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twitch qna, its here i am a man of my words.
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  • In my country pianta means plant

  • Wait...you never realised Pianta litterally means "plant" in italian? I thought you were refering to that for some reason, the whole italian audience thought that..

  • Btw pianta means plant in italian

  • Twitch Ult works on nexus now? Neat.

  • Good question

  • Yeeeeeeeeey vietnam

  • Actually "pianta" is an italian word that translates to the generic noun "plant" in English, so for an italian viewer like me it's a strange but at the same time wholesome name for a channel that is not related at all to botany. ☺️🌱🌿

  • Its so interesting to see Some peoples relationships starting first from the internet like some different way you would only see in Fiction, like how pewdiepie met Marzia, and how brian met Larissa. I actually didn’t know that video was actual how they met 😱. Some things i cant tell if its real, being sarcastic or somewhat Staged.

  • No one: Pianta in all chat : IM A VIRGIN

  • So suprise that you love Phong Vu Buffalo, I'm come from Viet Nam, let's gooo!

  • Keep up the great work man

  • I didnt kow he have other Chanel :v

  • 2:55 omg im from vietnam love all of u

  • Damm Pianta is a PVB fanboy Love from Viet Nam

  • if it's any consolation, "pianta" means "plant" in italian... so there's that

  • nézzétek meg a felnőtt film karakterem?

  • I love how you just delete them in the background

  • Brian whole video? Thats a good question

  • okay, here's a question, if i ask you what do you think about pineapple pizza, would that be a great question?

  • Don't forget to go like this so we can get another river shen movie. hrdown.info/block/video/vGlpkNprocZofM0

  • Pianta is plant in Italian

  • i clicked the video cause i honestly have no idea whos in the thumbnail

  • River shen

  • Hey kids don´t do drugs do pianta

  • why is your twitch r cooldown so low?

  • pianta means plant in italian btw

  • Phong Vu Buffalo =))

  • so did anyone else see that penta?

  • Pianta i was really inspired by you and if I have my gaming channel i want to play a mangas league and some other games of course i'm still saving up for a pc or laptop thank you're a bootiful person


  • kill darkkmane ;-;

  • Pianta in Italian actually means "Plant", so I guess it does have a meaning

  • This is a really good question

  • Did they eliminate Vietnam region this year because of covid or because we ain’t a solid region anymore? If it’s covid it’s massive bs.

  • What’s the song at the end called?

  • Bruh I also played twitch for the whole 2 weeks of urf and it was fun with 1 runaans huricane and 5 IE. Really makes my enemy tilted all the time😂😂

  • Can you do a volleyball video?

  • And that is one of a thousand reasons why you always ban yuumi in urf!

  • Can you play wild rift??

  • Nobody: Pianta: This is a good question

  • Yay I'm a Vietnamese ♥

  • I can’t believe you lived after 1:28

  • Man I am from German and I love your Videos

  • pianta means plant in italian

  • I'm liking these minion 1 shots

  • Oh u like a vietnamese team!! Are you vietnamese?

  • your content's awesome dude me and the gf love watching your vids keep being amazing and wholesome

  • Some fact 'bout pv buffalo: they changed their name twice in this year, from pvb to dashing buffalo and now is saigon buffalo. Sadly they had a bad split and will have to compete in the promotion matches to stay in vcsa. Btw love ur vids Pianta.

  • heart my comment than PINATA

  • Sorry but darkk mane is literally the most handsome man in this universe

  • Pianta is very cool league youtuber because he interacts in gis tweeter and yeah i also got a response (twice) and yeah he really interacts with his fanss

  • Pianta actually means plant in Italian just so you know

  • pianta means plant in italian

  • I just saw your face recently and you look like a Chinese version of brentman rock

  • I love all ur vids

  • Love u and ur vids, big love from VietNam

  • I liked pianta since pewpew teemo bid

  • Brooooooo, “pianta” in italian means “plant”. Your welcome

  • Pianta : i found my name in random name generator Italians : your name is literally plant

  • I thought the name was form paper mario ttyd. i think the the guy's name is pianta.

  • Can you giveaway a pc for me?

  • 3:42 ingame chat answers all the questions I had.

  • Love the vids, going good now but they really brightened me up during some bad times, since I know ur reading, ur awesome man.

  • 5:46 wtf is that thing coming from the sky?

  • 5:46 me trying to fucking understand what was that orbital ray

  • Battlerite royale??? I love that game and would also love to see more people on it

  • 3:00 hearing him said he like one of my fav team make me loss every single rice in my bowl

  • Todo bien con el video y con la charla retrospectiva y tal... 5 cucharas de plata / diez de diez / 5 tenemos sobre 1 sion. Pero alguien mas vio como esa fiora no moría más? 1:32

  • 5:54 ?????

  • Made in abyss?!?!

  • Pianta means plant in Italian, mamma mia


  • 1:32 „Fiora is a balanced and fun to play against champion“

  • Anyone know the name of the song at 4:45 in Piantas Montage Vayne video?

  • Pianta is Plant in italian

  • Brazil sends you a hug! keep fighting!

  • Aww I thought the meaning of Pianta was that you liked Super Mario Sunshine

  • you must try to Drakthar+bloody blade build in urf you have the best damage

  • love your vids so much bro

  • Where do you play volleyball at?

  • The twitch gameplay makes me want to perma ban him.

  • i feel like the art is in thumbnail just gets better and better everytime

  • Volleyball? Wt position u play doe? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  • 7:28 that’s my comment, and I forgot all about it

  • I've also been following you for the past few years now and never had the nerve to comment before, but I've seen all your videos (the tenmo ones multiple times over of course) and try to emulate my tenmo gameplay after yours. Keep it up with the great content man! Every time I see a new upload it's the first thing I click :)

  • 2:45 heart this! :))))

  • Hi pianta it would be really fun if you do kda taric 2 with rtb and love your videos :)

  • I'm a Vietnamese and i love Phong Vũ Buffalo tooo love from Vietnam

  • Im from Poland :)

  • can u heart me? Just to make me happy?

  • Heart this comment to prove you did not lie

  • You're one of the most underrated leaguetubers so far Pianta, keep it up with them 0.0001 oneshots! :D

  • where's my heart?

  • OMG you are gorgeous! IRL videos pls!

  • It's good to see Pianta doing fun shit again. Tenmo player wasn't bad but I feel like you can only make videos spamming Temmo for so long before it just get boring. Now we just wait for 1 mil subs so he can go pro and win worlds with his favourite pro team!

  • pianta means plant in italian

  • That's a rly great question

  • Stop spamming river shen noob

  • Phong Vu Buffalo doesnt even exist now so u dont have to use pickem ever again lol

  • Just for you know : there is a Vietnamese watched your vids :3