Slav school of driving - driving instructor Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Srp 2019.
Slav school of driving with driving instructor Boris
Part 2:
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This is Boris showing basics of learning how to drive. Slav style. Here with student Anatoli we go through basic exercises like:
Learning the car
Taking off
Reverse parking
Parallel parking
The getaway
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  • Driving instructor: wow you are really good! Where did you learn to drive? Me:

    • My driving instructor was rally driver he became driving instructor for part time and my driving test at abandoned land and yeah drive like rally driver dude I'm so so so scared

    • "drunk is naught a place it is a star ovv mind?". Yes. Yes it is. So is existence. Not drunk but a state of mind. It's like physics except it's called philosophy applied to sciences yes? No? Just me. ... Okay. Easy college credit. (If I gave a beer about colleges)

    • Drunk. I learned to drive drunk and young.

    • @Panzer 2 Historian the good old Wüstenfuchs? Nice!

    • Finn is the best one in the whole time

  • i actually wanted to learn how to drive but ok

  • *rips rearview mirror off* "Mirror adjustment complete" :))))))

  • Who is samir?

  • Why every school of driving have mercedes car

  • 5:10

  • I now know how to drive

  • Americans - right side European - left side Australia - upsidedown backwards left side Russian - road is road, dirt is road, snow is road, ice is road, hell sky is road.


  • where lada

  • "and i am driving already 5 weeks now, and 7 of those weeks, have been driving instructor" -Boris 2019

  • 3:14 annotoli looks so scared I'm so sorry for how bad I just butchered his name

  • 5:10 is the best moment i have ever seen

  • Tebya smotrit hotyadu odin rusians chelovek???? Esli da to postav odin laik

  • 5:12 Anatoli tried not to laugh😂

  • potato gang

  • Super Slav slippers it aka gopnik iron sandals

  • Borris why are you not driving a lada

  • Kinda wanted to hear Antanoli’s voice

  • I'm German and my sister makes her driving lessons and she showed it to her driving instructor

  • 5:15 (indian accent) *SAMIR YOU’RE BREAKING THE CAR!*

  • >Driving instructor >lesson two: taking off oi pizdek....

  • WhAt YoU lEaVe BrAiN aT hOmE ???????????? lmfao

  • “If this your first time...” *proceeds to look like he’s humping the car door* *breaks off mirror and yet s it out the window* “Mirror adjustment made” “Plus five points for no shifter knob” Now that, comrades, is impressive.

  • 5:10 blyat

  • Right now I’m 12 years old 13 days ago when I was like 3 to7 Years old I also had a Mercedes fuckin miss that car

  • Vadim is me here

  • Can someone tell me exactly what type of mercedes is this one?


  • im so late, the soviet union put missiles in cuba.

  • Moments before disaster 5:08

  • Anatoli, The best student you'll ever want. Boris, the best teacher you'd want.

  • You can't see anatoli's face but you can deal the fear

  • Which car is he using

    • Mercedes C200 Kompressor W202

  • But driving with flip-flops is forbidden where I live

  • Boris: oh hold on Ad: CaRs PleAse bUy TheM

  • 5:14 - ah-hah!! I caught you! "Vadim" is an alias! The Adidas white-clad bloke is SAMIR! SAMIR, I tell you! Not Vadim! 😺😺😺

  • So, since you Slav, you drink Vodka. If I only had beer, would you accept German Liquid instead?


  • This vid was a wild ride all the way through 😂😂😂

  • 5:11 haahahahah

  • every where i go i see his face, because he's always catching up to me

  • You don't need to go to driving school to know how to drive, I have 13 and I am driving Lada samara 1500L and it's my dream car.

  • Boris calls Anatoli Samir 5:11

  • 4:43 money baby 💵💵💵💵

  • Good to know that not only is the Mercedes supercharged, the important bits are indestructible. I mean, everything that broke off isn't 100% necessary.

  • YOU ARE BREAKING THE CAR SAMIR this meme Was Trully Very Amazing

  • Парень жжет напалмом

  • 3:13 anatoli is holding on for dear life, lmao

  • If you end up in friend's car which has automatic transmission, then Run Blyat

  • Student Anatoli: *crashes Mercedes into a wall* Driving Instructor: Oh no, cyka! You've just damaged a perfect Soviet wall! Yes, I'm Russian (look at my account name)

  • Ah yes, the video that first introduced me to The Shashlik King Boris

  • That poor s-class 😂😂


  • Why they drive mercedes BMW Fucin slav car

  • So we aren’t going to say anything about the fact that he has a Mercedes with no plates

  • Anatoli is like : *bORIS SLOW DOWN BLYAT*

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 flashbacks, блять!

  • Boris, ti i twoj paren otshen horoshije Woditeli! Klassnije Widosi u tebja. Ostowajsa tak kak ti jest! Slawa!!!

  • Does all russians talk english like this? Its beautiful

  • I have been driving 5 weeks now And 7 of those weeks are driving instructor Well done Boris😄

  • samir youre breaking the car!

  • What kind of stupid filth is that supposed to represent ??? It has been a long time since we saw such large garbage !!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Come to drift lesson

  • No Lada? Где Лада???

  • Surprised I hadn't seen the crank starting of a Lada Niva on here yet.

  • How much are your services?

  • If u are a Merc fan like 🖕BMW

  • R.I.P manual gear ????-2019 lol

  • R.I.P mirror ????-2019

  • Tank:pulls them out. That guy with an ak47 taped up:so u know why I pulled you over ? That dude:no Ak47guy:u don’t have a driver licence Russian dude: do i rlly neadvone Guy -.-

  • 7:00 It was at this moment that Anatoli knew he messed up.Boris be like AH WHAT THE BLYAT. Anatoli ruined that beautiful soviet wall. *MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR SOVIET WALL*

  • 5:10. Anatoli pulls out stick and looks so innocent.Anyways its Vasya's car.

  • me:is there any open fields parents:yes me:

  • ur breaking the car samir my fav line

  • Why does russian ppl love Mercedes and Lada ??

  • It brutally offends me that the car is not a Lada

  • driving instructor? why u think that? @ 5:09 Shiftstick dies "you breaking the car samir, how the blyat" best slav moment, you made me laugh hard thnx

  • Boris dorifto

  • It should be a BMW


  • They thought they defeated us but we are everywhere now ;)

  • How many Times you driving? 1 No problem its my first time also. Lol

  • Boris can you do a slav motorcycle driving school? if it is done then thx bro

  • Instructor: For how long have you been driving Me: Euh [...] Instructor: Nah it's Ok.. it's my first time also Me: That's a relief.. Allo Babuchka cancel the.. (crash)


  • Boris has put on weight

  • What model car is this?

    • Mercedes C-class W202

  • Poor ryba😂

  • This video is so funny lol


  • whos samir

  • Boris: looks over In the middle of a phone call Anatoli: keeps on breaking the car

  • and thats what happen if u say forget everyone

  • i like chikens

  • 😕😕Эм накоком он говорит языке????

  • Only legends will understand 'you are braking the car Samir !' part 😂😂

  • These guys wore masks before it was a thing

  • This video is the best. I'm watching it like 10th time.

  • Bodka fuel