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Datum objavljivanja: 21. Lip 2019.
Not sure why they didn't make the final cut...
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  • In this universe s*x dolls are alive 😰

  • I seen this when I was like six and I didn’t know what he turns buzz into

  • I wonder if it was the removal of most of Buzz's head or the horror of what Andy had done to him that shattered his mind

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • ralphthemoviemaker

  • This scarred me forever But it's fine

  • How can Woody choke Buzz even though they're made of sentient plastic

  • 4:50 Eventually, he stopped thinking...

  • Man, that whole skit was hilarious

  • Right as I thought Woody would kill Buzz he did

  • Toy story 5 looks great

  • Mega Funny

  • Some say Buzz is still in space to this day

  • Damn i was not ready for the moaning

  • Buzz Lightyear didn't know that it is by definition impossible to reach infinity. He kept flying forever and was never seen again.

  • that Tom hanks impression is literally identical

  • 2:03 Hello, Woody! *gasps* Do you know what my daddy did? Poop! He pooped! Boop de do do boop!

  • 2:20 And the farmer..he hauls..another load away! Bye, load! Bye, load!

  • Did Andy really just go back to his mom's house just to bang some girl?

  • Damn.... I never heard a tom Hanks impression

  • “Maybe I’m a woman maybe I’m a Asexual space creature” Wait a moment is he, is he referencing- *WE, ARE THE CRYSTA-*

  • This true to life fuck kids shows lying

  • This deadass looks like toy story tho

  • Everybody's talking about how Buzz was turned into a bong and how nobody's talking about how Andy gave Buzz a blowjob, but nobody's talking about how Andy hit the bong _after_ having sex. _Everbody knows you get stoned before sex, Andy, cigarettes are the ones you smoke afterwards._

  • poor pinko. Why did Andy even buy him then?

  • Wait so Andy blew buzz

  • Everything was the reason why they didn't make the final cut

  • 2:55 I didn't even know she had a website till Jontron reviewed her.. "stuff"

  • 1:04 oof if he thought Obama was bad wait until he meets Donald trump

  • Next toy story title buzz gets retarded by a Andy

  • Face reveal

  • Hello woody do you know what my daddy did?.... POOP! and POOPED! LOVE IT

  • Nobody gonna talk about 1:07 ?

  • very good

  • pinko should write I can’t breathe on itself.

  • Don Rickles, Joe Ranft, Steve Jobs, and Jim Varney are rolling over in their graves.

  • I am not that innocent. But still couldn't understand what Andy did to Buzz.

  • 2:10 Buzz had a little too much of some no no juice

  • Wasn't Woody an extremely rare toy, hard to find according to Toy Story 2? I guess that Andy got the other Woody from a mother who sold her son's old toys without knowing their value.

  • Sexe

  • "you know who else kept body parts in their trunk? jeffery dahmer" so are we gonna ignore this dark humors

  • ahahahahahahahah

  • 4:26

  • 4:50 and eventually buzz stopped thinking

  • 1:08 top 10 brutal anime deaths

  • Woody put Buzz down with a pillow?

  • reality good

  • 0:26 The other Jessie doll disappeared

  • 1:55

  • A kids math ad came on before this

  • This has decimated my childhood

  • HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

  • Wtf did he do to buzz 1:52

  • Lame! XD

  • What a frinkin jerk

  • If Toy Story were realistic (apart from the talking toys)

  • Who voiced woody? Sound just like him.

  • 4:18 Let him die because they didn’t do shit to get him strapped onto that truck

  • Buzz has seen thingsz

  • Buzz didn’t get to play tomorrow

  • I hate this prick

  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that Rex was slapped in the face by a condom

  • robot chicken!! My favorite show.... no really

  • What the hell happen to buzz XD

  • This looks so much like toy story that HRdown says Film in Video: Toy Story

  • I feel sad for buzz

  • Frick you

  • Fuck you

  • This ruins my child hood

  • True 4:09

  • SHeesh if andy did that to buzz, imagine what sid would have done.....I don't even want to imagine

  • 4:50 and eventually he stopped thinking

  • Can you repost Kemono Pals videos on your HRdown and air them on TV too. The animation is like 12 ounce mouse, except the animations are slower and it isn’t poorly drawn,


  • When I was around 12 and watched this I didn’t understand the whole improvising with toys thing. But now that I’m 18 Yeah I still don’t get it, can someone explain pls

  • eBay E B A Y

  • *"aRe wE gOnNa pLay tOmOrRoW?*

  • Whoever's doing woody's voice does a great Tom Hanks impersonation

  • Whoever gave a like to this video you're sick

  • Mr.potatohead is right about pinko

  • They would implement a liberal toy...

  • So you could say Andy got a good buzz from hitting buzz...😎🤫 I'll be going now

  • Lol now i know where forky came from

  • When the Swedish thing says how dare you

  • The toys didn't strap Lotso to the grill of the truck. That was the garbage man who found him. Just sayin.

  • When i was small i thought buzz was turned into a crack bong but it was a normal bong

  • 3 things wrong about these parodies. Toys can't puke, breath air, and how did Andy not hear any of the toys while he was sleeping? Lol

  • And I oop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • "Who say's these are hands" *high five* 😂😂😂

  • Buzz the Bong

  • I hate that brick too

  • .

  • 4:36 “who says these are hands?” proceeds to high five woody

  • Doesn't that mean he has already reached Infinity?

  • Toy story 5 looks good

  • I already hate this prick

  • Yo andy turned buzz into a 12 year old after they saw Charli damelio

  • 🦕

  • This ruined my childhood

  • That bit on 2:38 is actually part of a movie reference that you young cats probably don’t get.