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  • Download Battle Breakers for free here: Make sure to use my creator code! PIANTA

  • " This video is sponsored by another free to pay shit game but hey i gotta make money so imma take whatever sponsorship i get " Meanwhile the fanbase : Yeah we'll totally play it! NOT

  • Im zed main and zed one trick

  • I only watched the ad read because of the la la land music.

  • "IM FREEEE! FUC...

  • Larissa x Tenmo Player is real >.

  • what is the name of the first song?

  • Thutmore btw

  • Does anyone know the outro song??

  • Old vod

  • flanking from behind is attacking from the front no?

  • Now i made it 560 comments, someone make it 569 pls

  • Its not a true damege its pro damge ekko


  • Were you playing with your girlfriend?

  • fuck you fucking idiot

  • I'm on my way!!!

  • Did u draw the thumbnail? It’s good... or am I just retarded

  • Whats the Song in the beginning?

  • Why does it sound like pianta is NOT sponsored and just does those parts for fun

  • RTB and Pianta are the biggest simps

  • Legend has it that Senna is still stealing kills

  • What is that song at beginning during the sponsor?

  • GOD : EVERYTHING IS UP TO YOUUUUUUUUUUU Me : YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH wait who are they ??? GOD : EVERYTHING IS UP TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU Me : Hey God wtf man ??? why are you saying that line to him isnt it up to me ?? GOD : EVERYTHING IS UP TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Me : "Realising that God have said that line to over 1+n people"


  • Make a video and name it KS

  • Name of the end music please

  • I only want true damage ekko not true damage akali Damn you reroll for new skin

  • Battle breakers is so boring

  • you used to be much nicer, league made u a raging boii :'D

  • I could probs be a decent ekko player... but I keep forgetting to ult when I’m about to die in a team fight

  • it's cute that you are friends with a industrial fan

  • When will we acknowledge Brian has left us all.... he has his own anime girl larissa to play him league with. He needs a fanbase no longer

  • video starts at 0:46 you are welcome

  • River tenmo

  • 3:24 ?? What sound is that, Oof? Moans? Ugh?

  • 3:22 you can hear moaning

  • ap yi

  • do you stream on twitch?

  • Scien is the cutest anime girl


  • Leaked season 10 minion buffs! 4:45

  • when the fuck did ekko jump into close age from the stone age lmao


  • I didn't notice he's playing with Larissa...

  • that frustration when he shouted the f-word

  • What is the background music for his sponsored intro with the piano etc?

  • ... River Shen

  • Background song please


  • how won the pc?

  • is the skin worth buying? im also a man UwU

  • How did I not realise, pianta is from the Oce server 😮

  • Wait is this guy shotgunplays? He sounds like him idk

  • larissa and brian best pair 2020


  • Dear,cptPianta I hope ur not done with tenmo I will stay tuned for more tenmo vidos YOURS TRULLY, Me

  • River Teemo

  • Whats the bgm at 2:03

  • 3:00 whats that background music ?

  • When Ed sheeran played I died gg

  • 4:14 OH... WOW....THAT NIDA....

  • 1/4 of the video is ad.

  • Jg dark harvest ekko is sooo fking broken >.

  • Does anybody know the name of the music at 2:04 ?

  • i think the video will be more funnier if u edited Will Smith's "YAAAA ITS REWIND TIME" every time u ult

  • What song in the start?

  • Ekko = super shock

  • brian gets bad pussy

  • fuck got battle breakers ad twice

  • The thumbnail art is actually evolving and becoming more advanced drawings

  • I just downloaded battle breakers before this vid came out

  • I keep watching your videos now I am so good at temmo lol

  • i promise i'll never fap to anime girls ever again. just get that image of scien out of my head. please.

  • That's ur gf?

  • Gimme your garen runes lol plz

  • What’s the name of the song in the background in the intro ? Pls help me

  • What’s the name of the song that played at the beginning during the ad?

  • Biutifull

  • When i started to laugh, the video ends

  • Where is Tenmo player?

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • why is this so fcking wholesome

  • Ok this is the first time i dont skip sponsored part , his voice is just so satisfying to hear

  • Thus video is most currently staged

  • what is your relationship with larrisa???


  • They made ekko a Autotune Rapper :^)

  • Is this filler episode of tenmo anime?

  • Pressing R with Ekko is like a gamble with me, Sometimes it gives you a triple kill, sometime it give you Chad's Hard fists

  • The ad took up just under 20% of the video

  • Cringe

  • This somehow felt like i was watching a 2019 version of dunkeys lol video

  • 3:46 IM FREE!!!! 3:47 F*CK!

  • Ekko: Duuuhh...It’s Rewind Time!

  • Imogen and Larissa?!

  • "BeCAuSe ScIeNCE" No! That's not how you're supposed to play the game. xD

  • Epic good

  • The king got his queen yey

  • waiting for cousin tenmo. I'm the shen your friends with ;)