t3nm0plyr - He said my Teemo was TROLL, so I carried him - Episode 2

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Svi 2020.
told you i will be back. my teemo not troll!!! Teemo Gameplay heehee
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Opening theme - Made in Abyss Hanezeve Caradhina
Hataraku Maou-sama! OST - The Strength of the Hero and the Devil
Cat Staring At The Sky - Piano Cover
Inuyasha OST 1 - Half Demon Inuyasha
Kuroshitsuji OST 1 14. Di 'a' vertiment
Perfect time - Instrumental (Nanatsu no taizai)
Raindrop Flower Extended


  • The only thing i want to understand why this guy think teemo top is troll when it's actually His main role

  • thats illegal carrying

  • 1:52 Flashbang

  • I wonder if Pinata has even watched Made in Abyss

  • I played a ranked game and I was support guess who was my adc? Teemo and he didn’t even buy lethality

  • its not hacks its scripts u see it in csgo and stuff

  • Do someone actually have the name of the music playing at the end of the video??

  • y u troll my guy

  • The music of Inuyasha on 2:30 just goes so well in the video

  • can we paste in game ?

  • do you talk when you sleep ?

  • I would like to point out in 9:40 it is part of the game I believe dopa used this technique you can go check Lol Analyst

  • The like to dislike ratio on this video is really impressive

  • He.. was wanting a high five.... you left him hanging... sorry renek.

  • That Nanatsu No Taizai's music. Man of taste.

  • I really wanna know what he does to git gud on teemo. Recently bought the spirit blossom pass and got his prestige skin and im now looking to maining teemo. Any beginner tips?

  • Mushroom man, the new series. Coming soon!

  • 1:51 how you can do this camera?

  • Inuyasha song oml I love it ... A 100% match

  • If anyone's wondering The intro is from Made In Abyss

  • The eyecontact song is familiar

  • srsly tho why do they do this? 8:51

  • Most confusing players are players that are rude on you and saying that you trolling but u have more kills.

  • 100% accurate info : Pianta = ipav99

  • Me: This videos looks fun. I should go back to play league after 6 years... *See the renek support pick* Also me: Nevermind

  • this renekton must feel dumb asf rn

  • 2:22 song please i dont know full name

  • Wat was that anime at the beginning

  • That renek is the reason i hate this community

  • What's that anime piano song ?

  • He's now a full pledged mushroom man.

  • I'm so glad I clicked on this because this is where I first heard The reason why - Ayasa.

  • this kat is saying reallllly bad word(nmsl)means your mom is dead

  • Isnt teemo a fcking top champ?

  • River tenmo

  • 2:00 what's that music again ?

  • Just want you know that NMSL is meaning of your mom just died in chinese

  • I like that seven deadly sins song in background

  • Was that Sylas actually using a program or what?

  • Somehow I recognized the inuyasha shit in the background. Loved it lol

  • 1:51 what is this music?

  • Wait why he didnt like the top teemo thing this is really normal.isnt it?

  • that v in chat tho this guy's a genius


  • Bruh perfect time indeed

  • This is my 3 video in a row about this serie and now i can be secure taht you olike made in abyss

  • Intro Music: Made in Abyss OST - Hanezeve Caradhina (ft.Takeshi Saito) Episode 1, 8, 9 Insert Song

  • Everyone are talking about his teemo top, but do you remember the time when Brian lost to a yummi?

  • at 2:50 he plays the Inuyasha battle song, and made me rewatch the entire series hope ur happy t3nm0plyr

  • Seven deadly sins good anime.

  • Can Anybody tell me How to create Video like 1:51 ? Please

  • wait, anybody knows the soundtrack at 7:58?

  • If you take yourself seriously when playing teemo or any ranges top laner. You are only 3/5ths of a human

  • Pianta and Ipav should play 1v1 teemo would be so nice

  • Bronze players, I believe we found our god!!! The bronze above all!!

  • Anyone’s gonna just ignore the fact that the kata said ‘NMSL’ LOL , if you get it you get it

  • Whats the anime in the intro

  • Whats the song he always uses in dramatic scenes like 1:51

  • 1:50 song?

  • 6:27 what a "perfect time" If you know what i am taking about

  • First of all. How Teemo can make eyecontact if his eyes are closed XD

  • Brazil lovee you, and the teemo

  • Song in the end brought back so much memories, good old MapleStory

  • Fusker stfu ur trash fuck off saying gg ez what a joke just be a clown cause ur a joke you and ur life

  • Did tenmo in the thumbnail have megumin face???

  • 8:34 balanced as all things should be

  • do people actually think typing timers then ctrl a ctrl c ctrl v is hacking? jesus lol. at least now i know what my team mates are thinking when i do it. he's pasting twice to confirm that it was copied and its honestly refreshing to see someone else doing it in solo q.

  • People like Renekton should not play the game, they should be executed for war crimes

  • this type of title reminds me of someone cough my pfp cough

  • Wow that Renekton..

  • Will there be Tenmo's rival?

  • I loved old school of tenmo player dark harvest

  • 2:30 lee sin xd

  • The Inuyasha OST is goood!

  • the opening music, how dare you dig my sad memory back

  • 3:52 i don’t know why but this made me laugh harder then I should have

  • from what anime is your intro from

  • I like how this video is exactly 10 minutes

  • What did the numbers the hacker was spamming at the end the location or something?

  • The king is back!

  • Make a teemo guide cuz you're a god at teemo lmfao

  • what anime/game is that in the opening?

  • It was beautiful to watch

  • That moment when you realise that the background music is from TSDS

  • Ah yes, perfect time.

  • This opening make me mad x)

  • Please play with colour blind mode

  • Yo pianta still didnt answer our questions from 3 years ago wtf pianta Will I spam this until u q&a? Risk it I dare ya

  • Wait wait hold up.... what happened to him... he’s... serious now...

  • Was that inuyasha ost at the background ? ❤️

  • loving the maplestory music tho

  • That teemo in the thumbnail looks like megumin from konosuba..

  • 8:30 Maplestory OST

  • Wait is that an Inuyasha's song in the background

  • The rengar stood there so his ult granted vision on the invisible qyiana

  • Mushroom man

  • Whats that anime in intro?

  • How is someone capable of justifying locking a troll botlane because teemo went top into an ADC...

  • is t3nm0plyr getting a new farther or getting Adopted

  • Good videoo mushroom maannn