Stuck at sea: Cargo ship wedged in Suez Canal causes traffic jam

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ožu 2021.
Tug boats and a digger are struggling to free a mega cargo ship, blocking one of the world's busiest shipping pathways.
Dozens of ships are stuck because a container ship almost half a kilometre long is wedged across the waterway.
Listen to the Sky News Daily podcast on the impact of the cargo ship's blockage of the Suez Canal -
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  • Pathetic

  • Welcome to the future, where we have flying boats now.


  • So Africa and Eurasia is now connected because of this ship.

  • What's inside the ship is the reason why it is stops seems like they are hidding some dangerous weapon and pizza gates stuff

  • A 2 and a half hour movie should be based on this, starring Tom Hanks.

  • Tokyo drift start playing

  • Someone needs to sit down with the hirer of evergreen and ask him what was his brain thinking when he approved the pilot🤣

  • Any raka fan?

  • Clown ?

  • Captain driving ship: *reaches suez canal* *Tokyo Drift starts playing*


  • Chewsdayy morning hahaha😂

  • The bad ending


  • Amazon: Your package will arrive today. Me: checking at the door **nothing** Also Me: WHERE THE F*** IS MY PACKAGE

  • Very informative for me as a seaman,

  • Phantom Mennace (2019) Attack of Corona (2020) Revenge of the Ship (2021)


  • To think this is just the 4th month of 2021 and what else is waiting for the leftover year is concerning

  • Step ship help i am stuck

  • I'm late but today we learn history about British to South East Asia and its on malay language. And it mentions "suez canal" and talk to my teacher about it

    • @Shrug wow, if it's still big now we won't have evergreen ship stuck on the canal and made global economy suffers for the past few days

    • @inferno YT wanna hear a cool fact: my teacher say that suez canal is bigger than what we got today

    • Cool


  • *"Can't make it! Can't make it! The ships stuck!"* *"BOAT STUCK!! BOOOAHT STUCK!!"*

  • Horny ships Approaching from the west!

  • Step ship what our u Doing

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  • this is actually funny

  • Build a bridge over top and tell the boats to walk over it.

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  • Why not get the other big ships to try pull it out

  • how the fck it got stuck in straight line with no wave on canal. 😂 they do it for purpose

  • 0:23 me in front of my problems:

  • Did he just say ever given

  • "That has got to be the best pirate I've ever seen." *"So it would seem..."*

  • stepship help I'm stuck

    • 0:23 me in front of my problems:

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  • press x and flip the ship over or melee it to the right, should do the job

  • biden was driving that ship

  • biden was driving that ship

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    • Imagine all the... Cultured art people have made from this. People sure are creative as hell XD

  • demostrado una alta experiencia laboral al mundo y que con mucha paciencia lo lograron, muchas felicidades, assalamu alaikum.

  • Rip to those who paid extra for fast shipping that day

  • That ship is full of people! Human trafficking and weapons! We are at war. Why is nobody listening?

  • Plan A hurt the economy with covid. Plan B! Block the canal with a huge ship 😂

  • Who is EVERGREEN the CIA code word for? WHO owns EVERGREEN?? Who do the ship's call letters refer to??? What are the names of the ships that came to assist???? WHO were found in the containers????? What kind of device was found in the containers????? When was it set to go off ????? THAT'S NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teh Great Reset

    • Read the Marshall Report people.

  • انسان اعظیم ہے اسنے اپنی عقل سے ہر ناممکن کو ممکن کردکھایا۔۔۔۔۔

    • Does anyone know why this ship supposedly got stuck accidentally? 🙄

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  • 0:38 why does he sound like text to speech

  • 0:23 me in front of my problems:

  • Now I know why canals are so important !

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  • Imagine all the... Cultured art people have made from this. People sure are creative as hell XD

  • Captn just tokyo drifted

  • How...

  • They are moving human bodies in that ship

  • Im Egyptian I havent known that there was aship and problem solved literally life is so fast😂😂😂 I donna know really why is that important to western cuz its a national problem😂😅

    • @hen ko whom ? U mean the commentator of the vid?

    • I'm more bothered by the guy not even saying the right name of the ship

  • Should of put the student driver sticker up.

  • Does anyone know why this ship supposedly got stuck accidentally? 🙄

  • Read the Marshall Report people.

  • So the "Avengers"didn't assemble.

  • They know very well how important this port is so they deliberately blocked it, and planned to create confusion all over the world. A closer look reveals that India, Israel, China and Russia are involved. World best worst motherfucking things

  • Then boom moon couldn't watch it anymore and did it on his own

  • trying to traffic them bodies through a DIFFERNT route n got stuck .

  • BODIES was found in that ship . ITS MORE THEN JST WAT U SEE ... believe that this NEVERRRRR HAPPENS .

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  • 1 canal? Im surprised they haven’t blown up part of earth to make more room.

    • @BABYDREAMSHONEY there is 2 canals for most of the distance actually

    • Maybe this is their excuse, in a year or couple they will and this will be the excuse


  • Who's here from the memes?

  • don't worry Egyptian just waiting the order of Israel. nothing will happen with ship and members of ship. Egyptian just need money and they can sale everything of their country just for money or 1 order of Israel for SISI

  • I'm more bothered by the guy not even saying the right name of the ship

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  • When shingo becomes a captain:

  • the captain of the container ship deliberately blocked the Suez Canal.this was done at the direction of president biden.

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  • When will we find out the truth about what really happened on this channel?

  • "AGHHH! I tried to sneak through the Suez Canal man! Can't make it, can't make it THE SHIT'S STUCK! OUTTA MY WAY SON! SHIP STUCK! SHIP STUCK!"

    • Haha i know the reference as well

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  • Imagine all the... Cultured art people have made from this. People sure are creative as hell XD

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