Datum objavljivanja: 17. Srp 2019.
apparently qiyana was released as a new champion called tft
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End Song - Edboi girl do you know


  • it felt like yesterday that qiyana released

  • The blackpink cover was amazing

  • bunch o hooligans-

  • Plz I need the song at 11 sec

  • WTH is the song at 7 sec

  • Ooh that's a penis that's a penis 😂😂

  • This should have been the New Thigh bender

  • 5:50 hot hawt

  • Going back for some of that juicy content

  • Ending song????

  • me on top lane: well i'm winning this lane seems like an easy game rest of the team: 0:48

  • stop bullying hookage,tenmo

  • well ok

  • 0:54 beautiful

  • Soulcalibbur ripoff huehuehuehuehuehue

  • I saw it 😂

  • Qiyana the *Last Gender Bender*

  • I died when they started to sing to sing Kill this love. 😂

  • Our favorite Blitzcrank yay

  • The Indian accent at 4:28 was clean

  • I watched the video and still dont know what she does

  • I just realized something *PIANTA KILL*

  • I died from laugher when they sang Kill this Love

  • btw she can dab

  • River TENMO

  • LMFAOOO great stuff Brian, keep it up!

  • *T H I C C*

  • New Elementalist Sivir is good skin

  • I like the new “Kill This Love remix”

  • '.)

  • Omg its 360 hookage

  • what's the chinese joke

  • River shen

  • when you said thats a penis xD i ulted there before and totally said the same thing xD

  • I can’t believe I just found you. This is content at its finest.

  • I love how they sing lets kill this love in Crackhead version

  • Song in outro?

    • nvm just found it


  • 1:08 that's a penis

  • The blackpink refrence was god tier

  • 0:50 should’ve been the intro

  • Mr 360 hook

  • Why u deleted ur discord?

  • can u play critmo? (crit teemo)

  • i like how the blitzcrank thinks he is a god with some simple hooks ;')

  • How can we bend and already bent hoop?

  • Qiyana should get a doughnut themed skin

  • 2:43-2:44 Rampapampapampapaa Kill This LOVE

  • You're better asf than most qiyana users i encoutered lol

  • OMG 4 cowards stood in front of fountain

  • Just great. Funny stuff

  • Tell 4th hokage to make a video and you edit it

  • How can u laugh when ur playing lol ...

  • river shen

  • This is like the 1st time I heard Pianta laugh so much My ears are blessed

  • What's your runes for tenmo

  • Does anyone know the song at the outro

  • Love that squeak squad music

  • I would follow along so much better if I knew what this champ did...

  • Pianta use your littlebluemoon account and ill pay you 100$

  • u never see it comingggggggggggggggg whoho

  • 0:50 still a better dance party than Fornite

  • I'll fucking int my lane just to flirt with her

  • great 👏 Now do river qiyana

  • you are better alone

  • whats the outro song called?

  • You’re better alone

  • Poopbender

  • 0:50 never thought I'd hear a Blackpink cover here lol

  • God damn weebs

  • so fun

  • ok this is one of the best videos that i ever seen


  • I see you watch David Dobrik ;))

  • 4:25 cute


  • hrdown.info/block/video/mHmfhqeJfpeDhbc

  • hoop hoop horay!

  • Its my bday and I was having a bad day you made my day,thanks!

  • Tenmo....?

  • I'm just waiting for the amazing intro "welcome back to tenmo player". I hope i'll hear that soon

  • Fck this we love tenmo player adventures

  • River Tenmo

  • No dabbing? Disappointing

  • I love ur thumbnail dude🤘👏👏

  • My : is broken! xD

  • LMAO i was literally! just playing overcooked 2 😹

  • Brian seems so confused about this elo, maybe he is used to better player...while playing teemo...nah probably not

  • 5:22 The fourth hokage and 2nd hokage testing who's fastest

  • My favorite part of Pianta vids is the random kpop. Like Geeks and Soyou's Officially Missing You. A throwback if I've ever heard one.

  • we want tenmo

  • --Sir we are out of hate! ---What? How? --There was no tenmo player's for 2 weeks now ! ---İs it late ? No ...No rats now ? ---it's over for him. they got him too. ELO HELL İS TOO MUCH POWERFUL

  • 2:38 Brian: oh shit I hit the P E N *S 5 years old subscribes: *laughs in autism* Me: *also laughs in autism even if I'm a motherfreaking 17 years old bitch*

  • The REAL hokage wouldn’t have landed those hooks

  • hey look, it's that pinata guy

  • Whats the song played at the end of the vid?

  • 0:55 best music

  • Wow a sivir skin you can buy with ip

  • What is this new game?

  • I like how they sing Blackpink song just for few sec lol.

  • Did you just remove the title "thicc" from the image clickbaiters use to attract children?