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it's me, edward smith
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  • 0Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • 3:20 wodd divison adventure: weekly reminder to hit the nexus

  • top more ignite less one subscribe

  • Im dissapointed when Pianta said Edward smith instead of Erwin... a dissapointment to humanity indeed.

  • River Tenmo

  • Rip olaf 😭

  • But would you do it again?

  • Darius more like Diarrhea xD

  • I love playing olaf top but maxing e and beating the everloving shit out of enemies with 500 true dmg

  • Can anyone explain for me why i can’t find pianta in any social media ???

  • That's why i love this channel straight to the content no extra sh**s

  • how did i not find this channel its better than godzu

  • Heyyy can you make a vid playing nunu?

  • Pianta is the type of LoL player who make's league looks easy and fun and i always go back to play! :D i hate him for it

  • its erwin smith btw

  • Tenmo is coming to Wild Rift tomorrow!!! I'm so excited, I'm binge watching tenmo plays here 🙈🙈🙈

  • Had to skip last parts, dont like spoilers.

  • my friends and i used to call edward smith , captain eyebrows

  • Where is tenmo

  • hacker rep xD


  • I just dont get why they missed the incredible opportunity for Dryrius.

  • how is he so good at the game ??? no

  • River shen

  • maplestory music pog

  • Dariuseless

  • pianta if you dont friend me i will cry here is my discord LightFreeze#3990

  • He didnt say sasageyo :c

  • i thought his lips where white on the thumbnail

  • This man is someone that i want to play with but at the same time don’t want to play with

  • Try Blitzcrank top with immortal shieldbow xd

  • Ereve music O.O

  • The sponsor game should be on mobile since rust is on pc

  • The sponsor is literally rust but no crackheads and sweats

  • This is unfunny

  • Darius more like Darius Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus

  • Darius more like scarius

  • Darius more like dierius

  • 4:23 Dubstep ignite!

  • hey that's actually good Olaf art! Wtf?

  • more like dariASS

  • how can i joing your discord

  • Darius? More like hilarious.

  • Wow everyone have nice names at these games . When will we see your Annie main sister again dude ?

  • You thumbnails been weird lately


  • 3:29 wait what where did your fire soul aura go

  • New season.... new teemo....rank.....jg

  • Why the fuck is the thumbnail not a stick figure?!

  • Me liking the video before watching it knowing it's gonna be a good video

  • Where is this music from? it sounds like it's from maplestory

  • darius more like starius or like doorius uh haha

  • I’m not used to the thumbnail art being so high quality

  • Me: permaban Olaf

  • olaf needs a chill pill

  • @Pianta, my dude - I really appreciate your content. And I understand money is money, but please - do some research before advertising. ToL is moneygrab and you're essentially feeding trash to your viewers from a golden spoon. Not bragging, just saying. Have a good day

  • 1:02 that perfectly cut scream

  • You sound so happy without teemo

  • The arts really getting insane!

  • Maplestory music :) ah the memories

  • That music makes me miss trin league videos.

  • Darius... More like embarius? Nah? Ok...

  • Darius? More like Pianta's getting nefarious

  • You know these clips are old cuz pantheons r isnt reworked yet lol

  • Darius? More like, Dar-me's... You know, because, it said you's, then, then... Aight i'm out.

  • #Declaration_of_war


  • The sponsor is like a rip off of rust

  • That Maplestory ost tho

  • I like his voice

  • Brian is RTB if he was good at the game

  • 3:10 weekly reminder: HIT THE FCKING NEXUS

  • That moment when Sion ult just to get away only to get ignite to the face

  • Nice work on thumbnail Brian 😁

  • darius is bad and he is hilariously bad

  • where is tenmoplayer ?

  • He should of have said hilarious for Darius

  • Morde name was kench in unbenched, u let eltrucko down

  • Upload daily

  • An actual decent thumbnail

  • More licke a fcking dryrius

  • I dig the Maplestory background music

  • What have you done with the tumb?

  • me: oh!! Pianta has a new video, life could not be better

  • whats the name of the song at 5:30 ?

  • The thumbnail has been pretty ugly recently. What happened to those masterpieces you made?

  • Where Tenmo at?

  • Seeing the thumbnail feels like olaf is going to scream susumeeeee


  • new season of tenmo!

  • Remmm

  • darius, more like estradivarius, cause im playin u like a violin.

  • 00:32 to skip ad

  • Why did the chicken cross the road. Cause he can pls laugh

  • Darius? More like Dead-ius

  • "this video is sponsored by: ..." Everyone: > > +

  • Have you guys ever wondered who makes Pianta’s thumbnail? It’s sick.

  • *Me just sitting and listening to the backround maplestory music*

  • So youre telling me the Sponsor is the Wish family friendly version of The Forest? 10/10 Would play again :D

  • Damn the thumbnails been getting better and better