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lee sin is op
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  • 3:15 song name?

  • i spell ur name wrong LOL its not painta

  • Does anyone knows what's this music playing at 3:58? I just can´t remember

  • Pianta i have a tip for chinese insec You select where u want to place the ward then u flash w

  • 0:16 anyone know what song that is?

  • This guy is a dirty Trynd main

  • Its: ward flash w Not: flash ward w LOOOOOL


  • *Get bonked*

  • Moshi moshi

  • nice Brane! Wow and also lol wvery good! Briane

    • cool haha and good :)

  • 0:23 Lee Sin casually T-posing under tower

  • Where is teemo?

  • best clip ever lol :D

  • Remember the time Pianta lost to a Yuumi?

  • why does he voice over his vods? its so obv

  • This the first vid i watched on this guy and I'm loving the energy xD

  • What's the music starting from 0:15?

  • When is the next episode of T3nm0plyr coming :3

  • 0:15 song?

  • Thank you pianta for providing quality content so I can escape form reality and not worry about my grades for 8 minutes

  • Whats the song at 6:21

  • Is pianta is theLoLhounds? the voice is similar

  • ... this man is good at lee sin?!

  • From 18:00 to 23:00 what is this music

  • ya sounded like disguised toast

  • Will River Shen ever come back? 🤔


  • it took riot since lee sin came out to this skin to make a lee sin skin with a clear q hitbox

  • 7:10 ... too much PAINTA for my eyes...

  • Waitttt this isn’t tenmoooo

  • To chinese insec, you need to press ward, then Flash W

  • In far future, once Steel Ball Run gets animated You gotta make golden spin Garen and i need to get notified

  • new sucide video one jump one shot 0.1 sec

  • 1:00 we don't play this music unless someone loses his head

  • With the chinese insect you have to buffer the ward out of your range then flash w right after you place the ward out of range. It looks and feels so clean. I think gripex has a video about it as well.

  • Hmmm Lee top im feeling something i shouldn't feel

  • more lee sin vids please

  • PogChamp

  • Yo Whats up with killing Samira's in bushes lol, legit happened to me few days ago, my infernum shot her right when she tried to Recall xddd

  • 5:27 killed me lmfao

  • Why do I hear JFK from clone high when you speak

  • Vladimir, dracula, it's all the same guy right? :P

  • His name is not john, is reginald

  • 6:52 the guy she tells you not to worry about vs you

  • I just went through a breakup an this guy crazy John made me laugh so fucking hard

  • song at 0:17?

  • What song plays when he says "dont land q kids"

  • Remeber the time pianta lost to a yuumi

  • Who is painta

  • While Chinese insec you need to flash and click ward in exactly same time then you add w

  • 6:47 that was clean af

  • u need to watch my tutorial uwu

  • 5:27 " The Chinese lee sin"

  • River Tenmo

  • Bro that John is so out of mind he is so crazy omg 3:20

  • Prefiro a nova skin e muito mais facil de ver o Q dele.

  • Who tf is Aylawi

  • 0:13 song name please ita good

  • Lee sin? More like LEE SIMP

  • lil sofm

  • So good

  • that zed was actually pretty clean pianta

  • lYoure not good

  • Sure u did type "Painta" in video necessary

  • You are the insec monster dude i love you so much

  • More lee pls

  • Wait he is actually good at lee what

  • That poor kalista reminded me of the one on the one shotting tier list XD

  • Bruh the chinese ward hop is a buffered ward > flash > w

  • uwu?

  • But now that she has used her spellshield...


  • Hey Brian. Chinese ward hop is ward flash w not flash ward w XD

  • buying the latest coolest skin and inting for a whole week is my idea of a real good time.

  • can i have a PC or a CELLPHONE please PIANTA

  • Is it just me or Larissa stopped appearing in his vids.

  • Hey pianta how could u kill my family. Now i have to revenge for that and destroy u in 1v1

  • This skin is so good

  • I really enjoyed the last bit where you tried to do the insec lmao, made me laugh loud

  • Leesin have too much skin

  • Blind

  • :)

  • what was that music in the background called at @3:33

  • It’s 2020 and he’s still copying Dunkeys videos smh

  • Wait pianta is actually clean on lee

  • And it was butifull to watch.

  • "I Law wii"

  • No boots in the first purchase?reported

  • im gonna save that 5:26


  • you allways put a lot of smiles on my face ty ty brain

  • probably one of the best league content creator

  • "No, no. Don't do this. I'm not going i-" *BUT MY BODY*

  • In the Chinese insec you need to buffer your ward placement with your flash. Makes it a lot Faster and harder to react.

  • your voice is changing buddy

  • I wasn't gonna say anything until you said you are good at lee sin and i saw your "play" at 7:10, this is so disappointing to see as a lee sin main xD

  • Song at 0:17 ?

  • Sub to painta

  • This teemo skin looks weird :/