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  • Boris is actually entertaining though. Aloona has no personality. She's cute it's the only reason anyone clicks her videos. Boris #1

  • i don't wanna say this....but....... *sniffs* smells like simp here

  • Hey comrades, can someone give me a link or something that leads me to the video on minute 3:23

  • When are you guys having your first date?

  • You spell haha, xaxa?

  • X A X A *_Pronounced /hɑːˈhɑː/_*

  • Русский язык:*существует* Русские субтитры: букв armani Луи де ту видео зум и районах

  • 2:39 Bee stings.

  • I like your taste in phones

  • Ok, i'll break the delutions of the Boris fans. He is already married. 🤣

  • XAXAXA Aloona,Uamee and Komrade boris make music video.Hardbass if possible pls.

  • Хаха ахринеть как смешно

  • Boris, Nike is pronounced Nick-eh, the old way. The only way.

  • The accent got me fucked up I cant keep up I need the subtitles sometimes you really think he be speaking in Russian


  • 0:10 "twice the content, FOR NONE OF THE WORK!!!' hang on a sec, ain't this capitalist heresy XD??? cuz i'm pretty sure it is

  • I want to see a wedding video

  • So... You're Ukrainian, daddy Slav?? :P

  • i watched both videos, 2 times. First time i watched Boris first than Adloona Than Aloona and Boris second, thanks to the AdGuard and Express VPN

  • Что за блин? Какая связь между этими двумя? Мне не хватает какого-то соперничества?

  • I clicked aloonas blyat

  • Nike is from Oregon. I am also from Oregon. It is pronounced Nikey. Like the Roman goddess of victory.

  • Clicked this one first

  • How the fuck did you get my phone case in that intro Give it back

  • Is it weird I ship these 2

  • Nike is Greek though lol

  • Твой Английский, всё ещё лучше чем у меня...(

  • 4:09 lmao 🤣

  • Cykaaa, not boris checking subreddits

  • Can someone explain me how they started doing videos about each other? CAP?

  • me watching this my neibour:starts drilling (idk why) me:vadim blyat

  • Boris is no mere man I beleve he is a scientist experiment to create the perfect slav

  • Do a nose reveal

  • Хахахахаха. ДА!

  • Hilp

  • 2:12 boris says the n word

  • Boris, the honey case is when you go catch honey in the woods the bees don't like too much, get it?


  • Nikey? Whats that blin i only know NIKE

  • 420k view

  • I hate how you in your other videos that gopniks are cool, Gopniks rob you and break in to your house and beat you up

  • This is the only HRdown drama I'm interested in.

  • @2:17 boris and aloona sitting on the ground, this is slav way of f***ing arround

  • Wait Aloona is a Nun? I need to go to confession now.


  • Can anyone explain Aloona's humour because I watched a few videos and could not find a single funny "joke" in there. Is there something I'm missing? Does everyone just like her because shes hot but, dont want to admit it? She makes reaction videos but calls them "original content"? 🤔 and is the attention-seeking at the beginning of every video where she says how shit she is also supposed to be part of the comedy, or not? Very confusing. Not at all the same type of slav humour as Boris nor my Polish grandparents. Blyat, I'm obviously getting too old for these attention-seeking and self obsessed youtubers. (Even tho I'm only in my 20's lol). I thought millenial humour was supposed to be the worst humour, but this kind of stuff definitely takes the blin! It's funny that Boris has such a huge following because hes the exact *opposite* of that stereotype; how ironic that he doesnt even realise this 😂

  • Realising that the "how do i know its real honey" guy picture is actually a picture of the guy who picked the honey got stung by multiple bees

  • HEY. I have info that real slav pronunciation of Boris puts emphasis on the "i", so it really should be like Bor-ees, not Bor-is. Are you Western Spy?

  • He's so good with bits

  • Play SCP secret Slavotories


  • You know what? I'm sure Masha is Aloona who changed her name.

  • Aloonas redit cover: pops up Aloona Boris: OPAAA

  • Boris: it's like reading someone else's book for money Pre k teachers: -_-

  • 2:12 holy cyka!!! Boris said the n word!!!

  • Now I want boris also to make a fictional character like adloona or brad-ad

  • Russians take over the internet -2021

  • Twice the content for none of the work! -Disney making live action remakes

  • Aloona: Привет Boris: Привет Здравствуйте supa Добрый день

  • отсутствие русских субтитров делает меня грустным медведем :(

  • How many pairs of glasses are you wearing?

  • ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds

  • ah my comrade that in the first 5 seconds ur litteraly pewds

  • Luv boris ❤❤😂😂

  • I still dind't get what he is doing. Is he reviewing memes? Is this a person? Wtf?

  • From what I know, women can be monk too, well at least for some Buddhism branches

  • Now this is what called plan Or lets just call it taktiks

  • the way he says "links" is cute ngl

  • Is Boris SIMP?

  • Hope one day Boris would play TF2 and main Heavy

  • 2:12 Oh no boris you said the n-word

  • i bet youll marry her boris... mark my words comrade youll have 3 children....

  • Nike is pronounced *"Ass Pounders 2"*

  • Hailing from the city of Nike’s origin. It is pronounced Nikey. Fight me Boris

  • Boris simp?

  • Alright boris

  • Отличный Английский

  • I ship them

  • Don't tell me he is simp.

  • Boris is faking his heavy accent or its real

  • Boris is more positive than Aloona

  • need the title of the online classes animated

  • Boris da eyehawk

  • 2:00 Да не, это бред у нас в стране 70% людей носят паль с рынка, так что им всеровно на распродажу в официальных магазинах. Хотя это просто мем, что я здесь рассуждаю.

  • Gordon Ramzanov 😂😂😂💀

  • Ah, blagg I forgot to watch this

  • 0:22 Hmmmm

  • Tell me I'm not the only one that's noticing Boris getting more and more high energy. Like damn, I want what the Shashlik King is cooking

  • babushka

    • we need this man to live forever

  • Duuude! Just today i started reading Metro, did you call Artyom after Artyom 🙃?

  • Ха-ха-ха! Это было весело!

  • El viejas ruso

  • Привет

  • Who the fuck is Aloona?

  • Boris: this video was sponsored by... Me remembering the Boris that said "This video was sponsored by... NOBODY, HA!": No please no Boris: mayonez Me: alright then

  • demonetization blyat

  • ship?

  • what this is? a second russian civil war?

  • You have the patients of a slav _naan_

  • Was it me or did you all see Boris fling that yellow phone