Programmer Boris saves the day - animation storytime

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Ožu 2020.
Programmer Boris saves the day
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This is a animated video about a story of Boris working as programmer with Igor. I used to work at a software company as a programmer. Igor used to be my coworker. This is a video about a day in the life of my career there.
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Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
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Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • what is the song used in the animation? can anyone tell me, I've been trying to find the song.

  • Former.......????

  • Every company you go to, you'll find an Igor and sometimes you are the Igor XD scary thought, but true XD but good story

  • Yee

  • 3:30 (somewhere around there) Isn't it illegal for a company not to pay its workers (most likely a joke)

  • Igor *is* Urod😒😂

  • Igors big problem must be changing name to Vadim

  • Boris, are you up for developing a game? xD Do you have any aspirations in mind about your own game project? If so, I would like to be a part of it if it is possible anyhow

  • 0:15 or giving the fbi a hard time like a true gopnik with coding skills does

  • What is the Music at 01:40 called?

  • Boris didn't you remeber you have a volkswagen?

  • Eee,actually *slav* is the second hard disk and the first one is *master* which its from it boots.... Imagine boris is a second hard disk bruhh....jk

  • ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ BLYAT ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤...

  • Is the chair for defecating or for cow Juice production?

  • We have all endured an Igor at some point in our lives. Purge Igor.

  • Epic Boris

  • To all those people asking for background music from 00:48;I will find the music, check back later.

    • @d g f s deal,bro!

    • @Adrian Popa let's make a deal, you try with your methods and I will try with mine, in 48 hours respond.

    • @d g f s I thought the force was strong in you, bro...

    • @Adrian Popa no man,I couldn't find it

    • did you find it, mate?

  • I Stan animated Boris

  • This inspired from another comment 2019: Vadim Blyat 2020: Igor Blyat 2021: Boris Blyat

  • Hold your Kalashnikovs what type of bike does igor drive

  • Dude, been there. Let's create some software together

  • Блять по русски говори, нихуя не понятно.

  • Why is Boris super Slav trying to be Sgt. Ducky?

  • As soon as I heard "spaces instead of tab" I immediately thought, "so, he's dead right?"

  • Hey Blyat! Im not urod!

  • Take all the time you need man, these are confusing times.

  • Bro you should do this more often and maybe collaborate with other animators

  • Vadim may be a typical annoying neighbor, but at least he lend you something and he's a good friend. Igor? Urod blyat

  • i like the Неделчо Богданов reference

  • cheeki breeki

  • What you talking about Boris? Chair? With company budget like that? You were not just expected to squat?

  • 1:10 Why do you have 13th floor, blin?

  • using tabs instead of spaces is for western spies :| also Java ;)

  • What’s the music in the background

  • Face reveal

  • Boris: *knee deep in grinding code for the motherland* Igor: “HeEeY B0oOriS”

  • I’m new to the channel and ive been binging on your stuff! Can we have more animations like this one? Doesnt have to be crazy 3d render shit, this stuff is great man

  • i bet igor squats on his toes instead of heels

  • Ey Boris why don't you make a second animation channel

  • Employee of the Month.. a Potato.. xDD

  • Hey Boris, have you ever thought to make videos about reading books or just speaking with your adorable manly slav voice?

  • Борис ты русский или энгилский или вообще ты себирец

  • Therapist: kawaii boris can't hurt you, he isn't real. Kawaii boris:

  • I like how the glasses close as eyes

  • Three-legged plate with hole? You mean stool?

  • Russian is being arabic

  • Igor seems like my school collegue in IT... Man that's almost tha same blyat.

  • здоровый

  • We needs Boris in our life to save da day 😂

  • Your fragile like mountain

  • After watching the whole video... Blyat... Look at my name cyka... Aaaaaaahhhhhh

  • My smol problem: having homework Igor smol problem :ww3 and nuclear apocalipse combined

  • What if Boris wears glasses to protect his eyes?

  • weve been waiting 5months for the another story parts boris

  • Sorry but i'm more a c++ person.

  • There is the 10X programmer, and there is the 0.1X programmer.

  • I really want a bike like vadims, that looks amazing

  • The best Inspiring Animation Story, I hope you make Video that almost In the Similiar Theme Like this 😢👏👏👏, PLEASE LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  • *You Teached Me How To Spell Richuel*

  • 666k wtf

  • igor is urod

  • We need more of theseee

  • "He is a type of Gopnik who use spaces instead of tab" *cringes* Debil.

  • " his was.. well his was brown" *Shudders*

  • Ни одного Русского коминтария

  • When ur animated version is typing on the keyboard it looks like a bongo cat

  • I like how he throwed his hand away just to open the window


  • Debil...

  • So basically Slav man whines about trash man


  • *Interview* "Ok Boris tell me what prior experiences do you have that makes you eligible for this software job?" Boris: "Blyat my guy I stopped all those stinking capitalists from nuking our country with their guided missiles" "What missiles?" Boris: Exactly *master hacker intensifies*

  • Your babushka will be proud of you and she will give you a lot of poatatoes so that you can survive the cold season.

  • Tsar bike Am right ze russian? Die Sowjetunion ist scheiße

  • Did the Russians ever have pennyfarthings?

  • Boris, pls bring back the red ushankas. Or make a red and yellow one for the glory greatest soviet union

  • It was so funny when he said he was crazy and he just started rotating

  • I want blin with kompot please

  • Then, Igor changed his name to Yandere Dev and started making a game called Yandere Simulator.

  • I have a felling that ur from bosna

  • 5 years working, only with copy pasting examples from Stack Overflow? Holy shit, sign me up!

  • That was the cutest slav ever


  • We should have more Igor stories.

  • Hello Boris :) Please do more of this animation videos :)

  • Vadim blyat

  • do a weslav keyboard

  • Your animation is great! Please do more!

  • Blin!! Igor was just always drunk on vodka!

  • Da. I am planing slav meme

  • Hey Boris can we have a video on how you learned code?

  • Dose igor work for gaijin entertainment would explain why so many bugs and spaghetti code still in game.


  • 2:47 Igor probably smokes that is why the color turned brown. Trust me smoking indoors is not a good idea

  • All igors crying now.

  • is boris tech priest?

  • this "plate with 3 legs and a hole" is called a stool.

  • c++ gang

  • While doing programming for the motherland ye holding Ak-47 and Dragunov on the back.

  • Smol boris smol boris