Rocket League with No Balls

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2021.
This is Rocket League with no balls!
"I love it a lot" @MERTZY
"Better than Snowday" @amustycow
"Surprising" @Rocket Sledge
"It's a battlefield" @Athena
"It's like....great" @Jon Sandman
"I see its potential" @Rizzo
"It's like wow this is a really cool toy!" @Wayton Pilkin
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  • Remove boost and add the rumble kick

  • dang i thought this would be 2 teams of women i was disappointed...

  • Yeah haha haha😂🤩

  • Love it

  • I read the title and expected athena to be in this video

  • Why don't you do a capture the flag modded version? ... Same rocket league with no balls but one player is marked as "Ball" and he is the only who can score ... So that means his team needs to protect him and the defenders needs to tackle everybody ... If he gets demo the player that demo him gets targeted as Ball and the defenders start to attack ... Boost limited to normal , car colours all the same except the target Ball guy... To start the game you could do a normal ( no balls) and the first to score gets defending position in the second round ) . This would be pretty dope in a 4vs4 ... If you want to be extreme just add rumble powerups and this will go crazy soon ;)

  • Add power ups

  • If you had to be in the air for 5 seconds before your able to score it might be fun

  • This is giving me big nathan for you vibes lol


  • It's still better than snowday. Musty out here spitting facts because we all know snowday sucks ass 😔

  • What if you couldn’t see the field?????

  • Musty: Ya.... with no ball

  • Fak ball

  • The probable orchid reportedly announce because fat realistically roll by a aromatic turnover. spotted, cooperative taste

  • I thought you meant they didn’t take risky shots 😐

  • You should make the goal smaller an higher so it’s harder to score and make it as wide as the car.

  • Me and this game finally have something in common

  • This feels like an April 1 video

  • Why not rocket league but someone’s car is the ball?

  • Rocket league with no cars

  • good idea; make the goal a small circle so you have to aerial into it and make the map longer, also add speed boosts aswell as spikes placed on the map

  • Ballless

  • You should put motorcycles instead of cars lots of views there

  • “That’s a wave dash, they do that around diamond” Me, a platinum doing wave dashes: So am I good?

  • Make it so there is a ball just it’s invisible

  • make it 1 v all i think that would be cool so only 1 player can score and everyone else tries to stop them. then the ceiling shots would come into play

  • This would be great as a montage game mode. Every goal that is made the game mode changes. 1st goal is rumble. 2nd goal is invisible ball. 3rd goal is no ball. etc. But everytime you play the modes are on shuffle so you don't know whats coming next.

  • it is american foot

  • this remind anyone of hypixel bridge duels? no, just me? ok.

  • This is how my dog lives

  • Add obstacles that move for players to get through an make it 2v2 3v3 you could also do 1v3 where someone has to get through all defenders

  • Bull rush??

  • Eee

  • You should make it where demos are off so you can bump people and the one person is the ball and you have to bump them to "take" the ball and then you can score but I would also say that if you did this idea do it in 3s. Also Loved the vid.

  • Maybe a smaller goal, minimum team size 2, and some sort of power-up/building/crafting mechanic to add some strategy

  • I need this so I can aidrible

  • This mode would be amazing if on every touch you would demo your enemy, and your boost would be limited to 25 or 50, 3v3 on basketball map.

  • What about Rocket League with 2 balls?

  • Atleast she can't Athena flick

  • I think this could work if you had to do something before you unlock being able to score. Perhaps pick up 3 boost pads or something?

  • Remember that game we used to play as kids in PE or in the pool? Rocket League X Sharks and Minnows would be perfect for this

  • Rocket league, but there's too many balls (stuff the nets full)

  • Rocket league whit no car 😱😱😱

  • An idea how to make this better would probably be that you cant touch the floor on the enemy's half of the field. That would mean you have to aerial which probably would make it more fun

  • It was a good game mode but you just need to switch it to a race mode so you just have defenders and attackers. The attackers try to get on the goal and the defenders are basically goalies. But do a 1-3 ratio of attackers to defenders. Have the attackers on one team and defenders on the other

  • So u telling me @athena cant miss a shot now

  • Mby you can try to slow down the attacking players and make defenders not able to score and roles switchs every round.

  • Okay, sunless! Here’s an idea! Do it a 3v3, call one of the three in each team the “scorer” (which will be chosen randomly after each goal) he can’t boost, and can’t demo! But he can be demoed! The other two on the team have to protect their scorer and at the same time protect the net front the other scorer! This will give the game some outplay mechanics! Excited to hear your response!


  • If it was 5v5 there could be 1 on goal, 2 in defense and 2 on offense and only if you could blow up the cars with a single touch that they had in the enemy field. SUN

  • Score your team members

  • you should make them take turns

  • If you made it so the car needed to be in the goal for an amount of time like 5 seconds

  • Make it 3v3 or possibly 4v4 (no ball to chase it might not be so chaotic), turn demos off, shrink the net and put it in the air just high enough to where you have to have at least 12 boost to reach without the wall. Make one player on the team spawn as the ball but only the team knows who their ball is. Non standard with uneven surfaces momentum killing surfaces so recoveries are important. Less boost on the field. Find a way to toggle ball cam to the closest enemy car. If you are not the ball and you enter the enemy net make it teleport you back to inside your own net therefore fakes have consequences, and expose you as not a threat to be blocked in the future untill a goal is scored and the kickoff resets. Add an aera on each side in the middle of the map and your own corners that teleports you to your own net to help with defensive rotations, blocking an oponet with a bump from inside your own net shouldn't disadvantage you more than the player blocked. The game would be all mind games boost management and recovery mechanics.

  • Petition for sunless to make this video 5 plats vs 3 diamonds

  • When he kept saying balls I thought a manscape add coming up

  • The ball is dead

  • I would love to see this be a real game mode

  • Girls playing rocket league be like:”i never play whit balls”

  • I feel like custom race maps with insta demo obstacles that use flying and boost management for higher tier players and for lower tier just easy race maps i mean who wouldve thought of racing cars right

  • Me when I look at my fats: maybe I am ball

  • Athena can finally make an open net

  • The title tho

  • Can someone explain why im not getting my ranks even tho my tm8s are ass and i out preform them but i dont rank up wtf im stuck in gold 3 div 4 and i win 5 games in a row and don div up onece wtf is happening

  • Sunless. Can u be toxic af for 10 games and win all of those 10 games in a row?

  • no balls but freestyle only

  • .

  • I silver and do wave dashes.

  • this was actualy a very common game i played as a child when nobody had a football/soccer ball. when an opponent touched you, you would "freeze" and couldn't move. if a team mate touched you, you would "unfreeze" and be free to move again. When you entered the opponents goal you scored

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  • Hey sunless I met up wi to a really toxic person he mad me cry I was so mad and when I said 1v1 he was like “it not ready kid”it made me mad

  • Next video: Rocket League with no cars. side note: what if only one player in the match is the ball at a time and the other players have to push it across the line because the engine doesn't start.

  • I am a silver 3 division 3 but I feel like a play WAY better

  • Sunless can u coach me plz

  • SunlessKhan is actually Ray Romano. xD

  • Lol


  • how can i hit the balls there are none

  • Thx

  • Up next: Rocket league with no cars

  • petition for him to make a video "golds vs. pros but the pros have missbot..."

  • how about ball less khan

  • Isn’t rocket league shutting down next year???

  • Sunless u should do a vid where u get a pro player vs 7 silvers but one of the silvers is secretly a gc/pro

  • so its just like u playing

  • Just imagine if sunless was the best youtuber oh wait he already is

  • Title kinda sus

  • some random kid you wont no balls. sunless :bet

  • this mode would be much better if there were 4 players on each team and all the players of one team need to get into the enemy goal to score

  • Drinking game idea, take a shot any time he says the word "ball" Plot twist, dont take a 'shot' because there's no ball.

  • Can you make one where your subscribers 1v1 till we could 1v1 you

  • Did you say most respected but still put athena on this

  • make it so that only one person at a time that came go to score and infinte boost

  • next video - Rocket League with 2, 3, 4.... loads of balls

  • Awsome

  • Hi, SunLess! I Know how to improve it) Ther shoud be 1 vs 4 (or more). The 1 must cross the goal line. 4 must demo him - for each demo they score +1. Only one of four has demo on touch and he can't drive out a goaly sector (sorry, don't know haw to say that correctly, pause the video on 3:56 - you can see it - big blue lines) and allways have a full boost. The 1 allways have a full boost too. Hope you'll see this =)

  • Jesus wept, Athena's voice is like a knife in my ear drums!

  • U could have one person who has to score , like tag

  • Video idea: do 7 silver/golds vs 1 pro again but have the silvers/golds be coached live by another pro ! (Sizz??)