t3nm0plyr - I LOST ON TEEMO - Episode 3

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Svi 2020.
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Opening - Made in Abyss hanezeve caradhina
Shokugeki No Soma - The Secret Ingredient Called Victory Extended (1)
Bubblegum K.K. (Aircheck) - Animal Crossing New Leaf Music
Gokkan Inu x Boku SS OST
Pokemon Season 1 Music Pokemon Leage Official Cap (1)
'Log Horizon' Main Theme
Haikyuu!! - Outbreak of War (Extended)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music - Title Theme
Soul Eater OST Track 18 - blitz
Boku no Hero Academia OST - You Can Become a Hero ( 君はヒーローになれる )
No No square
09 Shougaibutsu Kyousou - MY HERO ACADEMIA 2nd OST 1
Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow (Piano Version)
Naruto Shippuden OST- The Final Clash


  • I like when we clearly see a blitzcrank or thresh miss but 1 frame later it always hits him, and he’s like BULLSHIT

  • Vro the no no square lmao

  • anime at the beginning is made in abyss no need to thank me

  • I didn't know teemo is such a mechanical champ and that it takes years to be just above average......

  • im happy a teemo player lost, brings me tons of joy

  • Brian: he's got a dream Renekton: *gets shot* ...WAIT A DAMN MINUTE

  • Brian: this is for Poland Me: I’ve never been this proud before

  • i just learned we can walk in brush invisible with teemo after 8 years of playing -________-

  • you should try play a couple of games without typing

  • You are silver and you get Platinum team? Im also silver but i got only irons and bronzes...

  • If i would have gotten ganked Like That on the lost Game i would Brake my keyboard

  • Lmao that "no no, dont touch me there, this is my no no square" is fcking gold

  • 5:48: Every polish man thanks you

  • what's this music called? 4:12

  • 5:48 Does it mean he is Polish? And btw I am wondering why Jax doesn’t like Poland...

  • can someone tell me what song that is at 4:12 ty

  • Remember when tenmo lost to a soraka

  • The made in abyss op made my heart cry

  • Wtf was that grab... not even close

  • what anime is at the start ?

  • Do you like jazz

  • Man if only I could win as teemo more than 55% of the time i would otp teemo


  • What is the piano song at 4:12 ????

  • 5:50 you are my hero ❤️

  • 0:04 where is this music from

  • 5:11 That guys name ._.

  • After 4:54 I got an Fortnite ad xD

  • can someone please tell me the name of the song at 4:11 i've been looking for it for so long

  • 3:18 is that a jojo reference ???!!!!

  • wow I did not expect that u would say this "this is for Poland"

  • what are your runes???

  • What is title of the song on 4:15?

  • Thx for defending Poland!

  • Loving the Shokugeki no Soma music lol

  • "This is for Poland, JAAAA" ("Yeeeees" - German) Best wishes from Poland :(

  • 5:49 is that a motherfucking poland reference

  • İm teemo main till 2012

  • Anyone know the name of the animal crossing song at 6:50?

  • does somebody know the goofy backround music in 4:49 ? heard it so ften im actually liking it by now

  • The nono square and juicy

  • When you recognize all the anime music in the background

  • 4:14 can you tell me what music is that

  • As soon as I heard that "Are you fucking kidding me." I had a sense of Deja Vu

  • im gonna blind his w and just ignore his ass

  • The Morde shouldn't disrespect his no-no square like that

  • Tenmo is the best

  • "this is for Poland" caught my heart

  • 5:48 ty for kicking his a$$ pianta, ILY greetings from Poland c:

  • Where are you runnin?

  • 5:49, thank you pianta, thank you. you've done my country proud.

  • 4 10 what is this music

  • 5:48 all Poland loves you

  • dafuq is the name of the song when blitz grabs him I can't find it help


  • This is my 4 video in a row about this serie and now i can be secure that you olike made in abyss

  • 5:47 kurwa dzieki mordo

  • Na is so bad jesus christ .. this is platinum? .. disgusting

  • 5:48 Poland? Uh oh that's so kind of You

  • I know im late. But i would've love to see captain pianta vs ivan pavlov

  • River Shen

  • I miss the bad reputation song

  • Anyone know his runes? More specifically the second row one?

  • Remember the time when Pianta lost to a RTB Yummi? Not the wrong channel.

  • Can someone please tell me the song at 4:13?

  • That Log Horizon soundtrack! Perfection!....

  • Vibin' at the no no


  • 4:10 music pls

  • 5:48 thanks Man, that's for my homies from Poland

  • To be fair, Yorick counters Teemo. Doesn’t matter if you blind him when you got four goons and a maiden wailing on you while your stuck inside of a wall of flesh..

  • love naruto music

  • WOT 5:48 what do you say ??? SON

  • Anyone know the song at 4:13?

  • pianta: THIS IS FOR POLAND polish people: giv video yes

  • The "no no sqaure" part caused me to choke on my orange.

  • I just discovered your channel and have watched like 30 videos already. Something about the oceanic accent, humor, and actual skill at the game has got me addicted. Only other youtuber in dunkey tier.

  • Can I get the invite link to the discord?

  • ThX for helping Poland

  • Nobody likes your beemo chroma

  • SHIT BRUH I DIDNT KNO THERE WAS A NARUTO SPOILER (Yes ik I’m vv late I’m finishing the anime but that is my goal this quarantine)

  • XD

  • thank you for defending Poland, your service will be remembered


  • Made In Abyss a banger my man❤

  • When the brand new Tenmo player merch will be out?

  • what server is he playing at?

  • I really do not know if you going to read this or not but thank you , you really help me go through my day

  • You just got a subscription cause I am a dirty boi Teemo main. :>


  • 4:18 Did you know when blitz missed hook on his right he uses his left hand to hook

  • Just ignore his ass

  • Make a teemo guide. Youre very good at tenmo

  • Song at 0:33?

  • 5:34 why he dont like me country? D:

  • He was not kidding when he said “if someone bans teemo I AIN’T DODGING” he played 1 game of Illaoi AND 1 GAME WITH WW HE WAS NOT LYING BOYS

  • Hey Brain just wanted to let you know I look forward to watching your videos

  • no no square

  • Hey Pianta I found a guy named Tenmo's Brother or something like that and I wanna ask you if you have an account named this

  • Thanks from Poland :D