandere simulator source code

  • Where is the vodka cooled pc???

  • C, C sharp run, run sharp run!

  • We don't need brackeys while we have boris.

  • very useful now iam pro programmr B)

  • You should probably run linux on a computestick, because its much lighter

  • boris i did the rasqutin dance first time xd

  • That “You crazy debil” hits hard

  • What Is Russia ? It is just like America But With More Vodka

  • Awesome video. Have you considered using Godot Engine on a Raspberry 4 instead?

  • 0:31 sounds like war thunder

  • Godot my comrade?

  • C# is confused Java

  • I wrote the code the exact way he did, however mine just says "you need to fix all compiler errors!" If anyone responds thank you!!!

  • You should try out the programming language "brainfuck"

  • ".... if I was running OBS on this thing we would have Chernobyl 3" Wait there was a Chernobyl 2?

  • boris you should use astra linux

  • Wow, didn’t know how well it can play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

  • I hate people who make fun of STALKER, listen I was born in a poor family in a literal village and my parents left for the city to earn money and all I had was a shitty computer and torrents. I love stalker.

  • k but why is this actually a nice tutorial

  • А чё S.T.A.L.K.E.R не с русской озвучкой? А как же "Я тебя спас и в благородство играть не буду"?

  • R.I.P gamedev


  • Boris should make his own programming language called SLS(SlavScript) Not SS,bcz the company im working for is actually working on SS(SpaceScript)

  • Compute sticks are great for lightweight point of sale like application

  • Downloading updates for 4GB: no hell! Installing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for 5GB: *да!*

  • "made for people who take privacy seriously" uses windows 10 and chrome, Boris you are the ultimate troll

  • BORIS CYCKA WHERE IS THE VIDEO ON SLAVTEK BYAT.... i want to be a debil with unity and c# knowledge, not just with blins and kvass.

  • Why didn't you just install windows 10 x64? That would have been faster, licensing is no problem with uefi because the key is saved on the BIOS

  • Me as a boss programmer: Runs linux on a USB in my TV and codes with Unity in it.

  • first coding i ever did. thanks.

  • *Unity's Particle System*

  • revolution.exe

  • One time some one jokingly said he lives in India in a videos comment section and he said, "how did you know!" and i think he wasn't joking due to the amount of coding languages he knows

  • man he is really helping the small gopnik programmers, big respect Boris

  • Is there anything Boris can't do?

  • Life of Boris whatsapp number: +421222205051

  • 2:01 that trader never get old

  • I noticed the system report said he had an x64 based processor, so reinstalling with a 64-bit version of Windows was entirely possible

  • 1:45 no cyrillic keyboard?

  • Actually, they still make something like this, it's called Intel Neural Compute Stick 2. It's mainly for deep learning though.

  • Лучший урок по Unity

  • Not really coding, whole thing is prob just a paste...

  • теперь понятно кто всякую херню в стим выкладывает!!

  • Life of Boris on Google result: Musical Artist

  • i want it to come with nvidia gpu 4gb, 8gb ram and samsung 256gb micro memory card, all that for 10$, what a dream, lol. XD

  • i started learning and gave up thank you for motivating me :)

  • We want another blog of Belarus. This time must meet lukoshengko

  • So you can have a mobile computer that's much smaller than a laptop but you'll still need a full keyboard which includes a touchpad. Heck.

  • Ahh, game physics. Reminds me of good old games where npc enemies start singing "I believe I can fly" when you punch, or shoot, or FUSHROHDAH at them. Fear also has nice physics, where bullets are so strong, that at the moment when enemies die, they get launched in the ceiling. So realistic.

  • "these should be instantaneous if you run on anything other than a stick " me with my PC that can even run stalker : interesting

  • As someone who had to use unity all throughout high school, this gave me PTSD

  • It's probably finding resources to show me error message... :D

  • Check out Linux (I recommend Manjaro, Ubuntu, or Linux Mint if you're just getting started) and the Godot game engine if you're looking for something faster than windows 10 that doesn't nag you about updates. It doesn't run as many games as windows, though.

  • Made with Unity Russian Life

  • @Life of Boris can you make a program for managing with teams and restrict allowances in C#

  • AddForce in Update? YOU SUCK!

  • so he's a game dev. the more you know.

  • And here we can do what we want. The REVOLUTION!

  • There are Russian kekos, I am very surprised

  • you cook you code you draw the rest are consider facts!!!

  • better than brackeys tutorials

  • im good enough at coding to learn something from this but bad enough at coding to learn from this at the same time

  • Unity's the best. Try Survival:Postapocalypse Now game :D Can be found on Torrent+that's mod friendly :) Also, warm Privet! from latvian gastarbeiter in the UK

  • C++?

  • Boris windows is capitalist os! Use linux!

  • Dani be like Boris have i showed you Unity s particle sistem

  • Actually this is a pc lol

  • Boris please review other engines Too

  • XD God, he just started unity and he knows more than me

  • Opaaaaaaa !

  • I have the impression my laptop is worse

  • Oh blyat i have the same keyboard

  • This guy is fucken funny

  • Put 10 of those to work together and boom its now a gamer pc

  • I'm ditching Linus tech tips for this guy!

  • make godot next!!!

  • i learnt nothing but have never been so entertained

  • Gopnik space program! :D :D :D

  • Самый понятный урок по Unity; Im click button subscribe!

  • This is the best tutorial I've ever watched !!!!!!! Boris you can teach so many people. I would love to search a complicated topic and see a Boris tutorial. I wouldn't even think to watch other people :)))

  • Если ты не Женя, то я хз кто ты

  • Fjgdvfsgjbcgggshhbdjnopmginfgomfubdhkvfbvrvbbgsgbygdbmkbcjnvyjn

  • This is the best tutorial that I have ever watched. After watching this tutorial , I managed to build GTA6 . Thanks You.

  • Actually gave me the dedevelopment

  • i watched the intro for 10 secs. i subbed and activated all notifications immediately.

  • Fresh Chernobyl Air....