Soviet style piroshki (пирожки) with Komrade Kat - Christmas special

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Pro 2018.
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Piroshki are small pies. This time filled with meat or jam. Always remember to cook salty ones before sweet ones. Sweet ones like to fall apart in the oil and spill contents.
Soviet style piroshki (пирожки) with Komrade Kat
For dough:
50g yeast block
50ml warm water (30-60°C)
100g unsalted butter
85g sugar
half teaspoon salt
300ml milk
600g flour
For filling:
400g beef minced meat
salt and pepper for taste
1 boiled egg
some boiled rice
For cooking:
1 liter sunflower seed oil. Can use some other oil if needed.
Serve salty ones with mayonez and sweet ones with milk.
Good luck!
Hardbass music in yeast clip:
uamee - The Sausage

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