Datum objavljivanja: 14. Srp 2019.
we went as Olaf to an anime convention
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End song - Edboi Girl do you know
#smashcon #smash2019


  • I feel like this should be the most viewed vid on his channel, perfection.

  • You forgot his two axes

  • That looks like the Detroit Cobb

  • Little did he know that he wouldn't come back next year.

  • lol its corona time so no smash for ya


  • That’s why you play tenmo and not tham kench. The disgrace!

  • my sister said olaf is on drugs

  • What’s the background song at 2:15 ??

  • pianta is so cute ö

  • WAIT.......?????? you're famous??

  • RIVER Tenmo

  • *_olaf snorted too much cocaine OH NO_*

  • This guy looks like an offbrand Bretman Rock

  • what's his instagram handle?

  • Pianta is adorable

  • Why didn't you show the dance!!!!

  • Damn, Brian looks like a freakin' snAcC.

  • Can you post, your Olaf Dance

  • i love jesus

  • Yeah pianta could definitly pull off a kpop star look tbh

  • Hey just subbed! I have a channel too, will you sub?! 🔥

  • 0:41 was that some tenmo typo merch that you can find on pianta.merchforall.com ?

  • I though it's Olaf in LOL

  • :0

  • River Tenmo

  • I want olaf kill this love...

  • 1:30 RTB boiiii

  • quality

  • I like you more now that i know that you listen to Twice and Blackpink. Nice job Captain!

  • Didn’t know you were Australian too! Lit man

  • stop my suffering

  • Can u play RR RIVER RAMMUS


  • make olaf play minecraft

  • was that iceiceice

  • was that RTB?

  • wait tenmo player plays only teemo so what he will have in "your shop"???????????????

  • What the fuck Pianta I saw your car for sale!

  • i thought this video was pianta playing olaf while hes high lol


  • ok, but when will we get face reveal?


  • wtf

  • 2:50​ im​ dying

  • OMG IT'S YES OR YES!!! 0:38

  • play ryze but ur a osumania player

  • and it was beautiful to watch

  • Wow, Didn't expect RTB(Remember the beat) to be there at 1:30

  • 1:53 lOoKiNg CoOl JoKeR

  • Hey Pianta I really am tempted to buy your tenmo jumper (cause I'm in Australia and its bloody cold right now for me) buttttt the whole "tenmo" concept doent really apply to me. Anyway I had an idea for a new jumper design. Why not have your pianta logo on the front (only has to be small) and on the back it says "Flash on the haters" with a picture of an M7 emote. This is like a spin off of that dab on the haters whatever that's from. I thought this was clever cause flashing your mastery can be a way of bming and asserting dominance, so I thought this was funny. Anyway love your vids. Keep it up

  • 1:20 lanwangji and weiwuxian OMG!!!

  • OMG!!! This is awesome!!!!

  • Which con was this one?

  • Olaf why not do orange justice xd

  • why is pianta as funny irl as he is in videos... it makes me sad on the inside lol

  • Tenmo costume next year

  • 1:03 my boy is making it big

  • 4:55 exposed face reveal

  • Olaf just did a twice :) freaking Olaf is a once ❤️

  • Why did you change the name of the vid wtf

  • aznstylez?

  • When he danced Yes or Yes i lost it

  • Pianta are so fuking handsome 😍😍

  • Where is the sick Deja Vu at the end?

  • This video needs more views

  • should have gone for tenmo

  • Olaf is gonna go fucking high

  • I guess you could say he was on the wrong kind of snow

  • 0:37 its actually looks like yes or yes dance

  • Never fails to make me laugh at your vlogs. Keep it up!

  • River Tenmo I've been commentig this on Your last 10 videos

  • 0:38 Dancing Yes or Yes chorus

  • 0:10 best girls

  • 1:00.... omg it was.... pianta

  • Dance the night away

  • Omg I saw you at Smash! I was watching promised neverland when you came in , i was wearing the orange wig lmao. and your performance was amazing! i loved how at the end when you went off the stage you turned your head all the way back lol

  • takes the mask in its anthpo

  • cringe

  • Watching this already 5 time.

  • 4:56 Pianta face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I didn't sign up for this

  • Was expecting a teemo suit smh

  • bring back tenmo player :'(

  • Aww didn't get to meet you at smash. Good cosplay tho XD

  • is pianta an olaf?

  • How to bait your subs.. Pianta:

  • My god I can’t stop laughing 😂.


  • WTF did I just watch....

  • I got bamboozled so harddddd ! So good seeing you again my dude ! Also you disrespected Olaf then get eliminated by Olaf LOL oof

  • For some reason pianta looks like Bretman Rock....

  • 0:12 *P U D D L E*

  • olaf rework confirmed

  • What’s the anime @0:43?

  • Best anime crossovers

  • ok im litteraly fucking angry because I could be there but my flight got suddenly canceled. YOINK

  • At first I thought this was a anthpo video haha

  • just listened to ur podcast. life-changing.