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  • Jenny is adorable!

  • Jess clearly has the better hand writing than gabe😂😂😂😂

  • Jess and gabe's handwriting is so good!! Mine looks like actual spiders🙈🙈

  • jenny lowkey looks like jenna pry

  • So awesome and fun to watch 🤩

  • i love this vid. this is the most wholesome vid ever 🥺😭💗

  • Does anyone else miss jacko

  • I love seeing you guys like this. Been watching forever. I love seeing your relationship grow and evolve and just seeing you both grow up in similar ways to how I am growing up. Love you both sm

  • Sounds like Gabe had Vertigo.. that spinning of the room and vomiting, I had it a few times.. worst feeling EVER !! It needs medication to get better and stop soon, so I'm pretty sure it's Vertigo and it's definitely because of stress..

  • "when I lay down I get dizzy" BRO SAME

  • This was so beautiful 🥺 all the memories

  • Jess you look so good in lilac!! 😍

  • OMG Gabriel really sounds like Doctor Mike😱

  • Ooh we see you Jenny

  • Love it!! Ps you both have very nice hand writing!!

  • am i the only one who felt relieved to finally see how jeny looks she looks gorgeous

  • in the family picture is someone doing a dab

  • Omg Jenny is so prettyyyyyyy

  • About to watch this for the third time just because I enjoy watching y'alls videos and need more 😭

    • My Jess and Gabriel withdrawals begin around Wednesday/Thursday

  • Jenny Is pretty

  • I haven't watched you guys for a while it's good to be back

  • Nice Video as always

  • i literally choked on my noodles when gabe said "should we?" KJASHKJASDHAHAH

  • it’s normal to want to know how tall someone is. i used a tape measure to compare myself to harry styles

  • jess in purple😍😍 (and all colors ofc)

  • 9:57 🥺🥺🥺

  • jenny Day :D

  • 3:11 not me blushing at this exact moment

  • Jess and Gabe are especially gorgeous in this video. Omg!!!!

  • jenny is so cuteee! also, please do another one of these with the ones you didn't choose for the video! this was really cool and really funny!

  • can we talk about the fact that thEY BOTH STRAIGHT UP LOOK LIKE MODELS IN THEIR ID CARD PHOTOS

  • When she said “we don’t need to get into why” you could hear in her voice that it was a sensitive topic praying for you👏

  • Love you guy's



  • please do a reaction video of Anthony Recenello's video he made about you two 😃


  • like for jenny 😍😍

  • i feel like the picture of jenny in my head was actually not so far away from how she actually looks

  • Both of their voices are so soothing 🥺🥺🥺

  • For me as a girl I like to find out how tall my boyfriend has been as the time passed because we are doing long distance relationship and I will compare his height with mine😂😂😂😂😂 For me it was such a cute thing knowing that my boyfriend is way more taller than me.

  • Jenny is so gorgeous!!🥰

  • Jess and Gabriel It been a while ago Where have you been both Long time not seen you both I thought both sides Have a baby....!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love how much more comfortable y’all are with “adult words” on here lol

  • I luv Jess with dark hair

  • JUANPA! I never thought I would see him in one of your videos again!

  • jess looks amazing in that color

  • Gabriel knew what he was doing when he said “should we” 😂❤️ Love you guys so much day 1 fan ❤️

  • Hi! Where did you get yours and Gabe’s phone cases? Btw watching from Athens Greece! 🤗 Love lotss💕

  • Anyone loves Jess’ hair??

  • Gabe, where'd you get your shirt?

  • Was having such a bad morning and yours just made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Omg baby Jess is adorable

  • OMG JENNY!! I used to watch her videos!! She's so funny

  • We have been invested in your love story since we met at 19 in 2016. We were thinking recently do you guys ever think about what if you met in 2020 and couldn’t physically see eachother due to the pandemic, what that could of looked like? We also did long distance (not quite as far as you guys) but we often think about it

  • Actually you showed a pictures when you were kids it wasn't a picture of you as a baby.

  • jenny is so beautiful 😻

  • Jennyyyyy!!!

  • I love the sit down videos!

  • Jenny!!! 😊

  • I've been following you guys for at least 3 years now, but hadn't watched a video in a couple of months. I love that you still start and end your vlogs the same way ("another day another vlog" + "peace out") ❤️ There's something so comforting and familiar about that!

  • Hello everyone, friends. We are a family KREINOVICH, and on our channel is all about our family. I will be glad to see you on my HRdown channel. Subscribe, it will be interesting.

  • My new favorite youtube couple..lovely couple❤

  • gabe you might be dealing with vertigo, feeling dizzy when you lay down


  • I didn't realize i missed jacko this much omggg the trio that starts chaos on the internet im-

  • Gabriel shaving your head bald

  • omg y'all are so cute hahah. and i LOVE that y'all are friends with Jordan and Milena hahah 4 of my FAVORITES💓💓💓💓

  • Jennyyyy 😂

  • I never ger tired stare at Jess Beautiful Eyes... Love ya Jess


  • Anyone notice she didn’t show her search thing loll

  • never getting tired of your love story faccccts


  • Jenny is SO pretty!!!

  • Omg I was about to say ”hello??? No another day another vlog?”😂

  • loveee uuu bothhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Still Saturday just a week late haha

  • jenny looks like the sweetest, most kind hearted, beautiful girl!

  • jenny was the highlight

  • He is wearing jeans🤯🤯🤯🤯



  • can i j say that that lavender color looks GORGEOUS on jess! i saw the intro and was blown away by how beautiful she looked! not to mention her hair, like WOW! function of beauty coming in HARDDDD!

  • The most risky jess & gabriel video ive been WAITING for this one! So cute!


  • Love you Jess and Gabriel love you all in the Comments give me a million likes please.

  • Aww Jenny is so pretty!!!☺️

  • 3:05 Love that they have stopped thinking about all that “Omg little kids watch your videos” and now are saying what they want cuz it’s their channel ♥️

  • Jenny!!!

  • jenny is the best. pls tell her that

  • both of ur handwriting are so good!

  • Gosh you both look so much older yet I see the younger yous when you both were just married 🥺🥺💘💘love watching you both and I aspire and pray for a marriage like this💖

  • omg so weird but that's exactly how i pictured Jenny in my head 😂

  • Jenny is so beautiful tbh 😍

  • jennnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy at lasttt .. omg shes so prettyyy. Also no offence but the photo of jess on her id card gave me a feeling of those lil miniature people in the game GTA. HIHI lovedd this video

  • Jess you look freakin STUNNING in Lilac 💜💜💜

  • June 10th that’s my birthday

  • Omg I thought Jenny would have long blonde hair and glasses. Wow. Not what I expected. She's stunning! 🦄💜

  • Just watched a video of Milena then came Love you guys so much