PlayStation 5 Unboxing & Accessories!

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Lis 2020.
Sony PS5 is has arrived! This is the unboxing experience. #hype
That shirt!
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Console provided by Sony for review.


  • I use headphones of all sort. Whatever’s compatible and got battery power at the time.

  • Like Dunkey once said, “I didn’t think that consoles could be made any bigger, but here they are proving me wrong.”

  • That’s so in 2 years they can “Upgrade” it and sell the PS5 Mini and take more $$$ from folks

  • Lol why did you struggle so much taking that controller out lol

  • ill buy latet on in uk now is sold out😢😢

  • Hey boss! Can you make a video about the comparison between the platinum headset vs the pulse 3D headset?

    • I wish I could buy one

  • I destroyed my ps5 , i think it was the best thing i could do with it....

  • i cant legit find any ps5 whenever i went to a sale the website crashed such as walmart

  • Restockin tomorrow. Set yall alarms!!!!!!!

  • cool video!

  • never been so early for something that came out early

  • so this is what jealously feels like

  • I m burning .......🔥

  • Come from a family where we can’t really go drop 500$ on a new console but I hope I’ll be able to get one soon

  • He is my favorite HRdownr I always like I am so happy for him I hope he has a blessed day and a blessed life I wish him the best

  • i waant one

  • *if you never showed your face I'd think.. you'd be white*

  • What's the song in 2:02

  • Let's go Black Friday shop... 😑😅

  • Imagine getting a PS5 and your guardian breaks it as punishment-

  • I wish I could buy one

  • I play on a ps3

  • Add Nefty_I91 Add

  • can now pay my children tuition fee and my rent.. All thanks to cardstore1 on telegram, I was able to cashout from the cards I got from him.. I'm so happy I met him ❤️😎

  • all thanks to DumpsGuru for the purchase of virtual card which I used in getting the latest ps5, he's the only real plug out here with not flaws,check him out on telegram for your dumps

  • Only one controller stick?

  • Great, half the world population is worrying about their roofs over their heads and food on the table, but you see fit to rub their nose in it with a fucking toy! Hope you and your loved ones catch covid!

  • Paid $1,117.83 for my son for Christmas 🎄 crazy but impossible to get

  • Where you get all the money to always buy the latest techs ?

  • me: opens playstation website my wallet: dont even think about it

  • Piece of crap! It broke down right away. Made a video about it to!

  • He lives in canada

  • My uncle gifted me

  • I also have PS5

  • star vs the forces of evil

  • 1:42 Michael Scott: Thats what she said!

  • You forget the media remote

  • I have one already and it is AWSOME

  • And by the way I don't use the headphones from the control

  • I,ve got enough money to buy this but where? Where should U buy it

  • Where you buy the ps5?

  • No one ACTUALLY No One I'm the first to say this *The PS5 Looks Like The World Trade Center in New York*

  • Me: How much will this cost me? Store: Your soul and your savings. Me: ill take 2

    • Copied a comment by a user named: *The Pride*

  • Looks like Alienware desktop. Dope

  • Why the hell is amazon out of stock?!

  • Him being sponsored by PS5 be like...

  • Amazing...what games would you recommend?

  • Hello hent

  • He was was obviously thinking about avengers tower

  • You mkbhd your playlist is hilarious

  • Marques can you give me PS4 please

  • I want PS4

  • Can you give me playstation 4

  • "So I've been using this the past 3 years now..."

  • Too monstrous, microsoft nice and simple. Guess Sony had to impress that hard. Gd job though

  • I have R1276.80 and I ow my school R100 and in my countrie the PlayStation 5 is R12 300 hope me luck

  • i have to wait till july 2021 :(

  • The way he unboxes and shows us the ps5 and its contents is just full of the exagerrated swagger of Marques Brownlee

  • me: opens playstation website my wallet: dont even think about it

  • I use sony mark 4

  • I have a pc.....

  • Who’s still on ps4

  • Do all these accessories come separate or do they all come with the ps5?

  • The “black dock” is also supposed to be used for its vertical position

  • It look like a wifi router lol...

  • coronavirus: depression.... PS5: hold my controller 🕹

  • I want this😭

  • I cant wait for Christmas, i am counting down days until I hopefully open it up

  • Who need this? Waste of money

  • This guy is sponsored by everyone

    • I really wanted a ps5 then I saw how massive and ugly it was and decided to just get a gym member ship instead

  • how mucho does it cost ??

  • is this a CGI video

  • You have opened the PlayStation 5

  • I agreed with my mom to grounded me all years if their can bought this

  • ¿Qué película tiene el mejor giro inesperado?

  • 2:02 Can someone tell me the title of this song?


  • I'm sorry, but I still can't get over the fact that the Xbox series-x looks like a mini-fridge, and the Ps5 looks like I can get 5 g's nationwide with it.

  • Man Talk about Jealousy

  • how to hide PS 5 from your wife? "Just cover it with bookcase"

  • Buy is what

  • The thing that making people lazy and useless the most. Thank you playstation 👍🏻

  • PS5 : exists MB : So I have been using it for the past 15 decades now-

  • I really wanted a ps5 then I saw how massive and ugly it was and decided to just get a gym member ship instead

  • I’m getting one but I have to wait until Christmas 😭😭

    • @Juice 9 9 9 is ight bro you’ll get through it I’m praying for you🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

    • @Kaden Durant 😭😭 I'm glad someone understands my pain😔

    • @Juice 9 9 9 damn bro I feel bad 🙏🏾

    • @Kaden Durant Damn, that's painful. Almost as painful as waiting until my birthday in February

    • @Juice 9 9 9 it’s ordered already I just can’t use it till Christmas

  • Where can u get the ps5 in you are in South Africa 🇿🇦?

  • I grew up on Xbox, however I wanna give PlayStation a chance. If possible I would like to try to get both the PS5 and the Series X, but if I only end up getting one, I think I’d choose the PS5

    • Can anyone gift me ps5 m poor😅

  • I use speaker it have good sound experience

  • wears a shirt that says matte black everything reviews a product that's matte white

  • who still on ps4

  • Me seeing this vid but I now I won’t get it

  • i cant believe i am gonna get the ps5

  • mending rakit pc bos

    • In my opinion the xbox looks better when your unboxing it mainly because it looks more clean

  • I'm waiting for the 9pm drop. Hope I get one

    • the dislikes are the people who cant afford the ps5

  • Oh look! A thing most loyal PlayStation 4 users DON'T have right now. Scalpers do though.

  • Apple: *includes no charging brick for da iPhone 12* Everyone: apple is salty Sony: *also includes no power brick in their PS5* Everyone: *doesn’t say anything*

  • Does the ps5 controller come with the ps5?

  • I love your shirt. It perfectly describes my EDC.

  • 5:30 it looks like a Zaha Hadid building

  • Or ps4 plzzz