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the ultimate skin
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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • River shen

  • é o pijas

  • que cara bom

  • not to sound like an asshole but you cant buy 2 sheen Items

  • Don't let gangplank having no hair distract you from how Pianta built double spellblade

  • Sailor Gangplank? "Oh I bid farewell to the port and the land..."

  • I really like your videos. it's so enjoyable and soooo cool to watch. I wish I Will play with you someday

  • imagine being lane bullied by a gangplank

  • 0:48 kayn

  • divine sunderer and essence reaver...


  • 30s i thought it's tobias video, i really need to sleep

  • Oranges

  • I want to see tenmo player in challenger

  • I got sailor gp like 3 weeks ago and ai thought the same thing

  • River Shen

  • Now i wanna play gp again... damnit

  • Ngl I'm a teemo main and tenmo player is actually what drove me into this, he just looks so fun when he's playing teemo

  • The fingers🤢 Nah they aight

  • I just discovered you're channel, I hope you dont die

  • Canf wat for more gankplank youtuber


  • Pianta: Jumps to being 6/11 Me: Monkey shrieking about how is that Kassadin 30/1

  • always wondered what are the names of the songs that he uses in his videos? yknow the popsongs etc +

  • There are a couple of champs whose splasharts aren’t updated for the skins

  • wait. u aren't Tobias Fate

  • if u do vid more than 10 min ... i will subscribe )

  • why u lying man


  • can i subscribe twice?

  • 2:37 nice

  • Hey ! Is the Merch still available ?? i want those hoodies ! :)

  • ¿Tobias Fate what happened to your voice?

  • I like the way u went from 6/0 to 6/11

  • hey pianta,so im streaming and i play sometimes teemo and I call him tenmo and I change the tittle(of the stream to tenmo)Is this ok and if its not im sorry I didnt want to copy you but I love tenmo

  • tobias fate approves!

  • I came here after watching "IS STILL LEAGUE FUN?"

  • I thought this was a tobias video just from the thumbnail

  • yo i think you should name the new series where you only play teemo as : tenmo player

  • Wtf is this skin

  • Give me pc

  • Can't wait for the yuumi jungle guide :)

  • Brian.. we need more on the music channel

  • wait i thought this is tobias' video

  • love that Toy Story 2 on playstation one's music

  • the timing of me subscribing and then the video saying a he got a sub just fucked with me too hard

  • imagine not subscribing

  • the 30/1/3 kass tho how did your team feed him a full course meal to the point he singehandedly had more solo kills than your teams combined kills?

  • I was half expecting him to just start violently swearing lol




  • River Shen????

  • im a proud member of the %21 percent and im not concidering to subscribe till tenmo player comes back

  • Idc for all this videos all I want is tenmo playa to come back. Best series ever

  • Bruh wasting ur money for fake hair

  • LukiSteve

  • -I want Tobias Fate -We have Tobias Fate at home *the Tobito we have at home* :

  • Gankplank Gaming

  • Damn, at 3:00, the music is an ost from Toy Story 2 on PS1/PC. I have a lot of nostalgy from this song.

  • this man really bought a sunderer and an essence reaver lol

  • tobias fate

  • Tenmo returns???

  • i thought this was gona be about sea shanties

  • can you do a vid with aatrox *pls?*

  • Gangplank Captain to crew Sad 🥺

  • tenmo’s big return?

  • Tenmo :)

  • YO Ho YO Ho Wheres TenmOOOo!!!???

  • Love ur funny league content bri, hope you can make more vids frequently. btw you got a discord server I can join?

  • Bring back teemo games

  • nice content bro

  • Hinting the return of tenmo rank climb!!!

  • Sailor pianta 😊😊

  • Omg sunderer and essence.....

  • " Why don't you subscribe? its free and you can unsubscribe anytime" *Subscribes then unsubscribes* Stonks and honks

  • I can hear tobias fate laughing in the background

  • Everyone is talking about how they saw larissa stream and thinks its like reading manga before a anime but for me its like, pianta's videos are trailers for me to watch and then I can go watch full movie at twitch lol

  • 3:20 it doesn't sit right with me he's still alive 😂

  • LukiSteve?

  • when flapjack joined league of legends

  • d o a s k a r n e r g u i d e

  • Only real ones know this was actually called 10$ gangplank skin

  • Ew, why would you try to climb with teemo? Yuck

  • a series where u only play gp?

  • You really wasted the "oppa GANKPLANK style" chance

  • Thank you for making my day better as i just got surgery at my nuts:)

  • I can't believe it... Dream has influenced pianta too

  • Bro if you play teemo I insta suscribe

  • of course fizz doesnt beat sailor gp. he eats fish

  • wher tenmo pleyer

  • M

  • What do I have to do to free up your summoner name???

  • congrats on 15 subs!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian has the studio renewed tenmo player for season 5? Don’t tease us like this man

  • yummy

  • I like when you upload videos like these that I can watch on more than 1% volume

  • what is this elo 😭

  • Fr thought this was a tobias thumbnail and video