Paradise. Workers needed. - Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Tra 2019.
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The game is called Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. Made by a bold company called 3Division who have perfectly captured the soviet times in the 70s. This city-building simulator is full of gopniks and factories. Good fun. I do suggest.
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  • Excellent.


  • 2:35 you don't have enough potassium!! you need more potassium

  • Stop that dammit !

  • Mom: go outside Me: no Boris: go outside *You see comrades is big difference when superiors tell you*

  • In Borislovakia, no one has housing, just a lot of squatters.

  • 2:38 I will just leave this here...

  • i'd call this place "the soviet union of borislovakia"

  • Boris:makes Slav town Me:norvously laughs in romanian

  • Background music please!

  • Like any normal person you put intro at 2 minutes

  • Meanwhile in Russia Son: Daddy the comet will hit our planet. Dad: Don't worry my little comrade we will hit comet much harder.

  • Oi. Boris. Part 2?

  • actuallly the egyptians payed their workers with food and beer so boris is 100% correct in what he said about supply and demand

  • When is the update on this vidio where is part two Boris bylat!!!

  • You had me a Chernobyl I’m dead 😂😂😂😂🤣

  • When he said "ALCOHOL" I died of laughter BLYATIFUL 3:07

  • I would like build state strip club :(

  • game is bad. I can't set prices of buy. What class of soviet governor doesn't set prices?

  • You know a HRdownr is good by the fact that them make you laugh multiple times in less than 2 minutes

  • New Supreme City of Gopnikgrad?

  • Im not that cruel... yet EVERYONE UNSUBSCRIBE

    • Diana Chim western spy

    • @Diana Chim Dude, if you can't handle humor you should get out lol


    • No this is a message to actually unsubscribe due to his potential cruelty

    • What? Is this a really bad joke or something?

  • 1:40 “Ok ok you know I’m not that cruel” “ *Y e t* “

  • *remember it's not your money it's OUR money*

  • I learned more about the Soviet Union from this video than I ever learned in school.


  • Still waiting for part 2

  • I came here from Countryhumans voice claims-

  • made the Soviet Union great again

  • If you dont know about jelgava you are not a true real slav

  • When I heard that Sibir joke, I really died xD

  • This game is from MY Country, Slovakia!

  • Куда я попал?

  • 2020 still no new video about this game

  • More pleas

  • he's accept is like fucking soviet shit---!!!

  • hehehe normalna

  • commrade

  • Can we have a full playthrough of this

  • 2:40

  • Translate What the Suka Is that! = What the Bitch is that!

  • This guy is dangerously talented. He can sell literal shit

  • Ooo shit, czech bus KAROSA ŠM11🤣

  • What is wrong with this video? *Poshol nahui*

  • Boris: Now you may ask where are the elderly people Stalin:*sent to gulag*

  • why there is people with college education already? The city doesn't have a university yet Must be spies!! xDxDxD

  • If Spain was communist

    • @Lol Wut In the 20th Century, the Second Spanish Republic almost became communist.

    • *when/where Spain was communist

  • 4:05 konev xD

  • polosh subtiles please

  • Ahhh yet another glorious game I cannot afford...thank you capitalism

    • Pirate it bruh...Its Eastern Europe blyat

  • 1:09 Now there may be Chernobyl in-game.

  • 6:16 MY DATE OF BIRTH!! but the year is incorrect.

  • doesnt you mean Resources and Resources?

    • that is capitalism blyat


  • The capitalistic version of this is Cities Skylines

  • 7:14 Sorry, we can't

  • ahhh DLC *puked....

  • quarter master

  • cousin.. we need we

  • 4:15 omg what is that masterpiece of a tune?!

  • Poor Boris who downloads at 0.97 MB/s on average

  • 2019: You should go out too 2020:

  • Хахаххаха ничего не понимаю, но очень смешно!

  • “Who is these guys with college education? There is not university in this city... These must be SPIES!” xD

  • still waiting for the full city video what the blin!!!!!!!!

  • Adult Children? Neighbor Vadim???

  • Supreme Tovarisch Boris, would you consider playing Age of Empires 2 anytime soon it has idle workers (gopniks) playable Slavs and many slav weapons like polearms and cavalry rushing b

  • There never was part 2...

  • Still waiting on for Boris to play Escape from Tarkov.

  • 2:20 me playing anything

  • He forgot to make part 2

  • *AdUlT ChIdReN*

  • Train to Sib- *COLD INTENSIFIES*

  • "What is the name of the city you born in? " "The f**** is this place called"

  • "Economics is easy. You just have to understand supply and demand." Stalin disliked this.

  • Pls more of this game

  • Communist will never work.

  • And here we see a comrade in it's natural habitat Under a soviet republic regime

  • Playing a soviet city-making game with VODKA COOLED PC How nice

  • I have this game too, and it´s from slovakia gaming studio!

  • Chapter two please

  • I have this game it is blyatful

  • Блять, я ничего не андерстенд

  • You so funny boris

  • Comedy Laika Boris

  • 2:48 gave away your true accent

  • Nautilus Pompilius Скованны одной цепью

  • Boris:swithes to Polish Me:o kurwa is he... Boris again:swithes to english also me:*Angry Polak noises*

  • 2:25 me at 2 in the night watching and hear babushka coming with rolling pin

  • Three buildings, one factory, two statues and dirt roads. Yup....that's Eastern Europe alright.

  • OwO Boris is red sun of every peoples democratic soviet republic 😀 He is our great leader!!

  • Bonk and Mebeeb are proud of you

  • turn on 144p quality for better experience

  • По-моему, этот чел снимает откровенную хрень и показуху.

  • Are you crazy??? CCCP 🇨🇳

  • пойду скачаю. тоже захотел построить гопник сити

  • Call it the Socialist Republic of Gopnikstan.

  • 1:39 dlaczego nie po polsku no kurcze

  • we need a full scale tutorial comrade boris

  • Boris comunist president