OnePlus Watch Unboxing...

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
The OnePlus watch is here. Subscribe for 30X OnePlus Watch Giveaway. Sponsored by OnePlus.
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  • I'm waiting 🔥

  • Need one of those watches

  • Powerful💥

  • What if i already subscribed it ???

  • So powerful ❤️😍

  • The features of this watch look amazing.😍 Some of the tracking features would be really useful, especially the SpO2 sensor. @sjdavis951123

  • This watch is freaking gorgeous 😍 i love it.

  • This is really nice, thanks for the review. Hope I win Twitter - huH? @huh1678

  • Cool

  • Almost a week late to comment here now 😅 been following you since years lew, huge fan!

  • i love to win one please 😘😁

  • @_dnaibei Tweet me away with the OP watch.

  • @elonnut

  • I can't wait to watch video on day to day with this watch. But I have a question, would this watch work with the Oneplus 8 phone ?

  • nish_1688

  • Give me one watch plz

  • This is amazing @youcef84893939

  • WoW! Great watch! Thank you I am a fan of OnePlus. I have the 7 t, very happy, hopefully the watch is as good as the phones lines Good luck to everyone

  • Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

  • OnePlus has disappointed this time.

  • OnePlus getting in the smartwatch market 🔥 Twitter @MeatwoodzMebz

  • Nice

  • Hey

  • The way u presented is damn...🥳🥳

    • I have waited for this for a long time

  • Coool 🔥 @Mhabraman

  • Subbed since a while @BamonPalace

  • Just subscribed bro

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  • @wannacrytears

  • wannacry_tears

  • Wow! You always amazed us with your giveaways. @VarunBh82582112

  • Nice watch @hzway

  • Missing wear OS @_enceledus_

  • @vansh_kansara

  • Love it 😍 @Mhabraman

  • Alright alright alright😂😂😂😂Matthew McConaughey😍😍😍

  • Love your videos from Heart❤

  • If it has wearOS. It will be great. But after all a good watch. @iSmartShivaa Twitter

  • 👍

  • Your all videos awesome 🔥 and keep it up bro god bless you 👍

  • If I win, I can't wait to see how optimized has OnePlus made this watch's os. -@kratan007

  • Twitter: @dimemaikee

  • @Ulndgo

  • Really beautiful and elegant OnePlusWatch.and your persention is really amazing..we salute you..🙏🙏

  • Unish_mhrj

  • Love these vidz, they are awesome you make them more interesting and unique @Vatyno

  • Work space is nice

  • The bezel is big, will look good on the wrist

  • I love the watch, awesome specs.

  • @RomualdoCoquia

  • Awesome 👍👍😎

  • @BhaveshGangwal3

  • Was going to wait for this product until they announced that they weren't using WearOS. Went with the Ticwatch Pro 3 instead. Happy I did.

  • Nice...Very Awesome And Powerful Watch 🔥❤

  • I want one

  • The design of that watch is really cool man 👍

  • Give me one 😄

  • can u send me one bro as it is not available in our country and ofcourse i will pay u!

  • @SATHISK37217405

  • @Zane1409

  • The quality of your videos Lew,the creativity is out of this World...

  • Cool @Tarun_14146


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  • Please give me that watch please

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  • This is great watch

  • Its so many times i have participated in these giveaways never won 😶

  • Looks pretty ! Damn, I want it

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  • Look's really 🔥🔥

  • @moge_akshay

  • Big fan sir...

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  • Srinidh4

  • ♥️

  • Very awesome

  • Want this but no money

  • Where is the fucking RED CABLE?

  • I love this watch❤️

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  • Really excited to join the contest, Looking forward for my luck. Let's HOPE....... Twitter ID: nirmal9997

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