Datum objavljivanja: 14. Vel 2021.
Today the Sidemen attempt to find a fake couple!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • I just realized that all the real couples, the girl was to the left and the guy on the right. The fake couple it was the opposite he was on the left she was to the right of him.

  • I knew who were the fake couple in like 5 minutes 😭😭😭

  • I definitely didn’t think they were the fake couple😂

  • I realized No3 the guy kept wiping his lips everytime they kiss

  • That’s my dance teacher 😂

  • Best vid they have done so far this year

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  • 40:43 that dance was nice ngl😂💜

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  • Those push-ups weren't at a clean form 27:47

  • First of all Birmingham is West Midlands not east 😂

  • Ayo wait wtf. The fake couple were actually telling the truth but they are “technically” not a couple. But they still well associate with each other and they were not lying. 😂😂wtf that defeats the purpose. Isn’t one “couple” Meant to be lying versus 4 couple telling the truth. So basically every single pair of them were all not lying. This is legit messed up😂😂

    • Every sub I get is a day without 🤜🥩

  • This is basically jubilee

  • Another episode

  • the couple that showed doggy bro in front of strangers, I need to hang out with them they seem very fun xD

  • Love them

  • ayo jj

  • Knew it from the start

  • These type of videos won’t get the views but are definitely amongst the most entertaining

  • They just trying to make a prob video at this point on HRdown 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • more of this

  • *[Laughs along to the video in painfully single]*

  • We all saw on camera Ethan's ears didn't move😶

  • People would think my husband and I are fake if they ask us to hug or stare into each other’s eyes 😂 I HATE hugs and eye contact. It is so awkward.

  • 3:06 fake id say

  • poo pee poo poo

  • poo poo pee poo

  • What’s the banger that couple said was there song 😂

  • Someone notes Mandy rose 😅

  • Every sub I get is a day without 🤜🥩

  • "I can tell the fake from the fraud" -KSI 2020

  • This is sickkkkk!!

  • yo respect for jj for mentioning sadfewords

  • TMI from couple 3

  • The fake couple kiss 30:46

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  • 20:18


  • Love it


  • I guessed it in the first few minutes of the video 😂😂 And everything they did to prove themselves I literally just backed my thoughts with “well yeah, they’re friends....”

  • subscribe to my yt. SHARE IT. GONNA be creating more OLD JJ skit relatables

  • my man said :"one of the only mens"

  • Ksi is going mad 🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:55

  • Simon right... the middle couple is overcompensating.

  • Jamew7 Jamew7 1 week ago waiiting sidemen collab with gordon ramsay! 34K Aidan Schofield Aidan Schofield 1 week ago They should do a reverse where all the sidemen and their gf’s are singled out by strangers to find the one sideman with no gf 3.2K Mango Play Music Mango Play Music 1 week ago The man with the loafers is adorable, 2K Rachel W Rachel W 1 week ago “Ive only had this watch like 3 weeks” “I think his ex bought it”... but been together a year 😂 How did they not pick up on that!?? 2K Cambell Cambell 1 week ago JJ’s reddit is going to destroy him he doesn’t even know his own lyrics 1.1K SethIsFlawed SethIsFlawed 1 week ago no one: absolutely no one: big josher: “does his wood bend left

  • did anyone else think the fake couple was fake and they are just really good friends

  • Vikkstar in this video:

  • If i reach 200 subs, and 1k views on my new video. I will drop a remix with a verse from every Sidemen member

    • Great video to watch tho had me going

  • The sore berry morphologically relax because select wessely pat opposite a like acknowledgment. stereotyped, awful propane

  • No one gonna acknowledge the fact that they said they did a dance audition on The X Factor. A singing competition.

  • 6:08 dem man weren't messing around 😂😂😂

  • "I can tell the fake from the fraud" -KSI 2020

  • A good question would be to describe their siblings using hair color, eye color, and age at the same time to see if they say something different

  • ferland mendy and luka modric ditching madrid to be a couple on a sidemen vid. smh

  • Does anyone know the names

  • the fake couple would be a great couple fr lmao they have the same vibe.

  • I was almost certain it was the back left couple

  • I think in another sidemen Sunday the sidemen should get their own girlfriends and get random people to fill in the blanks, then get 8 people in 2 groups to find the fake coup

  • does anyone know cloy's @?

  • innit

  • Tooo cringe aint gonna lie

  • Girl bottom left is the 1️⃣

  • Logan Paul And Miniminter Maverick. Home And United States of America

  • Great video to watch tho had me going

  • They actually fooled me at first I thought they're over compensating but then I believed they were real😂


  • Who else started Rapping KSI’s part in lighter while he struggled to remember 😂

  • we've been together a year, I only have this watch 3 weeks, your ex bought it... makes sense

  • The fake couple was so obvious. Slipping up with how they got together and him adding too much detail to everythingx

  • Total time wasters.

  • But technically they are friends with benefits. Technically they are a couple in my eyes. They have more chemistry than half the couples on the list.

  • This was entertainingly hurtful to watch

    • 6:00 the whole video changed

  • Man the black guy looks like ferland mendy I swear

  • Toby’s eyes at 6:33 got me dead💀

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  • I lowkey liked JJ fit

  • 32:09 camera man behind the small tree caught on camra

  • 6:08

  • No one: The bowling alley screen when I get a strike: 50:40

  • I enjoyed this 😂😂 DEFINITELY MAKE PART 2

  • anyone else notice how the fake couple is the only one with the woman on the right

  • 34:45 There's always someone that laughs like that

  • Yeah I could kind of tell there answers were like way too good and planned out

  • 45:37 dammmmm 4 minites tobi wants the video to be long lol jk ik they can edit it out and it was a joke (i think?)

  • I'm at 26:20 I think naming a low number would be a good idea so the guy can just fake getting tired but they might get called out idk

  • The fake couple should really be together they too good together

  • 6:00 the whole video changed

  • Stop copying beta squad

  • Great video I AINT even gonna lie

  • stealing ideas now huh

  • Spoilers I swear it was bare bait who the fake couple was because the guy kept chatting bare while the girl was quiet and agreeing to everything.

  • Does Chloe have Insta

  • Me being American I got lost in some of those accidents and the captions did not pick them up so I do not know what was said half the time not going to lie


  • Guy in the camo has teeth more yellow than viks jacket

  • Hands down, they'd be a fantastic couple tho

    • the guy in the fake couple had his hands crossed the entire time, that was literally the only clue they needed to know he was hiding something


  • The back left just looked so awkward

  • Check out my lastest vid !!