Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Vel 2021.
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Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents
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  • According to captions at 3:54, it says "some mathematic thematical algorithms"

  • ofc the awkward justin bieber interview was in Germany xD I'm a german and I feel like all celebrity interviews done by germans are either cringey because their english is so terrible or bc they personally don't really give a shit about the celebrity or the outcome of the interview

  • Teeter

  • I can do camila cabello's thing and is a w with your tongue Joel.

  • "Im gonna measure you" me 👀

  • Black Gryph0n is very good at imitations.

  • i see nothin weird here, just vanilla ice on a jetski talking about god

  • Chris Brown literally graffitied his whole house and has a video of him break dancing while painting redo this video and get some better one plz 😂😂

  • Jbuguhuhuh

  • K,i’kkkikkk

  • He’s going into a competition.

  • My friend solved a Rubin cube in 8 seconds.

  • In the show

  • Isn’t it obvious Ariana could baby cry

  • Justin bieber:😐 Interviewer:😐-😃😍


  • people definitely pulled their own teeth out for Kesha.. my god LOL

  • 11:47 ok I’m gonna send u my foot

  • I can do the toung thing

  • wAit a minute frog neck is a talent? yay i have a talent

  • I just cried like 5 mins ago because the 3 people I cared about the most left me.... But Joel here made my day... Thnx from the bottom of my heart! Feeling better now❤️

  • Watch this video in 2x speed uhuhuhuuuhohoho

  • "Hold me, love me" Joel: "No, thank you" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Who else read the newspaper at the start of the video?

  • The frog neck thing, I also an do, and its the opposite, you push your tounge up, not down

  • I can do the frog neck thing 2

  • And I can really see how Justin is struggling with the cube. He doesn't solves it very fast and though he can't talk while solving it. So maybe he learned it short time before this video, or he is not very talented in solving rubiks cubes. And Justin was working on the last row from the cube, so from this point he should be finished within the next 4 or 5 algorithms. But it took longer then me solving the whole cube. But OK everyone has another talent, he can maybe sing better then I.

  • Not every third person can solve the cube. Apparently there thousands of like codes that you have to know for each cube and where it has to go. So everyone can learn it but only if you can memorize aottle bit more than only a few numbers, or so... I can do it in 30 seconds, faster I didn't trained it. Without this algorithms you can't solve this cube, it would be like winning in lotto its not possible, cause every now and then someone who doesn't know that I know this topic very well trys to tell me that he or she solved it unintentionally. Hahha yes...

  • I can do the same trick that Camila can. That means is not special

  • Hey roomie, I know this is a weird question to ask but, I’m planning on committing suicide. I just feel like no one cares about me, I was wondering, I know this is random, but I was wondering, do you have any ideas to get that stuff out of my head

  • Honestly...i knew Harry would be there😂

  • me who likes vanilla ice: uhhhh- ice ice baby?

  • I lost a tooth while watching this video it has been lose for a while and just came out( sorry for weirdness)👍🏻

  • Joel: don't send me your teeth in fact dont send me any parts of your body me: *sends Joel my life insurance and my kidney*

  • Me and camilla have the same hidden talent OMG 😲

  • Ok but why does shoving malteasers in your mouth seem like such a ed Sheehan thing to do XD

  • Lol I'm an artist and whenever I see stuff like that 😆😂I'm just as confused as the average person

  • Omg kesha is insane in the membrane

  • Nobody: Me seeing something impressive: 5:06

  • Kesha is very creepy

  • Roomie's talent: Dad Jokes

  • So no one is gonna talk abt the editing at 12:25 to 12:27

  • Bruh I can literally do katy perry's talent

  • I have the same tounge trick

  • why does he pronounce fergie like that? joel, it’s fer ge not fer gee

  • I have the same frog neck

  • you're so cute

  • i'm surprised that joji was not in the video, he knows a lot of interesting things

  • Kes$a gave off serial killer vibes with the teeth for some reason

  • I love learning about talents of musicians. It's so cool and it makes them feel more like people. I especially love learning about musicians who are painters and artists.

  • i can do flower tongue and move my ears

  • Sir could you react to JESSICA VILLARUBIN'S "I SURRENDER"?🤣🤣

  • Biebers rubix cube was very cringe...but his drumming was quite impressive; had not expected that

  • “That looks SO fake, I know it isn’t fake...”

  • I can do that tongue trick

  • me: 9:29 my friends: she must be a chipmunk.

  • Lol as soon As the host said you'll make ur girlfriend proud Ed spit out all the Maltese.

  • My 7 y.o. sister solve a Rubik’s cube faster than Justin Bieber 😆

  • 6:34 roomie people applauding Me what the heck is applauding

  • I did not know the frog neck is a special talent. I'm talented YES!!!! Thank you roomie for making me see the truth. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Teeth gross like so creepy what the frick

  • Wait... Justin Bieber is a lefty??? Me toooooo!! Me da only lefty in my class as always🥲

  • I just love how Justin Bieber’s cube was already like half solved and he still took forever.

  • Teeth? Teeth?

  • OK but I am the only one that noticed that Joel is getting more and more comfortable with some jokes ?

  • 1:42 Joel:im going to measure you right now. Me who is just laying on my bed and eating doritos:🤨🤨i mean, who will be watching this video while standing?

  • Me in math class 3:51

  • He really said razor in stead of Racer 😭😂6:56

    • Taylor Swift: I have double jointed elbows 😂

  • Only 5.8 percent of the world's population can solve the rubik's cube. My son can as well.

  • Omg the way roomie said maltsters tho. XD

  • People: cool David Bowie paintings Me: JOEL DID YOU JUST CALL THEM DRAWINGS

  • really came here for ariana grande AND alessia cara's impressions

  • can u start gaming on your channling?

  • m

  • o

  • why a spoiler alert

  • 1:22 yoo I can do that too lol it look funni

  • 3:44 that looks like radio energy from switzerland🤔 Edit: she speaks german lol it's probably really it

  • The teeth thing is creepy😱😱

  • Tip of the day:The rubiks cube is almost solved.Look closely

  • me watches this vid, OoooOooh Justin Bieber Justin Bieber: mathamtic mata tematical algarthums me:

  • The tongue trick is very noice and rare

  • Taylor Swift: I have double jointed elbows 😂

  • my sister can solve a cube in 15-30 seconds

  • I can do Camila Cabello's tongue trick

  • I don't know why but Joel reminds me of Cody Martin

  • Joel said im 12 inches... yay

  • Teacher: May all of us just take a minute for silence?! Justin Miemer:

  • Where is Hayley Bieber

  • I have a weird talent too.....I can make my tongue twist that has three twist...😳

  • Don’t u have any??

  • i can also do frog neck

  • No

  • I kind of feel for Justin. He’s just quietly solving a Rubick’s cube, and everyone around him is waiting for him to perform or something. Just leave the kid alone.

  • a lil late but congrats on 7 million!

  • 13:13 THAT IS A RARE TRICK JOEL!!!! ONLY 1% PEOPLE CAN DO THAT. i love ur videos though

  • Katy Perry did that on American Idol. I noticed the background

  • 1:51 but I’m like, 5 feet minimum. (Last time I checked) I... I’m not 1 foot long!(same as 12 inches for those of you who don’t know, like maybe you use the metric system )

  • Lol read that news paper in the beginning

  • watching briber solving a rubrics cube is peak content there joel rofl