Playing World of Tanks with steering wheel - ABSOLUTE SUCCESS

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2021.
Come get in game, free to play, fun to play - and use code TANKMANIA
World of Tanks is a tank battle game developed by Wargaming.
Click the link and get 7 days free premium account, a tank and free credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
This video brought to you by support of Wargaming. They keep the kvass flowing and potato growing. Thanks. ..for the tanks.
This is Boris playing World of Tanks with Force Feedback Logitech G920 steering wheel. Showing the setup, installation and of course best moments from the game. It is an absolute success.
Funny moments are bound to happen when using a pheripheral that is not even optimised. But Boris optimises well. Software is WoJ Keyboard and Mouse. All key mapping can be done in there and also Logitech G Hub for fine tuning the pedals.
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  • Comment here and vote what game Boris should play next with wheel.

  • This man is gonna drive these machines with a stick and Im definitely sure that he will win again

  • WOWS with steering wheel, WOWS! It will be XD.

  • do another war thunder video

  • Хехех

  • Try to fly the SU-33 in DCS with a wheel

  • hay where can i enter the code plz :)

  • My girlfriend and I did this with war thunder, it was so fun

  • How about... you show us your account instead of a rented one which you use for random battles anyways and show us how the game really is? :)

  • Facecam

  • World of Warship or War thunder aircrafts

  • now play R3 T20 in war thunder

  • blin, use the clutch pedal to fire, it feels more like a tank with that

  • this got me an idea, Realistic Crew World of Tanks 1 Person taking the Driver role and playing like Boris did here (without shooting controls) Another controls where the gun aims and shoots and last one controls where the camera looks so they can see around them (not the turret turning) Basically Driver, Gunner and Commander crew for each tank

  • you know you need to delete your game when a person using a wheel gets higher on the leaderboard than you

  • 5:04 *Gopnik Screams*

  • ok, If WoT is too easy, there is War Thunder, c'mon But money is money

  • I feel like his mic is diffrent

  • Are you are real Russian man

  • Tank rally driver BORIS

  • Где русские комменты?)))

  • What else can you play with a steering wheel? 🤔

  • 8:45 My father drives a 2cv

  • Only Boris could win WoT using gaming wheel

  • Anyone getting GuP or BT-4 Vibes?

  • nice gaming setup Boris

  • 5:55 you never go to the middle of the mep thats suicided XD

  • I got a war thunder ad on this wot video, I’m scared now

  • fun fact: the Tiger 1 used a steering wheel

  • i think play cyka blyat simulator

  • boris, we have the same adidas superstar shoes

  • Play obj.268 v4 thats the best blyatmobyl in wot

  • blyatiful intro

  • Drive lada and uaz

  • 4:21 EBR. I've never really played WoT, but being a War Thunder player for a while, and playing tanks there a tiny bit, I know the EBR cancer. Boi, the flashbacks...

  • New intro это блядьифул!!!

  • You just saved my day, thanks!^^

  • Boris: "So this means every time I turn left there should be letter X." Also Boris: *turns right*

  • Warthunder with steering wheel

  • What about... Kerbal Space Program with wheel ?

  • I think Boris just got tired of losing so he decided this was a better option to improve his wr

  • like how the scoped aiming feels like actual tank aiming

  • new intro, nice

  • You gave quite a hearty laugh korosho comrade Boris. Never though about playing game with steering wheel. Ay blin perhaps i should’ve never sold it in first place. Ah no matter,i’ll use flight stick if i have to.

  • This​ is​ so​ Crazy! WOW!

  • Бориииисс

  • Damn Boris play's war thunder and promotes them then plays and promotes War Gaming and world of tanks. Gaijin : Sad and Angry face

  • New Intro?? AYYYY B L Y A T

  • Blin, this is a beautiful piece of gopnik gaming🥰 ☭☭☭☭☭

  • Boris, can I play WoT with you?

  • I wonder well one could play WoT with an actual crew. One drives, barely sees where he's going, one shoots at the stuff the commander tells to shoot at, one commands and spots, and one, er loads next round? :D

  • Shell not penetrating the enemies armor? Just shift into AP, duh!

  • holy shit- a video that isn’t a reupload!

  • I want to design a tank "wheel" for WoT and others.

  • Me: likes world of tanks, and plays it a bit The game: Yeah.. I’m just gonna turn the screen white, and you won’t be able to do anything


  • Hell yeah man

  • NOOOOOOO BORIS. STICK WITH WAR THUNDER!!! War thunder better!!!

  • Nobody: Boris: *What happen if we drive tank with wheel?*

  • I would genuinely like to see more Tank Wheel gameplay

  • Life of Anatoli? What next? Life of vadim?

  • play war thunder

  • @Life of Boris do this with Russian tank in war thunder.

  • Next : control a real tank with keyboard and mouse.

  • The link to anatoli doesn't work

  • Play war thunder whit it

  • I clicked after 35 seconds

  • Hey Boris you should try the most cheeki breeki slav racing game.. It's called Lada racing club

  • should put one of the pedals for fire

  • can we get Boris as a VTuber please

  • submit the replays to the MightyJingles please.

  • Slav Fanboys Rise up

  • Man. You should make a tank music video or a War Thunder/ WoT music video.

  • i reach my peace of mind now seeing Boris playing world of balans ships ehmm world of warships and wot

  • Так воооооооот на чём играют мои союзники....

  • Boris where’s Vadim ?

  • What do you think, Boris about playing crossout again?

  • From my experience the best tank to drive is te T50-2, what memories... Tier 6 vs tier 7-8-9 (old matchmaking)

  • everyone join patrion so my mans can buy his own tank



  • Boris: presses clutch Aw man is not working Presses brake: Doesnt work wargaming pls fix

  • dude loving the new intro :D

  • Imagine driving train with steering wheel.

  • world of tanks is shit, it has hp system and not accurate damage like war thunder. PLAY WAR THUNDER CYKA

  • this game is pay-to-win

  • What would your mother think about this

  • You are good tank operator

  • Next, new Polish game "Hellish Quart" gameplay, please.

  • Atlichina, comrade!

  • is this ur mayo pc ?

  • Ive played WoT with a joystick before

  • What a nice day to drive

  • play crossout blin

  • Boris. try playing Initial D arcade stage 6/7/or 8 with the steering wheel next time.

  • Neeeew intro


  • Boris! I must warn you I have ze feelings dat Babushka is German spy!!!

  • ey Boris, does Vadim work for sparrow corp? or is it another Vadim....

  • Wait, you aren't playing the BT-5/7 with a steering wheel?