SCP-021 Skin Wyrm (SCP Animation)

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Vel 2021.
Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Safe Class object, SCP-021 Skin Wyrm Animation.
SCP 021 takes the form of a large and elaborate tattoo of a serpentine dragon in the oriental style. This tattoo is fully animate within the confines of its host's skin and behaves largely as a normal animal would, albeit in only two dimensions. The tattoo's movement causes constant pain to its host, comparable and similar in character to simultaneous tattooing and tattoo removal on a large scale. SCP021 appears to feed exclusively on pigments in the host's skin. This can include melanin, in which case the subject appears to be suffering from vitiligo. However, the organism shows a marked preference for other tattoos and will seek out and devour these before resorting to natural pigments.
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This video, being derived from written by xthevilecorruptor, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • The numbers attributed to the SCPs do not necessarily match their chronological discovery (one of the proposals of SCP001 explains this).

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  • not WYRM ..very different things damit! get it right! imagen if this sort of miss pronunciation started to affect archives...and affect what containment procedures scps where treated with! XD also..if it offers direct benefits to the human it bonds with ,and not consumes ,well..its more a symbiot then a parasite isent it ?..ohh..if some sort of sorcery could be used to either make it become intelligent and benelovent....and maby even help it develop a none painful way to move on its symbiot human.....hmm ,potential movie or novel matieral.

  • Thanks for bringing us these interesting scps!

  • Did you knew that a SINGLE needle would hurt WAY MORE THAN multiple needles, that is because multiple needles will only go a certain amount of depth into your skin. A SINGLE needle can go ALL THE WAY THROUGH, which will make it WAY MORE PAINFUL.

  • So...don't give it a new host? Let the host die and then bury or cremate it. This wasn't explained. I understand the We NeEd To KeEp It In CoNtAiNmEnT fOr StUdY BeCaUSe ScIeNcE but really, just don't give it a new host. Either it'll die with no pigment to feed on or you'll learn of some bizarre ability it has to transfer to someone without contact, in which case I doubt you'll classify it as Safe anymore.

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