Sir! What Are Your Orders?

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Sij 2021.
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  • "Sir he died of natural causes due to his extreme age, any words?" "OLD"

  • Calling customer support be like.

  • peak comedy. Gold.

  • "In the future, humor will be randomly generated"

  • Hold :)

  • This is like doing those challenges in games that you only choose one option

  • Hold... The door?

  • h o l d

  • *H O L D*

  • Where is the rest of the crew

  • When he said hold I really felt that

  • Make Hold, not War.

  • You could def have a series on adult swim with no changes in content or format

  • What is, "my little peepy?"

  • Someone: sells his Gamestop stocks Everyone: yo wtf

  • Little did we know that the reason why he didn't kill is because the enemies were of no use to him. He was to busy focusing on what buties the the universe "held."

  • Be bold, not cold, just hold

  • this got real wholesome real quick

  • What'd my sister do when I hit her? Told

  • I was not ready for the emotional ending Now I'm crying

  • What a touching story. Simply beautiful.

  • Bro this bit has too much in depth lore. Empires and rebels. Bans against..(you know what but imma jus call it love) I want another bit of these characters

  • Hold. : u:

  • Dloh

  • ...what?

  • Make hold Not war

  • I love how this captain's limited by vocabulary speaks a hundred words. His first hold was a normal order. His second hold seems like it's a part of a plan to attack. His third hold indicates he does not intend to fire. He then says no to his gunner's question of telling the Gal. Emp. this. He then asks the gunner to "hold" his hand, which the gunner says is illegal. The captain insists, indicating in a single word that he, himself, is one of the rebels, and that his refusal to attack was warranted. This positive interaction between the gunner and captain indicates that the Gal. Emp. is actively infringing on basic human connection, and as a result, it can be assume a lot of people are rebels in disguise, or otherwise agree more with the rebel cause.

  • Hold

  • Dafuq did i just waste my time watching. Like your rpg vids though.

  • It's funny because he had to press a bunch of buttons to hold... To basically do nothing.

  • A little sniffle? COLD

  • Shit was beautiful

  • The rebels may have won this battle, but the Galactic Empire will win the war. KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.

  • Hold

  • Why is that smile perfect

  • けⓄ ℓ ð It was supposed to say holdd

  • What is this for fever dream

  • 1:11 Someone crouches and un-crouches repeatedly in Fortnite

  • H O L D

  • Right hand man:Sir, I have visual of our target. He is leaving the bathroom. He has no defensive gear. All he has on is a "bath sute"- Commander: rO~be

  • awww

  • I'm not sure of what I witnessed but it was beautiful!

  • That was a pretty holdsome ending.

  • Bidding starts at 250, do I hear a 250 Random: raises 250 Going once, going twice Sold

  • this has more world building then the new star wars movies

  • "Sir, our children are acting like spoiled assholes. What are your orders?" "Scold."

  • Hold up

  • Trooper: Sir, I found the rebels we were looking for. The very skilled and dangerous ones who have evaded every attempt of capture, we could just shoot our ions cannons and kill them! The officer: No, we have them now for sure, I want them alive, they are to be made an example of! *rebels proceed to escape

  • hodl

  • Peace is always the best solution

  • Is he the new pokemon hold?

  • Captain's script: Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! . Hoooold!!!

  • wholesome 100

  • Favorite relationship dynamic

  • ...........what

  • WHoldsome

  • H O L D

  • Hold.

  • Me - Elon what do we do? Dogecoin is falling! Elon - Hold.


  • Is it just me or does the officer who's sitting down look just like Pr Lupin in Harry Potter?

  • Plot twist: *He doesn't actually work their*

  • Wait, I thought the Galactic Emperor was pretty chill. Why is there a rebellion now?

  • That was so magical

  • "Sir, I'm going into the dangerous cave alone, what do you think?" Bold.

  • Hold

  • GME summed up in a nutshell

  • Ah, so the captain is actually saying that instead of "pushing" People away by fighting them, we should "hold" Hands instead and forge an unbreakable alliance that will last longer. He's trying to say that fear is not the way, mutual trusts and respect and love is more powerful.

  • Hold.

  • Damn that was hold-some!!

  • Im so confused, is this video referencing something?

    • @Tim Suetens Never seen them.

    • Aesthetically it's clearly based off Star Wars.

  • So that's why her name was Holdo...

  • Lol, what

  • Hold...

  • i liked the part where they held


  • Hodl.

  • This turned gay real fast.

  • Fold ? How ? Hold ? Its confusing.

  • Suddenly gay

  • Being gay is against galactic law? I see Space Force kicked off with a bang.

  • If this was Star Wars, that captain will die by from vater’s force choke.

  • "GME is falling, what should we do?" "Hold."

  • "why did you say that about my mother on social media!?" "trolled"

  • Hahahaha I love his face the first time he says proton beam and that ending 🤣

  • I for once do not get wtf just happened

  • Two not-so-crappy imperial officers watching the rebels jump into yavin 4/ endor moon space lmao

  • this will become a new crypto joke

  • Hold

  • i just want to be held

  • Totally expected him to say "But sir, that's-that's gay!"

  • New season of The Expanse looks great

  • Hold

  • hold

  • what is the music when the patreon hits

  • That was surprisingly nice of an ending

  • The Kadet: Sir, rebel ships are on our radar! What are your orders? Sir: On large pepperoni pizza and with some barbecue sauce on top, hold the sausage! The Kadet: Sir, what the fuck are you talking about? Sir: Hold.

  • I watched this in .0.25x speed and its even better

  • I don't know I've meet the galactic emperor and I don't think he would mind

  • I haven’t laughed this hard since the original GI joe voice overs on ebaums world