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Who should I get next on TikTok Reactions?
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  • On the thumbnail Simon's smile was photoshopped and Talia's wasn't

  • When Simon said his baby why not ours?🤔

  • literally Talia and Simon are so cute and adorable together if they brake up I don't believe in love

  • The “dude catching people without masks” was a prank and a joke

  • Baby’s already know how to swim, they swim in the womb

  • 8:07 is my fav bit

  • What happened to the cap video

  • 10:00 "why do you guys only listen to American singers?" .... She probably listens to 1D, and doesn't know they are mostly British (im saying mostly because of Nial)....lmao

  • Talia’s face when Simon said he was at a party with mates 🤨😳

  • I know this is irrelevant but I just ate the best orange ever.

  • Simon : am a man of God God : cap

  • 4:32 Simon: I don't know where he's from but I don't wanna visit that Literally his own country

  • The way minter saw talia ohh

  • dont lie i know you were trying to make the chicken noises too

  • If that boy was black it would been mad for him

  • I know I'm late af but that is not how I taught any kid to swim lmfao @14:00

  • Watch from 4:57 to 5:40 on 2x speed 😂

  • nak nios

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  • I really think Minter could've done impressions professionally in another life. I've seen him do a mean dog, chicken, Liverpudlian and much more 🙌

  • 6:51 translation pls

  • bruh jus wanna taste Talias cat. is that too much to ask for

  • 13:56 is she a witch

  • Hey what happened to the dank tik tok ??????

  • Naruto is so underrated, yes ik how popular it is but its still inderrated it should be more popular

  • how do you everyone take the piss of Liverpool ask cent

  • 2:50 ayyo Talia's moving mad

  • Eyyy Simon I’m looking back at some of your old vids and I noticed they have been getting cut out is that you doing that?

  • Background music is epic from dean sch.... sorry I do not know how I spell it

  • Talia getting Mini views

  • Will Simons dog sons would be called miniminiminter

  • 10:06

  • the question was so funny the british

  • Why is talia so cute in this video

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  • 13:23 i wish this was true :(

  • Idky but i can simp for Talia. Damn she's cute 😳

  • Its only Scottish people who forget their t's

    • @Velo Zariz who tf says brish aha 😂

    • @TheMrJai Brish

    • Maybe its only certain accents because I'm from the Highlands Scotland

    • Well I don't pronounce my T's and I'm british

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  • Video name: Reacting to funny tiktoks Picture: Something only simps tap on xD

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  • Simons arm looks bare long at 14:55

  • @miniminter is your video different

  • Talia, Simon thinks ur clapped

  • Simon: they just can't be an android user Me watching him on android:

  • Your a joke man is from Birmingham and that we’re I live if you see this Talia or Simon

  • power knecking = tongue kissing

  • f iphone users

  • 14:20 reminds me what my dad once told me, he couldn't learn how to swim at swimming pools and with instructors, so my uncle once took him fishing, and when he knew that he couldn't swim(he was 13) he grabbed him and yeeted him to the ocean, hour later, he can swim perfectly 🤣

  • If you're seeing this I'm respectful to women :) Talia is beautiful. Simon is a lucky man!

  • I feel insulted how simon says he doesnt want to go to Birmingham because of yourajokeman going through the drive through with a lawn mower

  • Talia has a circle around her eyes that are different colour to her skin

  • Is it just me or some of the vid is cut

    • A lot are


  • Somebody come get her she fucking up my dinner

  • 13:33 when talia says she has a surprise but it’s jj there instead

  • Funny and tiktok doesn’t go together

  • 10:07

  • The super beaver impressively remind because play italy flower mid a thirsty bath. accurate, giant cardigan

  • why was the 4th tiktok cut out

  • Yourraajokemaaannn

  • Simons face when talia said she got stuck shdhdhshhdhd

  • Birmingham

  • 10:06. weird cut

  • Is not Talia is Italia

  • upvote and u will het n word pass

  • 2:56 😂😂

  • K

  • Simon that t though


  • 4:33 they said what accent its a Brummy or Birmingham I got afended ''/

  • jordan is from birmingham{yourajokeman}

  • helt ærlig hvor mange uheld tror du der er med græsslåmaskiner??????

  • simon can you leave your girl friend for me. i love her so much.

  • 13:57 bro Arab dads do badder than this

  • Question to british people: why the two tap one for hot one for cold? Really just why?

  • 2:44 simon being jealous

  • Guy: " This guy agrees with me they're idiots. Audience: "CERTIFIED LEGEND".

  • He is from Birmingham he went to Aston manor school

  • she waches henti

  • This got 4 M views

  • 10:06 ??

  • What audio is the 2020-2021 ksi 13:23

  • I AM A FAN OF MINIMENTER BUT I AM DISLIKING THIS VIDEO FOR DAMN TALIA_______________________________________________________ _____________________


  • The guy with the lawn mower at maccies is from Birmingham

  • Why are some cut out

  • Who is your gf

  • Simon: I’m a man of god🙏 JJ: Stop the cap 🧢

  • Talia has Leah ashe head phones

  • My Nan has size 8 feet mad

  • 11:20

  • Nah Simons impression of a scouse accent is so spot on 😂🤣

  • 6:28

  • 11:00 what is this guys @?

  • Im to poor to buy an iphone😥😥

  • he is brummy btw