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spellbinder teemo is back. the original teemo is back! tenmo player in the basement
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  • How to win against teemo: Play lee sin

  • Teemo dodges everything one cut later 2/5

  • come back with tenmo content pleaseee

  • As an Illaoi main this video was very unsatisfying

  • Outro song pls?

    • Ayasa - The Reason Why

  • hey, pianta, can you tell me what song was playing at the end of the video?

    • Ayasa - The Reason Why

    • thanks in advance bro

  • if you used predator, you could be even FASTER

  • The SAO at the beginning

  • What is the name of the piano music at the end of pianta's video?? It sounds very beautiful and I'd like to overdose on ty 🙃

    • Ayasa - The Reason Why

  • wTF

  • tenmo i played with you once

  • But witch tempo is the most satisfying

  • This comment should get like from pianta.

  • 3:30 omae wa mo shienderu... Nani?!?

  • You should do this but with the new Runaans It gives you like 9% MS lol

  • Teemo is the best pokemon

  • 4:41 you somehow outran everyone... why don't u show us. i aint subscribing to this feelgood nonsense

  • Hey herald how many Titan gels did you use UwU

  • Use myself as bait. Thwack

  • Q the minion get killed by minions. Feels bad man.

  • outro song plss

  • 4:38 Running from The Boys after eating the last cheeto

  • That was saTEEMOsfying !!! XD

  • all jokes until hes actually held in a basement by brian...

  • What's the outro song ?

  • song name plz at 4:00

  • what song is in the outro?

  • Yo did he lock this video at 666k views cuz its at 666k views lol

  • is this illaoi drunk ? she miss every e , unsatisfaying

  • "I'll use myself as bait" he said in the end he dies XD 3:08

  • The fast.

  • Stfu

  • Those anime songs on ur video 😀 😀 😀

  • Does anyone know the outro song? It's VERY satisfying

  • plot twist : Brian and Tenmo is same person :]]

  • What’s that satisfying music at the end

  • Ok I know I'm late but is there no one gonna talk about the kimetsu no yaiba ep ost played in the outro of his vid?

  • i like this channel but i hate teemo, make sense? =v

  • music at 2:30?

  • first in a few days ahahahahahahahahah

  • Whats the ending music it sounds from korean drama lol

  • Legends say that he's still running from Akali to this day

  • 2020 we still waiting for the live stream

  • What the outro song name? Pls

  • Who would win fast boi or a champ that has 999 dashes and 101292938 percent move speed bonuses

  • what was that outro music wooo

  • How many times did you say satisfying Pianta:yes

  • Thnks fr th mmrs is so unsatisfactory without vocal :(

  • This gotta be the next season of bleach. What a shit anime

  • What video does pianta say welcome to my humble abode

  • Can i ask why do u have ignite on teemo???

  • Are you satisfied with your care?

  • Anyone knows the outro?

  • What is the song at 3:58

  • Am I the only one who thinks that he sounds like the early pwediepie? Lol

  • What is that song at 0:52 I’ve been looking for it for a long time but i didn’t think I would find it im piñatas video

    • Canon in D

  • Music at 2:28?

  • WTF you just made my sister thinks im watching rated 18 stuff That guy from the start is right.. I love tenmo but I hate Brian

  • Awts that's kinda sad now you're onè of those bitches

  • 3:10 damn that Was sooo Satisfying

  • 3:10 this is not satisfying...

  • sucha satisfying video

  • X D

  • 3:31 secret Dark souls champ ?

  • Not that anyone asked but the song at the end is called Ayasa - The Reason Why I don't know the exact piano version though :/

  • Music at 2:26?

  • Request for the ost from the outro please, thanks

  • What’s the name of the end song

  • Player: *breathe* Pianta: Ughh now thats satisfying

  • This video was so satisfying

  • this was fucking funny

  • anyone know the name of piano song at the end?

  • Song at intro?

  • Get rekt

  • S S A T Y S F Y I N G I N G

  • Best teemo footage.

  • What's the outro?

  • How many times did you say satisfied or satisfying but you didn’t say satisfaction

  • Ay yo g what’s outro piano song💪🏽

  • music at the end anyone pls

  • 3:09 i use myself as bait...... *dead*

  • what is the soundtrack in the credits?

  • Pentakillsallday vs the most epic name of all time: Brian.

  • 3:10 jajajajajajaja

  • The most satisfying thing is watching temmo die, not just that, but they didn't even stand a chance and got smacked in the worst way possible

  • All this talk of satisfying . I had to leave this vid to go satisfy myself 😉

  • what’s the exact link to the outro song all the other ones aren’t like it

  • What’s the ending piano piece it’s a meme from a cat looking up at the sky lol

    • Ayasa - The reason why

  • *Buys 6 spell binders* *TIME FUCKING STOPS*

  • satisfying counter : ITS OVER 9000

  • this is the fucking mo dao zu shi music fgksjdzjfghdfjklh

  • Love your vids, keep going!!

  • You make me laugh so hard that i forgot to breath 😂



  • PentaKillsAllDay is claimining a refund for the tour u gave him, he just couldnt keep your rythim, got lost and missed the tour

  • Outro song?

  • Damm Pianta getting satisfied by tentacles??

  • 1:53 ooohh XD

  • Well i tried It out in Silver play but my pc got triggered and turned himself off when the game started and still won the game cause I dodged everything with teemo😎